Not Special Enough For A Name (Poem)

Just a poem, nothing special about it. Not even for it to be named.

Because if you name something, then it's yours. And no one wants it.

So it will remain nameless.

Never forget, you’re the Devil

Especially when you walk through the filth driven world,

And have your arms around those who look like saviors.

Make sure to always let them see the shadows that trail behind,

And see the sins you desperately boast about on your open wounded skin.

Never forget, you’re the Devil

When you stand alone in a room with a clock that always seems too fast,

Where there’s a bed big enough for two, but it’s soaked with tears and blood,

Even a veiny, disgusted tree with a caged bird that does not sing,

And two chests filled with dreams and hopes that only you can unlock and see.

Never forget, you’re the Devil

As you long for time to slow down so your angels never see you for what you are.

Open your mouth with only words hoping to distract them.

Say only things that hide the loneliness that linger on the sheets,

And stab yourself full of an imitation of pleasure for that single breath of happiness.

Never forget, you’re the Devil

Even as you dose yourself in drugs and alcohol to smile and laugh once again,

Hoping that the bird will sing for forever, and the tree will birth fruits that aren’t just rotten.

Always remember the pain in your chest when you say the wrong thing,

And all those you thought could save you turn their backs on you cause you were blind.





Because even demons were once born with wings.

Never forget,

The tears that flow from your eyes as you look through your chests,

Pulling out toys that only resemble those who make you happy.

Because even sticking them full of pins and needles won’t make them love you.

They were never yours in the first place,

Because you’ll always be the villain in your story, and you don’t deserve a happy ending.



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