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Chapter 1: What's Best For You

The baby's cry drowned the entire room causing anyone in range to cringe by the loud shrieks of the baby girl in your arms. Frustrated by her midnight fit you started to cry,"Please Yeorum stop crying," You sniffled as she seemed to have cried louder. Lacking sleep you placed the baby in the crib and covered your ears as you sat on the ground crying harder. In the midst of your mental breakdown your mother swoops in glancing your way with a pitiful look before cradling the baby in her arms. You watched as the baby was slowly lulled to sleep. You buried your face deep into your knees and arms,"I can't do this mom...not alone."

"I'm here sweety you're not alone okay?"

You nodded kissing the hand your mom had placed on your righh cheek.,"Thank you mom..."

The older woman gave you a smile a lethargic look plastered on her face. You knew she was just as tired as you. She too had been up all day taking care of the baby teaching you the ropes of motherhood. You cried as you hugged her from behind,"Thank you for everything."

You suddenly had all this respect for her that you didn't have before. Now that you yourself was a single mother you knew her pain. But her pain was definitely greater than yours. After having you so early in her life the disappointment your grandparents had felt left your mother in the streets. You remembered her once telling you that for a while she had lived with your father but not soon after he disappeared. He vanished like thin air. No news. Nothing. So once again my mother was alone. She took care of you all while working and trying to raise you so that you wont stray from an easy and successful path very far from her own path. But you failed her.

You let a boy lure you into the illusion of the perfect life you were always craving. You let his sweet nothings get to you. But in the end he was just like your father. After telling him about your pregnancy he insisted in an abortion but when you refused he disappeared. Just like thin air.

You took a deep exhale as you grabbed the baby from your mother,"Mom it's okay I got this." The older woman nodded as she headed out of the room you and Yeorum had shared.

You looked at your daughter's face. Most of her features resembled that of her fathers. You hated her father but on her his features were much softer. It matched well with the features you had given her. While observing her the corner of Yeorum's lips slowly curl into an angelic smile. Suddenly all the drowsiness you had been feeling had dissipated into nothingness. She was like your battery charging you up with the needed energy for your long day ahead.


6 Years Later

You heard a laugh coming from the living room to find your daughter with pigtails watching a cartoon show that was popular among her age group."Oh. Y/N are you ready Yeorum has to be at school soon." You nodded as you smiled sluggishly wrapping your arms around your mother placing a kiss on her cheek,"I love you mom." She chuckled as she kissed your cheek calling Yeorum to the table for breakfast. "Eat before you leave, both of you." She said as she grabbed Yeorum by the chin with a gentle smile. You and your daughter gave one another a look before placing your hands together, "Thank you for the food." Giggling you both dug into the food stuffing your faces with fried eggs and toast.

Ready to leave you were kneeling down to put your daughter's shoes on when she sat down by the doorway,"It's okay mommy I got it." You admiringly watched your daughter as filled the school with shoes with feet that were once so small it fit the palms of your hands,"Wow my baby is all grown up. I almost forgot for a second that you were turning six next month." She looked up with a teethy grin,"I can take care of granny for you while you work now." Still smiling you pulled your daughter in for a hug the warmth growing in your heart as your daughter returned your hug with an even tighter grip. "I love you Rumi."

Walking along the busy road you watched as your daughter skipped a few steps ahead. Your daughter had been looking up admiring the cherry blossoms which had been in full bloom this time of year. "Be careful. Watch your step baby." She smiled continuing to skip as she looked back,"I'll be fine momm--" Before she can even finish her sentence you watched as a man with bicycle had been rushing towards her who seemed unaware she had been in his path. You stood on the street mortified but before you can even process the course of actions a man you knew all to well had swooped in and saved your daughter pulling her in to his arms as the man in the bicycle screamed telling your daughter to stay out of the way. And with a deep husky voice he asked your daughter with what seemed like genuine concern,"Are you okay?" Shocked and scared at the flash of events your daughter had began to bellow out cries that filled the streets. Curious looks coming from those who'd been around the three of you.

