Eyes That Lost You (6)

Junmyeon crawled into the backseat, slamming the car door hard. He was still upset. She didn't even look back, just started the car and drove.

There were a few times she wanted to say something but when she looked into the rear view mirror, he was at it with his phone and his earplugs were in. He had a look on his face that worried her.

They pulled into the outside parking lot of the theatre. She turned around to talk to him but he jumped out as soon as the car had stopped. She stared at the open door that he didn't even bother to close. She got out and walked to the other side of the car and closed it, watching him stomp across the parking lot and into the theatre. She followed him.

When she arrived in the wardrobe room, he was already in his costume. Another makeup artist started putting his face on. She just stood at the door. The hairstylist she'd been working with, came in with his wig and quickly put it on.

When he went by her, he asked why were they so late.

Once they were done, Junmyeon walked past her like she wasn't even there. She couldn't believe he was that upset. So she grabbed his car keys from her pocket and left them in his jacket and took off.

Today was supposed to be a good day for the both of them. They were going to go celebrate afterwards, dinner, dancing and whatever else they could think of doing. It was supposed to be a fun night.

Junmyeon wasn't just upset, he was heartbroken. He wanted to say something in the car, he wanted to say something when he walked by her, but he said nothing.

If he hadn't stopped her, she would have awoken Sehun. She was millimeters away from touching him. He would have woken up and seen her and he wouldn't be able to dodge all the questions as to who she was and why was she in their room, but the questions wouldn't have been that bad. Junmyeon wasn't upset because of that. He was upset with how she was looking at him, the way she was drawn to him, the look in her eye as she gazed down at the sleeping SeHun.

It broke his heart.

In an instant, he lost her.

An urge to push her away, rose up inside, so he decided he was going to tell her that he didn't need her anymore. Make her leave so he wouldn't have to watch her fall for his little brother. Or at the very least, keep her away from him.

He walked into the dressing room carrying his clothes. Now that he was alone, he realized he hadn't seen her all day. He wondered if she went out already and was waiting in the car.

He got frustrated trying to put his shirt back on, his arm went through the neck and his head was trying to go through the arm, which tore his shirt. He threw it to the ground and sat down on the floor. He couldn't get that look on her face out of his head.

“Jaaaae!” He called out, no one answered, “Jae!” He called again. “JAE!” he growled even louder getting agitated.

“Kim Junmyeon-ssi, are you okay?” A man's voice asked after a while.

“Where's Jae?” Junmyeon asked.

“I'll go find her.”

After a few minutes, there was a knock.

“Jae, I need a new shirt.” He yelled sounding a little pissed off.

“Junmyeon-ssi, they said she left” that voice said.

He jumped up and swung the door open. He stood in front of that hairstylist with no shirt on, “What do you mean she left?”

The hairstylist's jaw dropped getting an eye full of Junmyeon's abs, he looked a way with his face turning red. When Junmyeon saw his expression, he put his jacket on. He walked past the stylist and out of the theatre. His car was still parked in the parking lot. He walked around it but didn't see her in it. He reached inside his coat for his phone and found his keys.

He stared at them in his hand, he suddenly felt hurt and abandoned. Lashing out, he kicked his door, making a dent, he stared at it thinking how much he didn't really want to be without her. He liked her too much.

Eyes That Lost You (7)


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