Scarlet University Chapter 1

*Taehyung's perspective*

*Beep* *Beep*

The sound of my alarm going off causes me to open my eyes, slowly regaining my sight. I slowly reached for it and turned it off, which read 6:00am. I sighed heavily as I did my usual morning stretch, before grabbing the clothes I'll wear for the day and headed for the shower. Today was the first day I'll be attending my new University. I felt butterflies fluttering in my stomach; I'm so nervous. I walked out of my room and headed for the kitchen. I opened the fridge and see there is not much for me to eat, so I closed the fridge door. I looked in the cabinets and found my breakfast bars "I guess they will have to do" I said to myself with a sigh. I grab two breakfast bars and headed out of my apartment.

Thankfully I live close to my new university and its only a 30 minute walk, so I won't need my car. I walked up to the gates and read the sign Scarlet University. I took a deep breath and walked to my course building. My Fine Arts Course is the morning and in the afternoon I take my Singing Course. I walked up to the building and read the huge sign that said Fine Arts. I feel even more nervous than before, but I mustered up some courage and opened the door. I enter the building and I was taken back. There was so much art everywhere; it was literally a Museum, it was so beautiful that I was staring at it for too long to notice there was someone standing next to me.

"It’s beautiful, right?" I jumped and fell on the floor at the voice beside me. He laughed at my reaction and extend his hand out." I'm sorry, did I scared you?" he said with a big smile. "Yes, you gave me a mini heart attack" I said as I took his hand and got off the floor. He laughs again "my name is Baekhyun" he said with a smile bigger than before. "Bacon?" I said confused, what mother would name her child bacon? "Its not Bacon its Baekhyun" another voice said and once again I got startled. I looked up and see a very tall person "" I was at a loss for words. the tall guy looks at me and sees my confusion. "Oh sorry where are my manners, I'm Chanyeol" he said then points to Bacon and yes I know that’s not his name but he's name sounds like food, I can't help it.

"I'm Baekhyun’s  boyfriend" he said with a sweet smile as he side hugs Baekhyun, "um.. I'm Taehyung" I said feeling a bit shy towards the couple. "There is no need to be shy Taehyung, I don't bite" Chanyeol said with a chuckle. Taehyung started to feel a bit uneasy with what Chanyeol just said. "Chanyeol don't say things like that so loosely" Baekhyun said as he hit his boyfriend on the back of the head and Chanyeol whines as he rubs the back of his head. Then Baekhyun turns to me and says "you must be a freshman right?" But I shook my head no. "I'm a sophomore" I said shyly "what!?! No way then you must of transferred because I would of seen you last year" Baekhyun said surprised.

I nodded my head and Baekhyun smiled "well then I will be your guide then and if you have any worries you can come to me." Baekhyun said; I couldn’t help but smile at Baehyun's kindness. "Also if someone is troubling you, you can come to me" Chanyeol said as he pet my head and I couldn't help but smile bigger, they are so kind to me and yet they barley know me. "Thank you both" I said as I heard a bell go off. Both Baekhyun and Chanyeol grabbed me and we ran to class because the last thing I want is to be late on my first day.

"Your lucky you made it in time or you would have be punished for tardiness" the Teacher said to Baekhyun and Chanyeol. "Sorry Mr. Jung, me and Chanyeol were helping the new transfer student" Baekhyun said as he pushed me towards the Teacher. Mr. Jung adjust his glasses as he stared at me and then a big smile appeared on his face. "You must be Kim Taehyung aren't you a handsome young fellow" Mr. Jung said and I blushed. "Yes, I'm Kim Taehyung" I said then bowed to the Teacher. "such a polite boy and seeing as Baekhyun and Chanyeol were already helping you get around you can sit with them." Mr. Jung said with a smile. I bowed once again and walked over to my new friends. I took my seat and listened to Mr. Jung's lecture

*Time Skip*

The ending bell ringed and I pack up my things. "What's your afternoon course?" Baekhyun asked. "Singing" I replied "omg me too!" Baekhyun shrieked. Chanyeol laughed at his boyfriends cute behavior. "What about you Chanyeol?" I asked "I have Dancing" he replied. "Aw so you won't be with us" I said sadly. I really wanted all of us to be together. They both laugh at my saddened face "don't worry your pretty little head TaeTae. Chanyeol has friends in dancing and I will introduce you to my friends in singing." Baekhyun said with that big smile of his. I smiled back at him "anyways let's go or Mrs. Choi will chew us out for being late to her class" Baekhyun said with a bit of a worried tone. "You think Mrs. Choi is scary? Have you met the dancing Teacher at all? Mr. Kim will rip a limb off of you if your late!" Chanyeol said as he starts rubbing his right arm. This school worries me even more and with that Chanyeol kissed his boyfriend goodbye and runs off to his Dancing course. "Come we need to go too" Baekhyun said as he grab my arm and we run to our singing course.

