I'll Protect You Part 9

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Reader x ???

Length:  2410 words

Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol

Summary: I was meant to keep you safe not to fall in love with you.

Part 9

Yoongi’s Pov:

“Did you guys see Moon's eyes?” Taehyung asked sitting in his new outfit.

“I heard the other stylist saying she's been showing up at like 4:00 am and doesn't leave till around 9:00.” Jimin said.

“Jungkookie you should go talk to her. You and her are really close. Right?” Jin asked placing a shoulder on his.

“I don't know what to tell her...she hasn't been eating either…” Jungkook was upset on Moon condition.

 Yoongi looked at her helping out the other stylist with Namjoon and Hoseok. He'd do it. She was fixing up their clothes. Yoongi stood up and the guys stood up too knowing very well he'd handle this. Even if he hadn't been speaking to Moon. He still told them he liked her and cared for her.

 Yoongi grabbed her by her forearm and Yoongi's anger was cooled with fear and sadness once he saw her face. Her eyes were bloodshot with sleepless bags underneath, her face pale and loss of color.

“What the hell are you fucking doing to yourself, Moon!” He yelled his voice cracking trying not to show his concern.

 She tried prying me off her arm and if she had taken care of herself she probably could. Her eyes began to be water. She was crying?

“Answer me!” The guys started to walk around her worried but on Yoongi's side. She didn't even looked fazed by what he was doing.

  But what surprised Yoongi the most was when she placed her other hand on his shoulder. He wrapped his other arm around her waist and released his grip on her arm. Her eyes slowly closed and a tear fell. She passed out and went completely limp.

“Call the paramedics.” He looked up at the guy all stunned “Now!” Yoongi yelled and wasted no time picking her up and  placing her on the couch.

 Jungkook was in shock he sat down next to her while the stylist called. Yoongi wanted to cry he wanted to show some kind of emotion but couldn’t not now. He was scared, yes she lied but his feelings for her couldn't just vanish.

 Her two body guards ran in and pushed them away checking her pulse and her breathing before the paramedics came in. Seo Joon told them her vitals and asked to ride with her. Yoongi but his lip but didn't say anything.

 The boys decided to cancel their interview and went to the hospital with her. She was obviously tired but she hasn't been eating? While they all sat in the waiting room a nurse had come in.

“For Moon?” They all stood up. “Ok… is anyone her family?”

“Oh uh family?” Hyungsik asked.

“Her Dad?” Jungkook asked.

“She uh doesn't have…” Hyungsik started but couldn't find the right words.

“Her parents are both dead Jungkook. She has no blood family.” Seo Joon said and Yoongi felt his heart break a little bit.

“Oh oh uh her manager!” Hyungsik said and pulled out his phone calling.

“Ok I'll wait. Are you all her friends?” She asked.

“I'm sorry but that's personal information and I'm sure she can tell you when she wakes up if she wants to.” Seo Joon looked to be getting mad...damn.

“He'll be her in five.” Hyungsik said running back.

 Seo Joon and Hyungsik walked to the hallway out of sight. Yoongi walked to Moon’s room and looked at her. As much as he's mad at her, he felt bad for her. No parents… I'm sorry.

Seo Joon’s Pov:

 He pulled Hyungsik to the side and asked about boss when he showed up.

“Boss.” He ran to him.

“Where is she? Where is her nurse?” He looked scared.

“This way.” He pointed and boss smiled.

“Linda!” He hugged the nurse.

“Oh AhKor.” Her facial expression changed. “Oh.”

 Boss pulled her away and Seo Joon and Hyungsik followed.

“She's one of your agents isn't she?” Yup she knew him.

“Yes, I don’t want her real name given at all just her last. She's on a mission and these guys are apart of it.”

“Ok well I'll tell them all” she walked out. “Well her condition isn't bad but it's not good. She was  dehydrated, she didn't have any protein and she hasn't slept in what looks to be days”

“When will she be able to go home?” Seo Joon asked.

“We want to keep her overnight just to make sure she's ok, but when she does leave all this seems to be from stress has she been um ” she coughed. “Overworking herself?”

