Reasons to Love Lee Minhyuk~ 😍

Hello everyone! Today I'm sharing with you Seven reasons to love our sunshine, Lee Minhyuk. Or at least, some reasons I fell in love with him~~~

Number 1: He's Funny and Smiley~

Number 2: He's Endlessly Kind to Elders

(At multiple points through the episode, but I found a spot at 29:33 where you can see it~)

Number 3: He's AMAZING with Kids

Number 4: He Cares About Every Single Fan More Than We Can Imagine

Number 5: He Cares Just as Much About the Members~

Number 6: His Lovely Singing Voice

And lastly,

Number 7: I Can't Forget to Mention His Visuals~

I really hope you enjoyed~~~ I certainly did~ See you soon!

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