Living the Dream ~ Working With EXO

Here's chapter 5!!

A few days after the Kimchi spaghetti event; you and Kyungsoo's relationhip blosomed into a great friendship - cooking together was now a regular thing; you kept up on your promise; cooking Italian spaghetti for the boys after grocery shopping with Kyungsoo and Jongin who tagged along (although it was hard to focus on what to buy with him around). The boys loved your cooking ang you learnt many thigns about them during your evening discussions; however it was only really Jongdae, Luhan, Kevin, Tao, Kyungsoo, Minseok, Baekhyun and a little bit of Jongin that actually chatted away to you throughout dinner while the other boys were yet to open up completely...


Another day while in the dorm; you were mopping up the floor as usual; Luhan was chatting to you while you mopped - asking about your life in Englandand talking about his life in Beijing and how he'd been scouted to join SM.

'Yeah so a woman just handed me a card while I was shopping while I was in Korea, and said she was a scout, it was the weirdest situation, but yeah, I auditioned and got in!' Luhan exclaimed, unable to believe the words that he'd spoken.

'Wow that's so cool Luha-'

'Hey Luhan, are we gunna go now?' Sehun entered the room wearing a hoodie, tracky bottoms and some trainers. His black hair covered most of his face since it was in a plain bob. He didn't realise he had cut into the conversation while entering the room.

'What, where?' Luhan asked confused; furrowing his eyebrows while he looked up at Sehun.

'Now, bubble tea? We talked about it yesterday...' Sehun said looking a little frustrated.

'Oh shoot, really sorry but I can't - I've got vocal training now, I completely forgot!' Luhan exclaimed slapping his hands together and bowing in apology to Sehun.

'Oh...' Sehun muttered looking deflated - it was the first time you'd seen him give any other emotion than pure boredom.

Luhan quickly looked at you and back at Sehun, trying to figure out a way to rectify his blunder and coming up with a solution.

'But y/n-shi will go with you! You don't mind y/n-shi do you?' Luhan begged giving you subtly innocent puppy eyes.

'Oh no it's ok-' Sehun said surprised at Luhan's request, he quickly looked away from you and back at Luhan - regretting he'd mentioned anything about bubble tea.

'What she doesn't bite - y/n, have you tried bubble tea before?' Luhan turned to ask you.

'Um I've only seen it in dramas...' You replied blushing, feeling silly you'd never drank it before.

'Yeah you see Sehun; go with y/n-shi and drink some tea. Next time I'll take you there myself y/n-shi.' Luhan said slapping Sehun on the back. But Sehun gave a 'What about me' look towards Luhan who chuckled.

'I mean, the three of us can go and whoever else wants bubble tea, but not many of the guys like it. But anyways; you two will have fun together, I have to go now so see you later, have fun!' Luhan exclaimed, shuffling out of the room, leaving you standing aloof, completely alone with Sehun.

The atmosphere turned awkward very quickly.

Sehun stood still for a moment while you mouthed an 'O', unsure of what to do so you stared at your toes.

'It's ok Sehun-shi, we don't need to go - I'll just tell Luhan I-'

'-No.. it's ok, I'll take you.....let's go then.' Sehun said with a sigh. You held your breath, incredibly nervous to see how this day would go....


There wasn't much talking on the way to the bubble tea cafe. You kept your hands shoved into your jacket pockets, staying a few steps behind Sehun so he led the way. You didn't feel like talking to him would help his mood at all - somehow what started as going out with Luhan for bubble tea turned into escorting you instead; which obviously annoyed Sehun. You watched him from behind realizing he was only a few centimeters taller than you, which wasn't much...he also looked really skinny ; did this boy eat? But you came to the conclusion that like most Asians; he most likely had a ridiculously high metabolism...which made you sigh enviously.

' you like this bubble tea place?' you asked trying to lighten the mood - Sehun looked at you, surprised you were attempting to start a conversation; so he decided to entertain you by replaying:

'Yeah, it's one of my favorites here' He shrugged continuing to walk.

' have a favorite back home?' You said trying to keep the conversation up, hoping it would break the ice.

'No there's another on Luhan showed me near Gangnam - that's the best one' Sehun replied nonchalantly.

'I see...' you said nodding and looking hopeful for this day yet.

