Heechul being sensitive to female idol problems is sweet.

Girl group, PRISTIN, opened up to Super Junior's Heechul as he interviewed them about their own struggles Siyeon, one of the group members, mentioned how difficult promotions are for them during their "Monthly Magic".

Heechul maturely and sensitively handled the concern saying that girl groups he is close with have mentioned the same issues.

He seemed to empathise with them to a degree when he added that he knows it's a struggle to smile and be up beat when they're sensitive, tired, and in pain - and added that it can lead to other issues such as depression if it continues that way.

The PRISTIN members seemed thrilled to have someone understand the struggle.

Although Heechul was just getting information to help him put together a Girl Group Beginners Handbook for his up coming show "Idol School" on Mnet, it is still praiseworthy that he took the time to hear them out and show some concern.

Another reason I love Heechul!

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