So here's what happened

Earlier today the ghost appeared on instagram Live. Elo was playing his playlist and responding to comments while singing, when he saw a friend pop up on the chat. Guess who it was!

It was Cha Cha beat boy. Elo saw him and the cutest interaction between males I have ever seen took place. Elo saw Cha cha and said,

"Chase! Hey!" very happily.

Chase had commented,

"Hey boo."

I flipped my shit because he called him boo. I swear I'm so in love right now. Anyway, Elo asked Cha cha if he was in Korea and Chase said,

"I'm in Itaewon".

When Elo switched to English, I swear my heart melted. He told Cha cha,

"I miss you. I love you."

I shit you not, Chase said "You too boo boo."

I'm freaking melting; you can't tell me that's not the purest display of a Bromance. I'm in my feelings yall. Any who, Elo went and continued to play some songs after Elo said he'd see Chase tomorrow for the H1gher after party (or something like that I was too busy melting I just know he said he'd see him tomorrow) Here's a few songs he played, look at the bottom of the chat to see his comment of the song title

He also played a song by Charlie Puth- Attention and one from Stevie Wonder but I didn't screen shot it I forgot the name. I must say though he has great taste in music he played a few Korean songs. I wish I was paying attention because I wanted to download them.

Like maybe fifteen minutes after Chase left, guess what this chocolate prince did.

He went live too. Poor thing was Jet lag though. People kept asking him why he wasn't talking and for a while, all he was doing was typing his responses instead of speaking but if you look at the photos up there, Sik-k happened to pop in. That's when Cha cha started to speak a little but he was still mostly responding in comments. I'm not sure which is better, I kind of liked that he was talking in the comments with us. I would've liked him to speak a little more. However, considering he was Jet lag I'm not gonna complain about shit. He said he was on his way to his hotel to sleep. I don't think I screen shot it and I'm not even sure Cha Cha saw it but Jay Park actually popped in to say hi. He sent him a few hearts but he never acknowledged it verbally or on the comments. I don't think he saw him saying hi. I didn't get to stay for his whole live show because I had to work but I'm sure it wasn't long anyway he was tried, you could tell.


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