 Hyungsik looked at Seo Joon and mouthed ‘her missions’. Boss saw him too but shook his head no.

“Alright well she most definitely won't wake up anytime soon but you may go in and see her.” With that she left.

 Bangtang had went in while boss stayed behind to talk to us. They really must care about her.

Bangtang’s Pov:

 They all walked in and she honestly already looked better. They got protein and water in her system and she's sleeping. Yoongi sat down right next to her and Jungkook next to him.

“Man I didn't know she was overworking herself…” Hoseok said.

“D-do you think we pushed her to hard?” Taehyung asked.

“No no you heard her manager and the nurse she's stressed.” Namjoon said rubbing Taes back.

“Maybe it's the tour. Has she ever went on a tour before?” Jimin asked.

“I'm not sure. But we’ll make this one fun for her alright guys.” Jin said.

“Yeah. She's a stylist but, I mean all of them are our friends but, uh.” Taehyung tried to explain.

“Moon’s different she's a part of Bts.” Namjoon said.

“Yeah. She can sleep on the tour bus with us!” Jin said. “She'll need someone to sleep either under or above them.”

“I'd say under, so who wants to sleep above her?” Namjoon asked.

“Me!” Yoongi and Jungkook said in unison.

“She's my stylist hyung.” His face was stone cold.

“Fine.” He rolled his eyes and leaned back in his chair.

 Jungkook looked at y/n. He felt bad, but she looked normal.  Her makeup was whipped off and her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She looked like she did when Jungkook first found out about her. He felt bad for her but he loves her. Not anymore like a crush, like family. She was here to save us, so we should save her too, we need to save her.

 The guys went to get food because it was almost midnight but Yoongi and Jungkook stayed by Moons side. The guys decided to rent out a room across the street for the night. It was a little place meant for family during surgery and they allowed Bangtang.

 The next morning Jungkook woke up early and grabbed breakfast, and once finished ran to Moons room. She was still asleep and looked way better. Jungkook talked to the nurse and she told him to try and make her eat when she wakes up.

 Jungkook brought the chair he was sitting on to the side of her bed and grabbed her hand, and rested his head on her bed. His head shot up when he felt her hand close on his holding it back.

Y/N’s Pov:

 Your head was killing you. When you opened your eyes the room was blurry but you felt something on your left hand and grabbed it when your vision came back you saw Jungkook.

“Y/n!” He let go of your hand and hugged you. “I'm so glad you're ok.”

“Kookie?” He pulled away and grabbed your hand again before sitting back down. “Where the fuck am I?”

“A hospital. You passed out yesterday.”you what?!?

“Oh no. Did the doctors say my real name?!?” You sat up.

“It's fine calm down. Your ‘manager’ came in and talked to the nurse. No one that doesn't know your really name still doesn't know it. You're ok.”you smiled and laid back down. “That reminds me.” He picked up the hospital landline.

“What are you doing?” You asked looking at the I.V in your right hand.

“Calling for food. Your nurse told me to make you eat.” You rolled your eyes.

“Thanks Kookie...I'm really sorry for worrying you…” he started looking at the numbers. “and for worrying the guys…”

“Moon, really you're ok. Just...why?” You felt your heart rate speed up.

“I...I lost something and I don't know how to get it back…” he put down the phone.

“They say if you love something set it free, and if it comes back it's yours. If it doesn't then it was never yours to begin with.” He hugged you again. “Maybe it'll come back.”

“Or maybe it never wanted me to begin with…”

 He went back to calling, and finally ordered. When he finished he grabbed my hand again.

“I never understood why the put the I.V in the hand. Isn't it supposed to go in the inside part of your elbow?” You giggled a little.

“It’s when they can't get to it and they need to start one. I guess I was in a pretty bad state last night…” you looked at it.

“But you're better now. I'm not letting you get back to that state. You really scared me.” He said.

“Don't worry that was way hard to do anyway… I'm actually starving for real food Jungkook.” He laughed.

“Don't worry they said it'd be here in five to ten minutes.” You smiled. “I had them make you an American styled breakfast. Getting you ready for our tour.”

