[GRANTED] Super Junior Event??

Hello Vingle Admins, I am dramaqueen282. I am a K-popper, madly in love with Super Junior. I just want to tell you that I fell in love with Vingle since the first time I joined. I think Vingle is the best platform for an ELF like me. I can get all the latest news, and lot of exclusive pics and videos that I can't get in other websites. I noticed that some events have been going on in Vingle for fans. i'm not sure if I am doing this right, but I know from other Vinglers that we can ask Vingle's help to support some event requested by fans, right? On behalf of ELF Indonesia, I want to ask whether Vingle can have events too for Super Junior…please? You might not know how big Super Junior is in my home country, Indonesia. They are like the most popular group now! And do you know that Super Junior also had their concert last April in Jakarta? I went there and there is no words to express how much love that ELFs give to Super Junior!! I am happy to be a Vingler and I want to meet more ELFs in Vingle here and build some community too.. Sorry to disturb you, but I will be really happy if you could reply to this request. Any simple event is fine, because we are true ELFs…and true Vinglers! Thank you again, and so sorry with my messy English… I hope you all understand :) dramaqueen282

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