Date Night with Wooseok

So, I feel like going on a date with Wooseok would go from mature to playful quickly.


So, what I think Wooseok would do first on a date, would be to take you out to a nice restaurant and have a peaceful start to your date night. After eating however, you two would wander around until you stumbled across one of those arcade areas with a bunch of claw machines. He tries and tries to win you a stuffed animal, constantly failing. Instead you try one time and win him one. (I don't know what I'm doing ok... 😅)

After you win him a stuffed charizard, you both head back to the dorms for a little while and he decides that he wants to have an Overwatch date. Even if you hadn't played before, Wooseok, and even some of the other members join in, and teach you how to play. You end up being able to kick some butt. However, someone comes in and takes over your spot and you end up snuggled up next to Wooseok and fall asleep on his shoulder, which is surprisingly very comfortable.


That's him when he realizes you fell asleep on shoulder. (This is cheesy... I'm sorry)

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