Broken: Chapter 5

{{18+ Strong Language and Etc.}}

{{Jiyong POV}}

I left the hospital with a heavy heart. As I climbed inside my car. I am still blanked with everything, just feel so heavy.

"Your Ok?"

"Im fine"

I collected myself and drove off. My girlfriend is quiet amd it's better off this way, because I can't even think. As I arrived home, I cant not seem to be home. I need a drink.

"Go home. I got some stuff to do. "

"Jiyong, dont drink. Just come jome and think well. "

"Get the fuck out... please. Just.... let me be"

She leaves and I pulled out of my driveway. I began to put music and just went to the bar. As I enter, I saw a couple of friends of mine and we just began to laugh and drink together. As the night began to get darker. We decided to go to a club.

The music began to pump on my feet and the liqour just pours in. Then the girls comes to VIP to dance with us. The night was great but then, I got a text from Ri.

<Come down. Now!
>Down?? Where!? You at the club?
<Yes you asshole

Asshole? Well damn. I walk downstairs where the tables are in the side of the dance floor. I saw Seungri with a bottle of patron and two cups. He looks at me and he ask me to sit. I walk towards a seat.

"Hey Ri"

He gives me a dead look. Damn, he is pissed.

"I know your pissed but... "

"Im not pissed. Im more disappointed. Jiyong, you are not my brother. The real Jiyong I know wont ever act this way. Are you happy? "

I looked at him. Im not.

"Why you asking if I am happy!? "

"Tomorrow, meet me at this place. I want to see if your really happy without your family"

Seungri leaves a paper with an adress and then he leaves. I look at the paper and it's an adress of a park. A park? I grab the paper and place it in my wallet. I look at my phone and it was 3am.

I grab the bottle and left the club. As I went inside the car and head home, Jos began to run in my head. *Jos... * I go home and chunking on the bottle. I enter the house and I knew I am just fucked up. I sat on the sofa and just knocked out.

-Next Morning-

"Jiyong wake up!! "

"Girl, leave me the fuck alone"

"I aint your girl, asshole."

I open my eyes and saw Seungri looking at me.

"What the fuck man. Im tired."

"I dont give a shit. Get up amd go take a shower. We have a date remember?! "

Right. Fuck. Ugh. I stand up and began to shower and get ready. As I walked out of room all dressed, I saw Seungri looking around the house.

"You see something you like? "

"The house looks great. Your ready"

"I guess"

I left the house with Ri and went to his car. As we arrived to the park, I saw a little building. We got closer, and got to see that it's a day care. Then I saw Jos. I stopped walking.

"Dude, what the fuck is this? "

"Shut the fuck before I beat your ass in public and embarrass the shit out of you. Your going to see your girls. "

My heart is pounding. I havent seen the girls for so long. I walked forward with Seungri. Then Ri calls out Jos. When Jos turns around and saw me, her face sanked. She went pale quickly. Worse part her head went down.

"Seungri, what is he doing here. "

"Jos, time for him tonsee his girls"

Jos didnt even botjer look at me at the face. She then turns around and began to walk away.

"Jos wait, why you leaving? "

"I told you Ri, I cant not see his face or be next to him. Take care of the girls today please. I got to go to the clinic"

Seungri let Jos go and she left quickly. Then we went in front of the school. The bell rang and the kids began to come out to thier parents. I am nervous, what if the girls hate me for not seeing them.

The girls appeared. God, look how much they grew. My heart is pounding and my eyes are getting watery, but I hold it on. Then the girls saw me.

"Daddy? Ohh Daddy! "

They both came running towards me and I kneeled down and open my arms. They run towards me and knocked me down. Then they both began to cry and hold me tight. *My babies, Im so sorry. Im so sorry. Dont cry my princesses *

My heart is starting to hurt. I cant let them go. Their tears are just killing me. Was I hurting them too? I pull them up and see thier faces, thier faces was just painful. I began to hug them again and kiss them on their head.

"Im sorry babies. Im so sorry. Daddy has been away and he is sorry. Please forgive daddy"

"Daddy, why you was away. We wanted to see you. We missed you. We want you too daddy"

"We love you daddy"

Thier words just sliced my soul and a tear escaped from my eyes. I cant hold it. I just cant. I hugged them so tight and just let the tears come down silently. I cant believe this. These are my daughters. My girls, my life.

Seeing Jiyong was too painful. I rather leave and just go. I jump in my car and just tried to breath slowly. Then I began to look at where they are. My girls. My poor girls.

They ran, they ran so hard into thier father's arm. Seeing them cry this much hurts me. I kmow they love thier dad and its heart breaking. Seungri knows, he knows why he is doing this. He knows that its best for the girls to be with thier father.

I began to go to the city hall. Which I have to get the papers to fill out my last words. I grab the paper and went home. As I arrived home, I placed the papers in front of me. My feet got weak.

I began to read and there I saw the papers of children custody. My tears slowly began to fall down. I look up in the ceiling and then I saw a picture of my daughters on the wall. I couldn't, I cant!

How can i sign these papers. I cant give my girls to someone else. I feel so hopeless. I cover myself. Seeing these papers just made me realize that I wont be seeing my girls grow. I wont see them graduate, or get married. Seeing them fall in love or see them smile again.

*How can I sign this, how can I do this. Why must my life become into this mess. How can i became this way. Im so sorry my babies. Im so sorry that I cant be with you longer*

My phone began to blink. I grabbed it and it was Jiyong.

<Can I see you?


>for what. theres nothing for us to talk about.
<Our daughters
>What about them
<I want to see them more often and spend time with them
>Then do it. No need for you to see me

There's no need. No need at all. But, I want to see you. I want to hold you again. I want you Jiyong, but I cant. I can't.

The doorbell rang and I saw it was Seungri only. He comes inside and he saw the papers. He looks at me and just sits down on the sofa with a huge sadness on his face.

"Jos.... "

"Ri, I cant"

I look at the window. I see Jiyong with the girls but worst of all, his girl is there.

"They outside and so is Jiyong. Even if its co- parenting, its a must for the sake of the girls."

"Why she is here!? Why she is in my house? "

"Jos, you may not want Jiyong but if your willing to give the girls to him, you must know who he is married to"

"Ma..... marr.. married? "

I fall to the floor and just look at the floor with full disbelief. *He is married? He is married to her? When? When was this?* I began to hold my chest. My tears just had to come.

"Jos, I.. I"

"Why Ri? Why is this happening? Why Ri? "

"Im sorry Jos"

"Ri, I cant. I cant breath into this. I cant do this. Jiyong... why? "

Seungri just began to hold on tight. I quickly stand myself up and push Seungri off. I grabbed my keys and just begin walking towards the car.

"Jos!! " Seungri calls out.

"Mom! Mom! "

"Joseline! "

Jiyong grabs my arm. I looked at him and he saw. The tears. The tears which I tried to hide from him. I quickly let him go of me and pushed him off. I climbed into my car and left.

*I cant do this anymore*

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