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Wassup guys!!!!!! Kim here and its been a while since I last updated. So I hope you all enjoy chapter 17!!!!

Come on in and make yourself comfortable. Jay entered and grabbed your laptop bag that was sliding off of from up under you. "How do you manage to carry everything up those flights of stairs by yourself??? he asked. Usually I take the elevator, but since it's been under mataince for the past week, I somehow managed. Jay shook his head and sat your bag on the table. "So, what would you like me to help you with," he asked. Nothing, it's already done. He gives you a weird look as you walked over to your crockpot to turn off. Don't judge, this thing comes in handy when I'm in the office all day like today. But can you grab some plates in the cabinets behind you? Oh and the glasses are to your left. Oh by the way, I hope you like honey glazed chicken with veggies.

"That was delicious. Whatever you seasoned this with, it is excellent," said Jay as he set his napkin down. Thank you, but I just followed the recipe online. Are you all done with your plate? "Yes, but I can do the dishes since you cooked. It's the least that I can do," he said. You nod your head OK as he followed you to the kitchen. You wondered if he knew what he was going to preform at the party. I know you literally just said yes to preforming to the party, but have you figured out your songs yet? "I have and I have one that I want you to hear. Do you want to hear it?" he asked. Of course, I would love to. You both finished the dishes and you walked into your sitting room.

"You have a very spacious apartment" said Jay. Thanks. This happens to be my favorite room despite I'm not in it often. So is this one of the songs you'll be preforming? "Yep, I only just have the beat to it, I'm still working on the lyrics, but it will be ready for the party." You shook your head with a smile as you took the CD and placed it in your player. You closed your eyes as you listened to the beat. It gave off a ballad feel. Not to rain on your parade, but are you gonna start off with a ballad?? Jay gave you a questioning look. "What's wrong with starting off with a ballad?" he asked. Well, you want to get your audience engaged with you and I think you may loose them with a ballad. Why not do that one song the you created in the studio? You can follow up with another party song and then you could do a ballad on your third song. A lot of people are having doubts that you can persue a solo career. Prove them wrong by showing them how versatile you can be.

You went to get up to retrieve the CD when you felt a hand at your wrist. You looked down at Jay and what happened next had you suprised."You sure know how to pull a guy out of his comfort zone. Thanks for the tip and ideas." he said. Ideas, what ideas? I didn't mention any ideas. "You kinda did, but I'm not gonna tell you what it is. You'll just have to wait till the party," Jay said with a wink as he got up. You gave him a puzzled look and noticed that his hand went from your wrist to caressing your hand.

You do know that you are caressing my hand, right? "And what's wrong with that?" he asked taking a step closer. You felt your heart beating rapidly, as you looked at him with wide eyes. You took a step back as he took another step towards you. Pretty soon you felt your heel grazed your wall. "Y/N, please don't run away from me, from this. I know the past few times we were in close counters with each other, there was something there. I don't know about you, but I don't want to deny these feelings anymore. Y/N, I never stopped loving you and I was broken when you left me. I need you back to make me, us whole again." Jay closed the space between the two of you and caresses your face. You shivered at the touch as his fingers lingered at your chin. You looked in his eyes and noticed that they gone darker. You noticed that his face was coming closer to yours and you closed your eyes, anticipating on what is about to happen.

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