Word Count: 988

Pairing: BTS X Reader

A sigh harshly left my lips as I stared at the piece in front of me. It didn't make me feel anything, It was just paint on a canvas. Nothing made me feel much anything anymore, At least enough to inspire me. The wet canvas mocked me, It mocked me and my lack of memories. Maybe if I remembered what happened- that's a dangerous path of thought Y/N. A familiar buzzing of my phone kept me from throwing the canvas across the room.

“Yeah Em?”

A bright giggle came from the phone, “You're coming to a club with me tonight.”


“You're too stressed, sweetie. I know I don't understand what you're going through but I do know that you're too stressed. Your art is amazing, Everybody expects for you think so. So come grab a drink and maybe you'll feel better tomorrow?”

You glanced at the stack of empty canvases in the corner,“Fuck it, I'll go. Which club are we going to?”

“LUST!” She paused, before continuing meekly “You've wanted to go there for a while, right? We could always go to our regular bar. I just want you to relax for once.”

“You know I'm fine with anything Emma, I'll pick you up at nine?”

“Yeah, I gotta go. Love ya” She hung up and for the first time in a long time I felt something like hope


Emma frowned at my simple outfit choice, “Before we go in are you sure you wanna go in that? I mean, You've got paint all over it.”

I rolled my eyes and flashed the Bouncer our VIP passes before walking in, “I'm going to drink so remember, You are my ride home, Okay?” She nodded before damn near skipping to the dance floor, I watched as her blonde curls disappeared into the mass of sweaty bodies. I sighed before making my way to the bar, I sigh way too much for only being 21.“So this is LUST huh?” I mumbled quietly as I pushed my way through the crowd. A sigh exited my lips before I turned to the bartender, “Can I get a mind eraser?”

“That bad of a day?” The voice came from my left.

“That bad of a Life.” I drowned my drink before fully turning to him. He was beautiful, with bright orange hair that complimented his baby blue jacket.

He chuckled, “Ah, How true. So what shit happened in your life for I to regularly drown it out with mind erasers.”

I gave him a wry smile, “Well, I don't even remember anything before a year ago.”He gave a low whistle and ordered two mind erasers. “So mystery man, why are you at the bar with me on this fine night?”

He gave me a sad smile before passing my drink to me, “I'm hoping a very special girl shows up...I don't know why, I've been waiting for a couple of months now.”

I lifted the glass up facing him, “Here's for having shitty years.” He clinked his glass to mine mumbling something I couldn't make out and after a while the world turned black.

I was on the edge of a building, swinging my legs as tiny cars speed away into the night. It felt like I was closer to heaven, like the stars were just waiting for me to jump up and grab them.

"What are you doing?" A giggle escaped my lips, at the sound of the male's voice.

"You're supposed to be sleeping, Suga" You turned around to face a man with orange hair clad in only pajama bottoms. He looked exhausted but he managed a lazy smile before sitting next to you.

"I can't sleep without my pillow, you know that." He looked down at the small battered notebook in my hands and sighed. "So what crazy idea have you cooked up in the short time you've been out here?"

I gently grabbed his hand and pointed to the sky, "Let's run away. We're immortal, BTS is immortal and we don't have to put up with all this shit. We’ll be the stars that we always wanted to be!"

He chuckled softly, "Let's talk about this after we get some rest, Come on pillow."


A painted sky and a hangover greeted me when I woke up. The room was amazing. It wasn't too small, even with the dark blue walls. The room was painted to look like the beach at night, and it looked pretty. Tiny fairy lights randomly flickered on and off as I forced myself to sit up, drowning out my body's whines of protest. A tiny framed photo on the night stand caught my attention.

“I knew them before I lost my memories?” You were smiling with BTS on a beach. You looked so happy…

“You're awake.” A sound somewhere between a scream and a yelp flew out of your mouth. It was Kim Seokjin, the man who probably made your college tuition in a hour. “You must be hungry, You should eat something before you leave.” He placed the plate on your lap before hesitantly sitting beside you. “Do you remember anything?”

“I remember I went to your club with my friend Emma last night before talking to Jimin and drinking until I pass out...But you weren't talking about that were you?”  He gave me a pained smile before shaking his head. “I'm sorry, I have retrograde amnesia. I don't recall much between the ages of 13 and 20.”

“You remember sometime between that age right?”

“I remember a man named Suga? I think he's my childhood friend Yoongi but I'm not entirely sure.”

Jin took my plate before standing up, “There's some clothes in the closet you can wear, And the bathroom is door on the right. When you're finished, I'll take you home.” He gave me a soft smile before leaving me alone in the room.


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