'In here.' Sehun said leading you into a cafe that read 'Lovely Bubble Tea~' the door was open so you two walked right in. You took in your surroundings; the place looked lovely! Decorations were hanging from the ceiling and the menus were written in multi-colored chalk. The place looked so homey, no wonder Sehun liked it; you reckoned it must look beautiful in the wintertime when Christmas decorations would be put up.

You walked up to the cashier. Your eyes widened at how many choices there were; it was ridiculous since you'd never heard of most of the flavors before. Sehun stood next to you looking bored - you started to feel panicked knowing he was waiting for you to choose. Beads of sweat started forming on your forehead eyeing the menu; you could have the sweet or extra cold, frothy or flat... there was just too much... you'd never seen anyone in dramas pick their drinks so you couldn't even begin to hazard a guess of what to order. You gulped nervously; looking at Sehun who continued to wait expectantly for you.

'Do you know what you want?' Sehun asked next to you. You bit your bottom lip and shook your head.

'Ummm I don't know what to choose since I've never had it before...' You said shyly.

'Oh yeah I forgot, fine then; get the same as me. It's good. It's green tea with jelly bits, semi-sweet.' Sehun said beginning to order.

'Oh ok then.' You said letting out a breath, thankful he resolved the problem.

You got your wallet out and sighed - it was nearly empty so you hid it from Sehun's view, taking some coins out.

'How much will it cost?' You asked trying to convert and calculate pounds into won in your head.

'Don't worry about it, I've got it.' Sehun replied handing over the correct change. Your eyes widened and you bowed profusely at Sehun (you began to learn that bowing was used as a sign of respect and thanks, you caught yourself doing it more often).

'Thank you so so much, I'll be sure to pay you back.' You said keeping your head bowed.

'It's fine really.' Sehun said surprised by how thankful you were - it never occurred in his mind that he wouldn't be paying for your drink anyways.

'Sit over there and I'll wait for the drinks.' Sehun said pointing to some seats near the window.

'Ok.' You replied walking over to a small table with two chairs. You sat down, resting your bag on the windowsill.

You straightened out your skirt and waited for the drinks. You watched Sehun while he waited; he had his phone out, so you decided to get your phone out as well and play around with some apps to pass the time.


'Here.' Sehun said sitting down with two drinks that were identical; they both were green with dark gree jelly cubes floating around inside. It didn't look that appetizing to be honest - but you were open to try new things...

You brought the straw to your lips slowly; watching Sehun sip his drink and put his phone away, looking out the window.

You began to suck...

'Woah, this is delicious!' You said after a quick sip. You took another just to confirm. It was delightful; you'd thought it would taste bitter but it tasted sweet, and there was milk in there that gave creaminess to the concoction. You couldn't get enough of it.

Sehun watched you half amused and half intrigued by your reaction while he drank his drink slowly.

'It's good isn't it? I didn't think you'd like it that much though... it's not the best but it'll do...' Sehun said trying to suppress a grin, watching you slurp the drink down - looked up at him brightly and nodded before speaking;

'Yeah it's just so -ACK!' One of the pieces of jelly got stuck in your throat because you'd been drinking it so quickly and had tried to speak at the same time.

You began to weeze and choke on this ridiculously tiny jelly cube. Sehun stared at you wide-eyed; panic began to seep in once he realized you were choking - you waved your hands around trying to spit the piece out, you could only take little shallow breaths in your panicked state.

'Yah, why did you drink it so fast!? Hey - spit it out - what!?' Sehun began to panic; trying to figure out what to do to help.

You refused to believe you were to die sat opposite a scrawny guy, chocking on a piece of jelly. It must have looked like a pitiful scene; Sehun flailed his hands around you, completely unsure of what to do, he was just about to call over a waiter until...

You banged your chest fanatically until you coughed the piece out...

However...the jelly that was stuck in your throat; along with the rest of your saliva and drink...spluttered all over Sehun's face.

He sat still and you sat still... motionless.

Green tea dripping out of your mouth as it hung open... you didn't move an inch, fear paralyzing you in your seat.

You stared at Sehun in absolute horror.

His eyes were wide open - he looked just as shocked as you were by what just happened.

'Oh.My.God. Sehun, I am so so sorry - oh my goodness!!!' You muttered a thousand apologies quickly, terrified since Sehun was still frozen in shock.

