HEIRS : Emotional Moments in Episodes 11 and 12 - Part 1

Where do I begin? The story has (finally) progressed, and we’re moving forward. The Kim brothers are standing up for themselves while Eun Sang may find herself in a much worse position than before. Here are some emotional and heart wrenching moments from this week’s episodes. 1] Tan’s Very Brave Confession http://www.imideo.com/image/6db2749b1a7be5963fd6f598b762e1bc/144488 http://www.imideo.com/image/c32574d28e151d3509ed10f2ad9da4f7/144489 We knew this day would come, though I imagined it would be done in a more subtle way. Tan arranges for Esther and Rachel to have dinner with him and his parents (Daddy Kim and Ji Sook). Ji Sook sees this as an opportunity to show Ki Ae what her true position in the family is. While everyone is playing up the family angle, Tan apologizes to Rachel ahead of time. After seeing Ji Sook throw water in her face, Tan takes Ki Ae downstairs and introduces her as his real mother. Then he breaks the engagement as a result though Esther just says she’ll call them later. Daddy slaps Tan despite Ki Ae telling him it was all her idea and telling Tan to kneel. She cries and this is the most heartbreaking part of this because this isn’t how she wanted to be introduced and knows it can have a negative affect. I don’t know what’s going to happen with Ki Ae now that the secret is out. I’m not sure if this was the best route to take. 2] Hyo Shin’s Talk With His Mother http://www.imideo.com/image/202b15ee65d98764a13d3523623db89d/144492 http://www.imideo.com/image/ee8dcae2908d5e7f5af4c69089dbe46a/144493 Last week it was revealed that our awesome sunbae Hyo Shin attempted suicide when he went to the U.S. Since then his mother has had him on every medicine known to man and in therapy. We saw a glimpse of his mother’s strictness when Hyun Joo arrived for work, but his conversation with his mother after he came home from the camp was just heartbreaking. Your high school aged son walks in from being out all night and she doesn’t ask him where he was, she asks why he didn’t go take a test for school. He says he didn’t want to since she knows he doesn’t have any interest in law school. His mom then says why is he doing this and he seems happy she’s finally taken an interest in him. Hyo Shin then asks her does she know why he took those sleeping pills because he wants to tell her, mom coolly says she’ll hear it after the test. We know that he’s had it tough coming from a family full of lawyers and having his entire future mapped out for him, but now we know the extent of the pressure. He did say he’s planning something big, wonder what it is. 3] Any Time Young Do Almost Cried http://www.imideo.com/image/b0825a112c7f50739c91be5fd77faa1f/144494 http://www.imideo.com/image/1d4f604639da417baebab52772a4fa52/144495 By now I think it’s pretty obvious how fragile Young Do is, his tough exterior is hiding who he really is. You can see his heart breaking little by little every time Eun Sang rejects him, but he’s in love and just wants to see her. When he discovers who her mother is and he tells her, by instinct she believes he’s going to out her (Well he hasn’t said anything about Tan), but he says he’s not going to do anything. He looks desperate when he tells her all he wants to do is eat noodles with her. Another scene was when he told her that he eats at the convenience store a lot because it doesn’t look odd if he eats by himself. Then he told her not to give him that look because it makes him tremble. His eyes just told everything. I think the most heart wrenching new cry scene was when Eun Sang asked how he was after the engagement news came out. He looked surprised that someone genuinely cared about whether he was okay. Someone please give him a hug. 4] Rachel Cried http://www.imideo.com/image/5caa3095f71417a89bf9dd235a7a5fc8/144496 http://www.imideo.com/image/0269662e516204b25f61723fee8286d5/144497 Speaking of the random engagement news for Esther and Dong Wook. Rachel finally let her guard down. She was already upset about the engagement, but when it was publicly announced and everyone was congratulating her on becoming richer (Yes, not for the marriage, but her having more money) she began to lose it. This was the one time Tan was really sincere towards her, he let her just cry it out. We’ve gotten dozens of crying scenes so far, but it’s something when someone with an icy exterior breaks down and can’t keep their composure. It was very moving and Kim Ji Won did amazing in this scene. 5] Eun Sang Cries From Seeing Tan Cry http://www.imideo.com/image/c39522566bdb9ee34ef49429e4c84e8b/144500 http://www.imideo.com/image/f1e48b74286a969d9697b22558439725/144501 After his shakeup at the dinner with the in-laws, Tan leaves out to go find Eun Sang. She’s at work and completely spacing out which gets her reprimanded by her boss. When she walks out to throw the trash out, she turns around to see Tan walking towards her. He stops and sheds a tear, not knowing why he’s crying she begins to cry as well.

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