[GRANTED] International Anime Event

Hi Vingle, My name is Chupachups, and I am a die-hard Anime fan. I was one of the first members in the Anime party on Vingle. ^_^ Over the past few weeks, I am so happy to see that other like-minded people have joined in the conversations and started their own conversations in the Anime party. After being on Vingle for the past few months, I have seen events that have been posted by other users for celebrities. This really got me thinking about what I love: Anime. The Anime party has really grown a lot on Vingle and we have a lot of great members who would like to show off how much we like our favorite Animes. I think that if people were able to see the joy that anime brings us through an event, more people could join us in our celebration of Anime. I know that you guys are probably busy with other things, but I, along with the other members of the Anime party, would greatly appreciate any consideration you can give us for an event. >.< We would be happy with anything from simple shout outs to gifts for the winners. Thank you soooo much for your time and thank you so much for Vingle!!!!!! It really brings joy to my day. ^_^ We eagerly await your response. Chupachups

Hi! hmmm, about me... I became interested in anime, manga, and asian culture in general because her older brother forced me to watch it. I was also the captain of her basketball, softball, and soccer teams in high school, so I am really into sports too.
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