'Here let me help you.' You said picking up a tissue and wiping Sehun's surprised face. You knew fully well that it would only be a matter of seconds before his face would change to pure fury and he would stomp out of the cafe. You continued to dab the tissue all over his face, but unfortunately you somehow had managed to spread the liquid all over rather than wiping it off efficiently...

'Oh my god what did I do I'm so clumsy, I'm so-.....'

The weirdest think happened which stopped you mid-sentence...


Sehun's eyes disappeared into crescents as he started escalating from chuckles into full-blown laughter. You stared at him horrified - you didn't know what to do except continue staring, holding the napkin up with your mouth open wide.

You began to blush once you noticed that this boy had the nicest smile you'd ver seen; he looked so cute and innocent and at ease, but this was not the time to notice since you were still horrified.

'Hahahah you're so stupid!' Sehun exclaimed still chuckling, taking a tissue and mopping his face up properly.

You couldn't help but nervously laugh since Sehun's lauugh wa infectious. It was actually pretty funny, just how shocked Sehun looked with green tea all over his face.

'Here have mine - I took all the bits outt aleady so you won't chock on them.' Sehun said swapping his cup with yours.

'Oh...thank you.' You said looking down, your face felt hot, noticing Sehun's thoughtfulness. But you blushed more realising like in a drama, this was an indirect kiss - Sehun's lips clamped over the straw you'd just been using, sucking up your drink nonchalantly. He eyed you back looking confused.

'What?' He asked raising an eyebrow.

You tried to shirk off this feeling; you knew in Korea people shared food and drinks like they were family, so that's why Sehun didn't make a big deal out of it.

'N-nothing.' You replied looking down at the straw and placing your lips over it awkwardly and taking a few sips - making sure to drink slowly, looking at everywhere but at Sehun while he watched you.

'You can drink it normally - you won't choke on it now, unless you also manage to choke on liquid...' Sehun muttered taking a few more sips of his drink, he ruffled his hair.

You sat in silence, trying hard to not act awkward; but the more you thought of your actions, the quieter you became.

'So...have you got any siblings?' Sehun asked randomly, finally breaking the ice. You looked up at him; registering that he'd spoken and then snapped back into an answer - organising your thoughts.

'An older sister, you?' You spluttered out, heart pounding.

'An older brother.' Sehun said stirring his drink with his straw, picking up some pieces of jelly and eating it.

'I was were you scouted?' You asked quietly, trying to pick up the conversation.

'I was eatting ddokboki with my friends at a stall...some woman came up to me handing me a card, this was a few years ago. I remembered my mum saying never to talk to strangers, so I ran away, but she followed me and my friends until I took the card from her... and here I am.'

'Hahahaa that's so cute!' You said clapping your hands together and giggling.

' think?' Sehun replied - his eyes turning slightly pink, he stirred his drikn feeling awkward.

'Haha yea, your mum taught you well haha.' You said smiling, completely forgetting your awkwardness and sipping on your drink normally.

'Haha... yea...' Sehun said licking his lower lip - you couldn't help but notice him do it, you coughed slightly.

'So how old are you? Kyoungsoo said you're my age?' You asked gesturing towards him then yourself.

'You're 17?' Sehun said leaning back in his seat.

'Yes.' You replied nodding.

'I was born in April.' Sehun said straighening his bangs.

'Oh so you're a few months younger than me, should you call me Noona?' You asked confused.

'Wh-what?' Sehun choked on his drink slighly, mopping his mouth quickly - his face felt hot at your words.

Once again you felt stupid at your suggestion.

'Why do honorifics always make people laugh?'

' can just keep calling me y/n-shi...' You suggested, correcting yourslf.

Sehun chucked quietly and nodded.

'So, why SM?' You said trying to change the subject and get rid of your embarrassment.

'Because it would be an adventure I thought, and I don't really want to become a doctor...why SM for you?'

'Well because I love Kpop and I know Korean... so why not? Besides I do want to do something with management in the future so this is a good chance for work-experience.' You said watching Sehun drink his drink.

'But don't you miss home?' Sehun asked quizzically.

'Don't you?' You replied, redirecting the question.

'Yeah, but I'm the same as you; it's an adventure.' You understood exactly what Sehun meant, you smiled shyly.

'I'm still in high school so I have to attend tutoring sessions with Jongin in-between training - that's why if you realise; we disappear for awhile during the week.' Sehun said unsmiling, he clearly didn't like studying.

