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- Chapter 2 of Silent Malady -


Thing to know prior to reading Chapter 2:

-Strong Use Of Language

-Drug References

-Metion of Suicide/Bullying

and without further ado....i bring you..


I found myself at Iye's school asking her classmates if they new anything since her mother doesn't seem to know shit.

"I already told her mother everything we know"

"Just please tell me again"

"Look Iye and I were simply on different schedules, so we only shared morning classes together" Look like these kids are going to give me a tough time..

*20 minutes later*

"And after that"

"She didn't pick up"

"Any idea where she went?"

"Maybe to her man.."  Jimin held up her phone binding her face. I pulled out a picture that I had gotten from back at Hyun-Ju's apartment.

"This guy?"

"Do you know him" Jimin questions Niko. Niko just shook his head in disagreement. However something smelled foul about this.

"I haven't been able to reach her in days. As her friends could you-"

"Friends" Jimin scoffs, Niko sits up in the chair and a smirk spreads across his face right before he takes a sip of water.

"Are we Friends? Besides who calls hone now these days anyway. You're a little behind your times now aren't you gramps."


"Look, she's not like you"

"Her? Do you even know anything about her?" She passes me her phone, that shows picture of her partying.

"Did she have a part-time job?"

"I dunno, can we go now" Niko takes another sip.

"Drugs make you thirsty huh?"  I pull out my wallet and slide them the cocaine that I had received earlier from Iye's room.

"WHAT IS THIS!!!" Jimin sounded outraged.

"You know exactly what it is"

Niko stops drinking and looks at Jimin.

"Go to hell"

"Do bark at me, I'm just trying to find my daughter. Just tell me what you know and this is yours" Niko reaches for the cocaine that was previously placed on the table, but Jimin snatches it from his hand.

"What are you doing!?!?"

"You guys aren't regular teens are you.."

"We have nothing more to say." Jimin grabs Niko and they both leave.

-Later that day-

"I Want you to tell me everything and anything you know."

"I prescribed her anti anxiety pills, sleeping pills . She was a perfectly fine young lady."

I pull out a cigarette and he stops me.

"No smoking in here" I place the cigarette on the table.

"This is urgent buisness, I mean she had to come her for a reason." I while the beads of sweat accumulating on my face.

"Just tell me the symptoms she's came her for"

"Symptoms? Symptoms such as Sleep deprivation, agitation, sweating, unconsciously reaching for cigarettes..."

I look at him, and he ask me seeming concerned.

"Need any medication"

Of course I decline, i mean I already have one doctor on my case.

"I'm fine, was she trouble by anything in particular?"

The doctor picks up a photograph of some sort. "She seemed be having some, family issues. You must know, her parents are divorced"

"May I see her records." It wasn't much of a question.

"And her father is a-"

"May I see her records" I cut him off. I begin surveying the room.

"Where are they!?"

"Unfortunately, I can not breech a patient's privacy....Even to that of a detective" He says extending his arm handing me a card.

A prescription? Cocky ass doctor.

"I told you I didn't need any meds!!"


- The Next Day -

The waitress, about average height bring me my food setting it down on the table. This shop wasn't your upscale wine and some but it wasn't shabby either. The food was hot, so I can't complain too must now. The vibration from my phone sends ripples through my soup. Hyun-Ju..?


"I was able to come in contact with some of Iye's junior high friends."

She was useful afterall huh.

- A Local Cafe -

I double check the address Hyun-Ju sent me, its a match. A cafe? If she would've called me sooner I would've eaten here. The atmosphere of the place screams middle-aged. So on a hunch I assume the loud, bubbley, teenagers are the one I'm looking for.

"So you guess know Iye, what's she like?"

"In school? She's great, smart, earnest-"

I cut her off. "What about outside of school? What about this guy?" I push forward the same photo I had gotten earlier from Hyun-Ju.

"Oh him? He committed suicide back in the 9th grade"

"Yea,he killed himself" another girl exclaims.


"SEUNGRI!! SEUNGRI!!" The girls scream in unison.

"Was he dating her?"

"NO WAY. No way this is Seungri, he was bullied all the time no one would date him."

"No but at his funeral- HEEEEY" The girl looses her train of thought more teens walk in.

"I Want a pizza" the guy says.

"They know Iye too~"

"Is this really your treat?"

"Yup" a girl responds happily.


God teenagers can really run off the rails-

"Hey do you guys know if Iye and Seungri were close?" Finally someone who's focused.

"What Iye gets along with everyone"

"She's super awesome"

"Maybe Seungri got obsessed" they all laugh.

"IYE YOU'RE ALL MINE~~" A girl mocked making kissy faces. 

"Maybe it wasn't that bad consider all guys thought the same thing"

"Not just guys remembers that whore?"


"Nana, Nana~" the group sings.

"Nana? Oh she's a total junkie now. Straight to looney ville." A guy swirled his finger insiting she was insane. The group laughed once more.

"Which one is she?" I questioned. A girl pointed her out in the yearbook lying on the table.

"Lee Nana" she said tapping the table on every syllable of her name.

My eyes scan the year book and I come across a familiar looking face.

"Oh him that's Kwon Jiyong"

"The guys completely crazy"

"I want to sing like crazy"

"Karaoke !!" The group gets up and leaves the table.

 Kwon Jiyong...


-I hope you guys enjoyed this triple update of Silent Malady-

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