“Oh my god yes. When I helped out Justin Bieber’s stylist they had amazing fluffy pancakes. A stack of 3 was bigger than my head.” You did a hand movement.

“Woah sounds delusions. I'm glad your feeling better.” You smiled at him when you heard a knock on the door.

“Breakfast for Moon!” A lady said.

“Come in!” Jungkook said.

 The lady propped down the tray and moved the swivel table in front of you to eat.

“Oh and miss.” You hummed. “These were left on the floor in front your door.”

 She gave you a small Bouquet of flowers wrapped in white felt. When she left you thanked her.

“No name?” Jungkook asked.

“Doesn't look like it, but it's still sweet. Is was probably my boss.” You said giving them to Jungkook to put it with your stuff.

“Jungkook are you hungry? I can share.” You asked stuffing your face.

“No. ‘I ate before I came here’” he used quotes and gave you that look.

“Come on I'm being serious.” You hit his arm.

“I am too. I woke up extra early and ate downstairs because I didn't know how long it would be till you woke up.” He explained.

“Speaking of where are the others?”you asked.

“Probably on there way now. They stood up a little late talking about you.”you tilted your head. “Your condition. They were worried.”

“Aww that's so sweet.” You finished eating and Jungkook took your tray back down stairs.

 When he came back he knocked and said.

“Look who I found!” Before opening the door curtain and showing the guys holding flowers, a teddy bear and get well balloons.

“Aww guys.” They came in and hugged you. “You guys really didn't need to do this.”

“We wanted to make you happy!” Hobi said giving you the teddy bear while the others placed the flowers with the others.

“Thanks Hobi. Thanks guys” you grabbed Jungkook by the arm and whispered in his ear. “Where's Yoongi?”

“I don't know. He wasn't there when I woke up.” You frowned.

 You couldn't blame him though. I lied...but to protect him. I can Protect Jungkook being his stylist but Yoongi I can't. If he is the one they're after it would only put him in danger.

 While talking to the guys and them singing funny songs to cheer you up Hyungsik and Seo Joon came in. They hugged me, Hyungsik almost jumping in the bed with me.

“I'm so glad your better!” Hyungsik pretty much yelled. “It wasn't the same only hugging Seo Joon!”

“It was only for a night stupid.” Seo Joon said hitting the back of his head and giving me a hug and kissing my cheek. “You feel better?”

“Way better, the guys have been keeping me entertained too.” You thanked at them making them smile.

“Good. They said you can leave today, only if you're up for it.” He said moving the hair from your face.

“I'm ready to leave. This place is boring.” He smiked.

“Here uh Daisy your neighbor told us where you hide your key.” Hyungsik handed you a dress and a small makeup kit.

“Oh that reminds me. Our- uh your manager told us to give this to you.” Seo Joon handed you a card.

[Y/n, [Y/n,

 I know you're on a verge of becoming something you've waited for, I promised your father I'd take care of you and I will. I've decided to take off one of your missions. When this one is over, you will be able to prepare for “management” :) My little Y/n Please don't over work yourself on this tour, I know you'll handle it. Good Luck Y/n and get well soon. I know you're on a verge of becoming something you've waited for, I promised your father I'd take care of you and I will. I've decided to take off one of your missions. When this one is over, you will be able to prepare for “management” :) My little Y/n Please don't over work yourself on this tour, I know you'll handle it. Good Luck Y/n and get well soon.


 You smiled and told Seo Joon to put it with your stuff. Later the nurse came in and made sure I ate then took out my I.V to discharge me. The guys all left and let me get dressed. After you and the boys passed out the flowers to other elder patients. You kept the ones found outside your door though...something about them you liked and decided you'd take them home.

“Moon uh we talked to the guys last night…” Hyungsik said wrapping his arms over Jimin and Hobi’s shoulders.

“We all kinda thought about, and don't worry we have someone to take care of him.” Seo Joon said and you were confused.

“Your manager actually gave us the idea.” Jin said.

“Would you just tell.” You walked out and saw you boss in his minivan. “Me?”

 He opened the door and you could've cried, screamed, laughed, everything all at once.

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