Eyes That Lost You (11)


Sehun kept close to Junmyeon for most of the next day. He didn't want to let him out of his sight.

Junmyeon found it strange that Sehun was being so clingy, more so than usual. Every time he got up to go to the bathroom or to the kitchen, Sehun would ask where he was going and would follow him. But he just figured, Sehun was being Sehun. Some days he was a child, other days he was his own age.

Junmyeon had to sneak out at one point. When he got back Sehun was waiting for him with his arms crossed, sitting on his bed, demanding to know where he had gone but Junmyeon told him that he had to leave right away for business.

The next day, Sehun wasn't being so clingy, he sat quietly in the living room looking at a magazine. Junmyeon had passed by him on his way, announcing that he was going out. Sehun didn't flinch, he didn't look up, he did nothing but keep his head in his magazine.

Junmyeon just shook his head.

As soon as he heard the door close, Sehun jumped up, grabbed his keys and headed for the door. Then he heard Jongdae tell him to take a jacket, there was supposed to be a thunderstorm later. So he grabbed his jacket and hat. He ran out the door. He could still see Junmyeon's taillights in the distance, barely getting to the stop sign. He watched and seen him turn right. He ran to the garage and got his car. He drove fast wanting to catch up, barely stopping at the stop sign and rolling over the curb. He caught up to him and kept his distance.

Junmyeon picked her and he followed them across the city.

They parked. So he parked too.

Sehun tried to stay more than a few steps behind. He thought it was good when he seen his hyung smiling and laughing. He hadn't seen him act this way in a long time. Not since… he bit his lip, that was a long time ago, he wasn't going to think about that. He loved seeing his hyung smile like that and every time he looked at her, he would get that look in his eye. But he felt a little jealous that this woman had to be the reason.

He was trying to be happy for Junmyeon. but he couldn't help himself. His eyes fell down her backside, her hair, the way her back curved perfectly, the way her hips sway a little, her legs, her ankles. His eyes moved back up to her face, she was so beautiful in the evening light. He didn't even mind the nose piercing that glittered when she smiled.

He pulled his phone out and started taking photos. He took some of Junmyeon smiling and then he took some of her. But when he zoomed in, he couldn't help but stare. Just as he snapped another, he seen her look back. He turned and hid behind some people walking by, keeping his head down. He saw her remove her arm and Junmyeon nudge her to put it back. She only did after she saw that he was gone.

He followed them into the restaurant. He found a seat and watched them. When he saw her get up and walk in his direction, his heart nearly stopped. He thought for sure he was caught but remembered that they never met and she wouldn't know who he was. So he stuck his nose in a menu. After she came back, they started eating and were talking heavily. Then she moved over into the chair next to him. He zoomed his phone in on them, he wished he could hear them. He dropped his phone onto the table after he seen her kiss him. His hyung looked like he died, he was looking at her like he loved her. Then they left.

Sehun left the restaurant. He decided he wasn't going to follow them anymore. He loved his hyung too much, he couldn't believe what he was thinking of doing. He walked back down the street, realizing that he was a fool to be thinking about trying to steal her away. He felt something wet run down his cheek, he touched it and looked at his wet fingertips. Then his face got even more wet. It was starting to rain. Thunder boomed across the sky. People were running for cover but he just strolled along, his hair and jacket were getting soaked but he didn't care.

He walked until he came to a store canopy and waited. Then he heard his hyung, “Sehun?”

He glanced past his hyung and saw her standing on other side of him, pretending to be preoccupied on her phone. Water dripped from her hair, down her nose. For a split second, he thought he had seen her glance at him too. His hyung asked him what he was doing there. He made up a lie. He barely heard anything his hyung said to him. From the corner of his eye, he saw her run out into the rain. Then his hyung asked him if he needed a ride, he told him no.

The thunder boomed again and he remembered his dream. The way she looked at him, the way she reached out to him, the way she smiled at him. “I'm sorry, hyung… she's going to be mine.”

The next day, Sehun found himself lingering outside her apartment building. He left his hyung at practice, Junmyeon had to stay and work on his steps. He found himself standing outside watching her place, waiting for her to come home. After a few people passed by him, giving him strange looks, he went back to his car. While he waited, he went through his pics of her. The more he thought about it, there was something unusual about this. To him, they behaved more like friends than lovers. She returned home, carrying her take out food. She walked passed him, her head was down, concentrating on something, he was about to say something when he got a call.

“Hello Junmyeon hyung.” He said. Just as he looked at her when she got to her building, she suddenly looked back. He hid in a doorway.

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