Jungkook Dating "Evidence" Is Weeeeeak

I am usually low-key impressed (and highly bothered) by netizens' snooping capabilities, but I think they're losing their skills lol.

When looking for a pic of Jungkook, an article about 'dating evidence' between Jungkook and Sana popped up so, you know, I clicked it.

These are their four pieces of evidence "PROVING" the relationship LOL

1. Banana Kick

Jungkook loves these nasty snacks and eats them pretty much all the time. Recently Sana uploaded a photo with Banana Kick and said she likes them lately. Pls note this is a super popular Korean snack hahahahahh but yeah, clearly they're dating ;) Netizens say this is what Taeyeon did that ended up exposing her relationship with Baekhyun.

2. Duck Meat

Jungkook also loves to eat duck, and guess what!? So does Sana! Match made in heaven!

3. Jungkook was a JYP

Netizens say he was 'getting a scolding from jyp about the relationship' but he could have been visiting a friend, working on a collab, attending a dance class, literally doing a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g but getting dating advice from jyp

4. 1234 Scandal

Sana's nickname is 1234-na (il-ee-sam-sana) cause its funny that her name sounds like the Korean words for 1,2,3,4. But when Jungkook uploads his song recommendations like he always does, they ~mysteriously~ are always paused at 1:23. CLEARLY A MESSAGE TO SANA.

AAAAAAND that's it. That is what's linking Sana and Jungkook. Way to go netizens, you never fail to amaze LOL.

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