'Ohhh I see! When do you graduate then?' You asked trying to clear his unpleasant thoughts.

'Early next year.' Sehun replied like he couldn't wait to say it.

'So I will have debuted by then hopefully.' He added.

'Yeah you will I'm sure.' You replied smiling. Sehun looked down at his drink, ears turning pink once again.

'Hmm I'm surprised I don't actually have any of your numbers since I can't lose you boys for one second.' You said randomly since this thought immediately appeared in your head.

'Well you can have mine then, and I can give you the others' numbers as well.' Sehun said oonchalantly. He whipped out his phone from his pocket and flicked to the contact screen.

You couldn't help and blush profusely at the fact that you were getting his number.

'Y-you don't have to do that-'

'But you said you needed?' Sehun asked with one eyebrow raised.

'Yeah, but...'

'It's fine, I'll just give you mine then; it's 0800...'

You quickly scrambled out your phone and typed the number down furiously.


You walked out the shop once you'd finished your drinks. You were now walking side-by-side instead of letting Sehun lead the way. Sehun fiddled with his black hair, fixing his bangs in an a tempt to have something to do.

You continued to chat to him about random topics; like how Sehun felt about training, and what you were planning on cooking next with Kyoungsoo, and where exactly Sehun lived; the conversation was a lot easier to keep up since Sehun was actively responding and asking question; it made you feel a lot more relaxed.

'Well that was delicious thank you so much Sehun-shi!' You exclaimed bowing at Sehun politely before he opened the door and entered the apartment with you.

'No problem.' Sehun replied nodding a little, he actually smiled at you which made you feel happy.

'We should come again with Luhan, oh I mean I'm sorry I didn't mean to just go and invite myself that's so rude!' You said clamping your hand over your mouth.

'No it's fine, he can come with us; I just won't orderyou anything with jelly in it next time.' Sehun replied holding back a chuckle and sarcastically rolling his eyes.

You turned bright red and whispered;

'I'm so sorry once again.'

'Haha it's fine, just don't tell anyone that happened.' Sehun replied taking off his shoes.

'Tell anyone what?' Kyungsoo peered out of the kitchen - he was wearing an apron and holding a pot.

'Oh Kyungsoo, sorry I'm late - are we still cooking up a hot pot tonight?' You said hanging your coat at the door and rushing to take your shoes off.

'Yes, can you chop the vegetables?' Kyungsoo asked eyeing Sehun who was watching you from behind.

'Yep sure.' You said walking over to Kyungsoo.

'Hey, how was it?' Luhan asked, popping out of nowhere and walking over to both you and Sehun.

'It was fun, bubble tea is delicious.' You replied smiling at Luhan.

'Was Sehun on his best behavior?' Luhan said playfully ruffling Sehun's hair - Sehun tried to look annoyed but failed.

'Ha ha he was lovely.' You replied bowing once again at Sehun who turned away quickly to hide his reddening face.

'Well next time I'll accompany you y/n-shi.' Luhan said happily.

'Awww you took y/n-shi out and I wasn't invited!?' Jongdae wailed entering the main room, he pouted his lips in frustration.

'Because you weren't here Hyung...' Sehun said obviously.

'Well, I'm going next time.' Jongdae said chuckling and winking - he ruffled his hair excitedly.

'Jongdae you can't just invite yourself, but I'll join too~' Minseok said, walking up behind Jongdae and slapping him on the arm before nodding at you, he smiled cheekily.

'What about you Kyungsoo-shi?' You asked inviting Kyungsoo to the group trip.

He looked at you with his large eyes and spoke;

'I don't like the taste of bubble tea so I'll pass, sorry.' He said apologetically.

'That's fine, I'll cut the vegetables...' You said putting an extra apron on.

'Oh I'm starving but dinner is going to be so good now that these two cook together.' Jongdae said jerking his thumb up at Kyungsoo and nodding at you.

'Woohooo dinner!' Minseok said excitedly hopping off to his room.


I'm really sorry about this really REALLY late update. Lots of stuff were happening, BUT I kept on writing the chapters when I had time. So throughout this week, I'll be updating a lot to get you guys caught up to where I'm at.

But congrats you are now friends with Sehun!! Woop 11 down and 1 more bad boy to go!!!Next part will be interesting... how is Chanyeol going to be??

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