You ran up to your daughter as you ripped her away from the man's arms as you got on your knees checking for any scratches on your daughter's body,"Rumi! Are you okay?" You said all while tears filled your eyes wiping away the tears that stained her chubby cheeks,"Y/N?" Clearing your throat you had gotten back on your feet holding your daughter's hand tightly,"It's me Taehyung."

"I know who you are." You replied coldly ignoring your daughter's curious looks, "How have you been?" You nodded slowly,"Just fine we have to go." You walked away holding Yeorum close to you afraid that something will come harm her again. "Mommy whose that uncle? Do you know him?" You nodded,"He's just an old friend from college no one special." You glanced down at your daughter who looked back at the man who seemed to still be watching the two of you from afar.

You knew your daughter has always wondered who her father was but she has always been to scared to ask. You knew this and yet you could never bring yourself to tell her. How do you tell your daughter that because of her father you almost hurt her before she was even born?


You sighed looking up at the ceiling of your workplace. You couldn't help but remember the look on your daughter's face when you were dropping her off. The sadness and curiosity in who the man was, clearly plastered on her face. She was a smart girl and you knew she had an idea on who Taehyung was. Especially how indiscreet you were in showing your harnessed anger towards him.

Clearly lost in your own thoughts a man with light brown hair approaches you tapping on your shoulder. "I fuc-- Dammit Hongbin really? God you scared me." Laughing at your hysterical reaction he falls back clapping his hands together the end of his mouth almost reaching the tips of his ears and his eyes turning into mere slits on his face. "Oh my god Y/N. That was hilarious! But why the long face doll?" He asks while cupping your cheeks in between his warm hands. You shook your head freeing your cheeks from his hands and looked Hongbin straight in the eyes," I a bad mother?" Shocked by your unexpected question Hongbin shook his head as his eyes shifted to the manager coming your way,"Yoona is coming I'll talk to you later but, no you're a wonderful mother. The best Yeorum can ever ask for." You smiled as he walked away from you picking up a dish with steak and sauteed mushrooms winking as he walked out in to the lobby.

"Y/N look I know I am usually not as hard on you guys as most managers but look at all the tables that need to be served. And the food that he needs to serve they'll get cold so please pay more attention okay?" You nodded your head as you watched Yoona give you her beautiful angelic smile,"Yes of course I'm sorry." She smiled as she walked back into her office doing the financial booking for the restaurant. As soon as she left, you immediately walked out of the kitchen with your pen and pad walking to a table that has not been waited on yet.

"Good afternoon, my name is Y/N and I'll be your server today have you decided on your meal?" You smiled as you looked up to find Taehyung and six other men sitting at the table looking like the knights of the round table. You mentally scoffed at all the familiar faces. If you remembered correctly the boy you believed to have been Jimin tapped Taehyung on the shoulder motioning for him to look from his menu to you. "Y/ work here?" You mustered all the strength you had to fake a smile,"Yes sir now what can I get for you gentlemen?" You saw Jungkook snicker into Hoseok's ear when they suddenly burst out into laughter. Ignoring the two men you cleared your throat,"Just let me know when you're all rea--"

"No we're ready." The one with distinct handsome features you remembered as Seokjin said as he put his menu down,"I'll take the carbonara." You jotted down the orders as they all call their orders one by one. Now it was just Taehyung that hasn't ordered,"I'm sorry I just I don't know what to get." You slowly nodded,"Well we have the spaghetti that you've always enjoyed. I can just ask them to go light on the sauce and more on the meat. If you'd like." He gave you a shocked expression as he put down his menu with a smile on his face."I'll take that then. Alright and to drink?"

"How about their finest wine?"Namjoon says as he looks around the boys for approval satisfied by their nodding heads. You nodded as you put your pen and paper down grabbing the menus from the boys as you bowed and walked to the back of the kitchen giving the chefs the ticket to make the food.

