my favorite underrated girl groups 👯✨

hello! this is my first card so forgive me for any mistakes and such (*´∀`*)


when I first became a kpop fan, I only liked a few girl groups, and I, for whatever reason, avoided the "cutesy" and "girly" groups, but i grew out of it and came to love lots of girl groups. but, I'm finding a lot of them do not get nearly as much appreciation or love as they deserve, and tbh it breaks my heart, so in hopes of getting atleast a few more people into girl groups, here a few I personally think need more love :)

this is all my opinion, and this list is in no particular order!***


I'll be honest, I wasn't really into their older songs, but when this song came out, it really suited my tastes! I think the vocals are great, and the girls are so talented and beautiful! (I'm probably gonna say that a lot) they deserve a lot more attention than they're getting.


I had no idea about this group until I saw Chahee on an old episode of Happy Together, I looked up her group and found this bop. I love the aesthetics in the video, the girls' vocals, dance, and everything else~!

Dal Shabet

this group has been around for a while (six years to be more specific), and to my knowledge, they've had ups and downs of almost reaching good popularity, and then running into some barrier they had to fight through. I heard this song on a playlist and I decided I HAD to look it up and stan the group. though they haven't released anything that I know of since this song, I'm still hoping only the best for these girls~


these girls deserve far more attention than they're getting. It's been about a year since their last release, though a few members have appeared on variety shows, such as Cao Lu on Knowing bros. a little while ago (I reccomend you look up the show and episode!) the youngest, Yezi, participated in season 2 of Unpretty Rapstar, and has her own solo track and album (check it out! )


the last release from this group is even older (2 years) but it did get a lot of attention for featuring lgbt+ themes! and personally, I think the song is very fun, and the vocals are amazing! I just hope for something new from this group (´;ω;`)


though she's a solo artist, I still feel the need to add her to this list. she got some attention for her "Touch" MV, also for featuring lgbt+ themes, but her new single is not getting nearly as much as it should (not to mention her company does NOT promote her enough). it's different from most songs we hear in kpop, but I personally enjoy listening to it ALOT and I love Andas' talent.

I did not mean to make this card so long but thank you for reading all the way through! there are TONS of groups who do not get the recognition they deserve, but these are just the ones I've come to fall in love with. feel free to leave any more groups in the comments, I'll most likely check them all out! thanks again! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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