VALENTINO 14SS 발렌티노 2014 컬렉션

BY NURIKIM Valentino’s Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli took opera as their source material this season. Grecian? Egyptian? From somewhere else in North Africa? All you need to know is that Maria Callas' Medea, from Pasolini's film version of the classic opera, was on the mood board. Innocence, then, has been replaced by something not altogether darker for Spring, but certainly more mysterious. *As they said beforehand: "It's a fashion opera. A show has to be a show." -PARIS By Nicole Phelps 오페라에서 영감을 얻어 탄생된 이번 시즌 컬렉션, 한편의 오페라를 그대로 담아온듯한 느낌이 드는, 풍부한 실루엣과 절제된듯 하면서도 신비로운, 묘한 매력의 이번 컬렉션 !

---패션전공사람 *.* "재미난 인생 니나니노" 패션일러스트.음악 아트워크 그림쟁잉⚡️
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