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Hello everyone! Long time no see! I'm so happy to announce that I have been given the opportunity to be on the unofficial mod support team for Topp Dogg! This is such a dream come true!

I will be representing Jenissi and Xero every Thursday so be sure to join me for loads of fun!

Now for a bit about me. My name is Brittany but I also go by Bri, Brit or a recently adopted name (blame a story I'm co-writing) Ae Ri. I'm 27 years old I live in Florida, since late 2013 I'm a full time pharmacy technician. I'm a mother to a kitty named Amaya. I've been into kpop since early 2010. I've been with Topp Dogg since they started releasing their debut teasers.

I'm so looking forward to this quarter with everyone! **if you would like to be tagged or untagged comment below** Topp Klass Mod Squad@OppasManBun@QueenyCrossGene@StefaniTre@MelissaGarza@jjrockstar@awkardjazzy@sukkyongwanser@InfiniteKiss@TurntUpTae ❦ Topp Klass Bebes ❦ @Tigerlily84@karinamiranda81@IsoldaPazo@sweetnothing34@EmilyGardner@nell03@xoxorittie@StephyBAP@kpopandkimchi@Baekyeol27@SimplyAwkward@YongRaviZiMon@QueenLee@KellyOConnor@EliseB@Viresse@VKookie47@sarahdarwish@ZeidaAlvarez@awkwardjazzy@StefaniTre@sherrysahar@DominiqueWhitak @ElenaP16@megancurrent9@SassyMaknae@XergaB20@VixenViVi@destiny1419@jjrockstar@merryjayne13 @Helixx@LemonLassie@PolarStarr@InfiniteKiss@ColorMeKihyun

She made gentle the wild oceans of your soul; that was her magic. She could still see the sunset, even on the darkest days. After all, she wasn't given wings to see the world from a tree, so she'll wait for you among the stars. Come find her when you're ready.
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