BONJOUR♪Sweet Love Patisserie

Okay this 24 episode anime gave me alot of feel and I thought it was very good. Its about a student named Sayuri who goes to a Patisserie school and goes through all kind of challenges. It made me laugh alot as well because everytime someone would cook they would do a pose and say a catch fraze. The only thing I can say against it is that I feel like it was to short and should of been made longer In the amount of time each episode was which was five minuts. But otherwise and AMAZING anime .

Hey guys its me Danica the Darling fan of anime and nerd stuff everywhere! I haven't been on in awhile, I know and I'm sorry but hey, I'M BACK AND READY FOR MORE AND MORE CARDS!!!
4.7 Star App Store Review!***uke
The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
Love Love LOVE

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