Best Kpop Albums: Tablo's Fever's End

In this series I want to highlight albums and mini albums that are gorgeous from start to finish.

I don't often listen to a full Kpop album, but there are some that are SO GOOD I have to listen from start to finish. Here are a few of my absolute favorites :)

I'll post a new recommendation every Sunday night!I'll post a new recommendation every Sunday night!


In 2011, Tablo emerged from a scandal that almost ended him.

Anti-fans attacked him and his family, claiming his past education was a lie and basically trying to discredit anything he's ever done. Tablo fell into a deep depression, he was paranoid, didn't leave the house. He has said if it wasn't for his daughter he might have ended his life.

This album is the journey through that darkness and eventually, the light at the end.

First, for the darkness:

Tomorrow featuring Taeyang -

My insides are empty and my smile is dead But you say that I look better than when I was with you You say that you can let out a sigh of relief now But I’m running out of breath –

Bad -

Even with my eyes closed, I can’t sleep comfortably I wander all night, even one shot I couldn’t drink but now I crave alcohol Bad, people are so bad You became the reason why I open my eyes But now you block my sight

But then the light...

Thankful Breath -

The applause that used to make me dream, is past Now I become mesmerized with my daughter’s applause The things that makes me breathe is the calm rain The sweet time wasting with friends Red flowers, blue flowers, the cloud flowers in early mornings Plenty of laughter flowers in the garden called, love Bloom, my heart’s rest The wind of Jejudo, the night lights in Seoul Epik High’s music that I hear in the streets while walking The eyes of my wife and my baby

I highly encourage listening to the whole album start to finish because it really is a trip through his mental state at the time.

It's much more emotional and eye-opening than most work in this industry and it's truly art.

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