I had a family reunion this Saturday so I couldn't update on time but now that I've been able to sit and listen to the mini album I am so in love!!

Here are the tracks in case you missed it!Here are the tracks in case you missed it!

1. Red Flavor

This song is actual insanity. It is SO FAST there are SO MANY WORDS and the video is just ;SLDKFJ. At first I was super overwhelmed but now I really really love it! Not the biggest fan of Yeri rapping though - her voice is so sweet its such a funny mix!

2. You Better Know

I think this is my favorite song on the album but its a tough competition! The first verse is sort of normal but the chorus is soooo fun!! I'm just a sucker for Wendy's voice :)

3. Zoo

I want to know who produced this song!! All the sounds hidden in this is so fun and the way they say ZOOOOOOO is so catchy!! This is second place for favorite song :)

4. Mojito

This one is pretty catchy too but they use the word 빛 over and over and over so its sort of just really repetative. Still a great song though and I'm sure it will grow on me even more!

5. Hear The Sea

This is a ballad and honestly isn't my favorite but I think it would be lovely to listen to when you're just taking a nap outside in the summer.

What's your favorite?!

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