"Wow Baekhyun this is the first time you arrive on time and I see you brought the transfer student as well" Mrs. Choi said with a smile. All Baekhyun did was nod and smile back at her. "Well aren't you going to introduce yourself?" Mrs. Choi asked still wearing that smile which made me feel uneasy. I nodded politely and turned to the entire class "H-Hello, I'm Kim Taehyung I hope we can get along" I said nervously and bowed. I heard a bunch of girls and guys saying how cute as I was. I slightly blushed and Mrs. Choi told me to sit next to Baekhyun. I bowed politely at her and took my seat next to Baekhyun. Why is singing course people so different from fine arts people? I thought to myself. I can feel stares coming from my fellow classmates. "Alright enough staring at the transfer student and focus on what I'm teaching" Mrs. Choi said loudly which got everyone’s attention.

Mrs. Choi started her lecture and I was listening to her. Then someone threw a paper ball at me but before I can see what it said. Baekhyun took it from me "its best if you do not read this" he whisper as he glared at the person who threw it at me. I just nodded and went back to listening to Mrs. Choi lecture again but somebody tapped on my shoulder and I turned them. "Aren't you a cutie" the girl said and once again I blushed. "Sorry Lisa but he is off the market" Baekhyun said and glared at the girl name Lisa. "You are no fun Baekhyun oppa" She hissed at him and I quickly turned my attention back to Mrs. Choi for the third time. Yup there is definitely a huge difference between fine arts people and singing people. Now I hope this class would end sooner because everyone is making me feel uncomfortable.

*Time Skip*

I let out a huge breath of relief that the class has ended as I packed my things and getting ready to leave. Baekhyun grabbed my arm and took me all the way to the dancing course building. I see Chanyeol walk towards us with a raven haired guy and a small guy with pink hair. "Who are they Chanyeol?" Baekhyun side hugs his boyfriend and gives him a small peck on his cheek. "These are the freshmen in my dance class" Chanyeol said then points to the tall raven hair guy "that's Jungkook" then points to the small pink cotton candy guy "and that's Jimin." I couldn’t help myself as I touch Jimin's cotton candy hair, it was so soft. "Your hair so soft and fluffy Jiminie" I said with my box smile. In the corner of my eye I saw Jungkook move towards us and I got nervous but he just stared at us. "Um” Jimin said and I looked at him "y-you never told us your name" he said shyly and I blushed. I stopped playing with his hair "I'm Taehyung" I said.

"I'm Baekhyun" Baekhyun said cutely "we know your boyfriend wouldn't stop talking about you in class" Jungkook said with a sigh. "Aww Channie you are so cute!" Baekhyun hugs his boyfriend happily and Chanyeol blushed. I laugh at the  couple being cute but I felt a chill creeping down my spine so I turned around and there were three guys standing behind me. Being a scaredy Cat that I am, I fell to the ground "you should be mindful of your surroundings kid" the tallest of the three said then looked at Chanyeol. Jungkook and Jimin help me off the ground. "you are coming with me" short one said but he wasn't looking at Chanyeol... He was looking at Jimin and Jungkook stepping in Front of Jimin "he's not going anywhere with you" Jungkook said calmly but glaring at the short one. The short one chuckled and what happened next is something that made my heart stop. The short that was standing in front of Jungkook was now standing behind me. Like he just teleported or something.

"Fine I will just take this one till you give me cotton candy boy" the short said and I started trembling. "Alright Yoongi hyung that's enough, its only the first day and you already scared the poor kid to death" the brunette chuckled. "are you telling me what to do Hoseok?" Yoongi said coldly. "Ya got a problem with that hyung?" Hoseok said with a dark smile on his face. "Enough the both of you, we only came here for Chanyeol and Baekhyun" The tallest one said. "Whatever" Yoongi said as he was standing back at his original spot. "Aw Namjoon can we have just a little fun?" Hoseok said. "do I have to repeat myself Hoseok hyung?" Namjoon said and Hoseok did the same thing as Yoongi. Now he was standing behind me and he was back hugging me!? "Please Namjoon just look at how cute he is!" Hoseok said and Namjoon stared at me for a sec then turned his attention back to the couple.

"Just do as I say Hoseok hyung, you can play with the kid later" Namjoon said. Hoseok did a pout then teleported behind Baekhyun and grabbed him. Yoongi did the same with Chanyeol and with that they disappeared. I was still frozen in my spot trying to understand what just happened. I didn't notice Jungkook shaking me "Taehyung are you okay?" Jimin asked and I couldn't use my words so I just nodded my head. Jimin looked at me worriedly then looked at Jungkook. My head started feeling dizzy and everything was starting to go dark. I didn't realize I fell to the ground. Jimin and Jungkook voices sound like mumbles. Before I could understand what's happening I pass out and the last thing I could feel was someone lifting me off the ground.


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