King's Reborn - Chp 5: Erikson Arrives


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Leadackson Wang of Got7


You're woken after a 500 year sleep, by the blood of your long-lost love blood relative. When you come to the re-new world, you come to learn he even looks just like him. This time you refuse to lose him and do everything you can to keep him, as well as protect him, from the person that separated you both 500 years ago.


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~( Roselyn POV)~



I came into my cafe, reviewing paper work from the past week, when someone clearing their throat, claim my attention. I looked up at them, as they pointed to a bouquet of orange tiger lilies, was on the counter. "Wait are you saying they're for me?" The daytime manager nodded her head, while I walked over to them. I puck the card out of the center, of the arrangement, to read it.

'I am truly sorry for my behavior... I honestly don't know what came over me. Please forgive my childish ways.' - J. Wang

I looked up at the flowers and smiled. My fingers glide along the petals, as it warm my heart that Jackson's past life memories, allow him to know how much I have tiger Lilies. I was going to grab them, to take to my office, when another delivery came in. This time they were pure black roses and my heart sank. I didn't need to read the damn card to know who they were from.

My employee sign for them, and place them in front of me. I instantly attack the flowers and pulled out the car, allowing the trons to cut my hands. He was always that dick that made sure it was at the bottom. I gripped the vase the flowers were in before reading the card.

'That was short lived... I'll give you one more day, before I destroy to line that your lover keeps being reborn in. You know the view from JYPe's roof its extremely beautiful.' - Erik

My rage took over and I thew the black roses against the wall, shattering them. "I'm no longer here, I have a family emergency. Those lilies are to stay at the front for decoration." I storm out of the building leaving the flowers, the mess, and paperwork behind. I started heading down towards JYP, while I dial Ren's number.

"What is it now, Mei?"

She sounded annoy that I was calling her, but my disappointment in her, and rage towards Erik wasn't going to allow her to be disrespectful to me. "You better call Alison now! Because Erik just announce he is here in Korea, and planning to kill Jackson. You broke your work and promise to me, so now.... FUCK YOUR RULES!"

I hung up and went down an ally way. There was no way they could control me for anyways. I was a day walker, and they were all forsaken by the sun. I found my way up a building, and started using my vampiric speed to jump from building to building. Once I was on top of the JYP building, I lurk until I saw GOT7 entering the building.

I did lose track of time, as I waited so quietly and passionately. The moment I saw Jackson I realized the sun had set. My phone ran, whilst I got ready to break in through the roof. I answer it since it was Alison calling, but I didn't say a word.

"Roselyn, I just got word of Erikson appearance in Asia. Apparently few of my men, and one of Ren's still answered to Erikson, so they betray us. Please re-frame from doing anything that breaks the laws. I would hate if you became the council's en-." I hung up on her, and broke the door open.

I was done dealing with empty promises, and useless words. I may of been still learning some things about being a vampire, but I did know one thing for sure. I was stronger than the entire council put together. If they came at me, it would be chaos, because it would also mean their deaths. I was not going to let history repeat itself.

I follow the familiar scent and headed straight for them. I stopped one of the boys, and follow them from the shadows. They all had enter a studio room, where they were greeted by someone. "Pleasure to meet you all finally. I've heard great things about you from JYP." I heard Erik's voice, and felt my blooding from the anger.

A hand touch my should, resulting in my grabbing it, and bending to its near breaking point. "Miss Raun, We're here to help you. Ren sent us, after executing the traitors." I glared at them, and still broke the guys finger. The other man, cover his mouth, to make sure he didn't scream.

"Do as you please, I don't care anymore, I'm only here to protect Jackson and his love ones."

I turn around to see Jackson falling down to the ground. "Jackson!" YoungJae tries to help him up, as he sends the other to find a manager or someone in medical field. I moved in closer, slowly but the sense of danger kicked in. I expose myself in front of YoungJae, to stand in front of Jackson and him. Erikson smirked at me, as I could feel eyes on my back from YoungJae.

"So you coming now... such a good girl."

The men sent by Ren came over to YoungJae's side. Erikson notice them appearing, as he growl. "So they found out I was here." I walked over to him, and slap him hard across the face. My claws scratched deep into his face, looking like a tiger attack him.

"This time around you best kill me, cause now I want blood. I am not letting you repeat history." He stood up, throwing the chair across the room, as I jump back to guard YoungJae and Jackson. There was a groan from behind me, making me glance down. Jackson was waking up, as I gave the nod to the men. YoungJae was knocked out, and taken away to safety, whilst I took hold of Jackson.

We ran away from Erikson, as far as I carry him. Which just so happen to be Seoul Tower. Jackson sat down on the bench beside the railing, and held his head. "Shit... what is happening." I move to kneel down in front of Jackson.

He look me in the eyes, before his turn big. "Your.... Roselyn." I couldn't help but smile warmly at him say my real name. "You should know me as Mei." Jackson blinked before a small smile appear on his lips.

"What makes you think I would know that?"

He asked me as I giggled. "The tiger lilies, and the fact that after you and I last saw each other, we both saw the past." The smile faded as he simply blinked at me. "Jackson, I was trying my best to keep my distance. Which was for your own safety, but Erikson has made it clear. He will never leave you alone no matter how many times you are reborn."

Jackson gave a heavy sigh before leaning back against the railing. "He attempted to kill my ancestor, so he could put you into a deep sleep.... but how did you wake up?" I pointed at him, then looked over at his hand that had a faint scar on it. I took his hand in mine, and glide my tongue along the scar.

It completely disappear shocking Jackson even more than my licking him. "I am only going to offer this to you once..." We both looked at each other as I held his hand lightly. Jackson smiled warmly at me, as he held my hand closer towards him.

"Do you want to become a vampire?"

to be continue

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*She will have 3 names... Chinese - Mei Raun| English - Roselyn Hope | Korean - Gu Ki Raun


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