You walked back out to the bar to grab the finest wine that they'd asked for. You sighed as you tip toed realizing how far up the shelf it was placed in when Hongbin slipped up from behind you helping you reach the top shelf grabbing the wine for you,"There you go beautiful. You look like you've seen a ghost." You laughed at his hopeless flirting as you shook your head grabbing the wine from Hongbin,"I think seeing a ghost would've been better." He laughed as he grabbed some wine glasses,"Oh need help?" You shook your head as you grabbed the glasses from his hands placing them on a tray onto a cart with a bucket of ice for the wine,"I'll call you if I do."

You carefully pushed the cart to the boy's table opening the wine with the cork screw as you grabbed the glasses carefully placing some wine into them handing the boys their glasses one by one. Your hands were shaking a bit from the uneasiness caused by the awkward silence that you tried to pour the wine at a faster rate. After handing the last man their glass you bowed for dismissal as you walked into the kitchen sighing in relief. Tension building up once again after seeing that their food had already been made and ready to be served. You sighed heavily dragging your feet not really wanting to go back outside to him so early.

Noticing Hongbin flirting with Yura in the corner of the room. Rolling your eyes you walked up to Hongbin,"Sorry to disturb you two but can you help me carry these. It was already awkward when I was giving them the wine. If I had to serve them their food alone I'd die for reals." Hongbin laughed at your remark,"Well we wouldn't want that." He then gave Yura a charming smile as he winked and walked away. You chuckled as you looked at Yura melting in the corner,"You're a cruel man Lee Hongbin. An enemy to all woman." He laughs as he opened the door leading to the lobby,"I only say what I think. They're the ones who fall for my good looks so not my fault. After you." You smiled as you mockingly curtsied,"Well thank you." Laughing the two of you approached the table balancing the plates carefully on your arms.

When you had gotten back to the table the boys have shifted their attention towards Hongbin. You carefully placed the food in front the boys as you and Hongbin bowed, "Please enjoy your meal." As you walked away you tripped part of you wanted to blame it on the carpet that stood out more than usual but you knew it was the uneasiness bubbling up inside. Bracing for the impact of the floor and the laughter of the boys you closed your eyes. To your surprise there was no laughing. Or any pain. "Well how long are you staying in my arms for?" You opened your eyes to find that Hongbin had caught you from what could've been the most embarrassing moment of your life. "Uh right sorry. I...uh...just wow you caught me." He laughs as you got back on your own two feet. You leaned towards Hongbin whispering in his ear, "Thanks you saved me."

He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly giving you a kiss on the cheeks watching your reaction and smiling as a tint of pink crept up to the surfaces of your cheeks. "I'll take that as my reward." You scoffed playing off the kiss as an innocent tease. "Great I didn't want to owe you anything."

Rolling your eyes smiling as you watched him back into the kitchen. You turned around to face the boys who were now stuffing their face,"Alright please let me know if you gentlemen need anything else." Before you can bow and dismiss yourself from the watchful eyes of the boys Taehyung raised his empty wine glass,"More wine please." You nodded as you grabbed the wine from the bucket of ice carefully walking behind Taehyung pouring the wine over his wine glass. "Anything else?"

You watched as the boys looked at one another shaking their heads,"No thank you Y/N. We'll call you if you're needed." As you walked into the kitchen you smacked Hongbin on the arm,"Don't pull that shit outside. We'll get in trouble." Hongbin smiles as he rubbed his arm,"So in the kitchen is fine?" You laughed nervously as he leaned towards you his forehead touching yours before anything else can happen Yura walks in,"Uh...Y/N one of the men in table 6 is calling  for you." You cleared your throat and turning your head smiling at Yura,"Okay thanks. I'll be there." She nodded as she left for the lobby looking devastated at the scene that just played out between you and Hongbin,"Look Hongbin. I already told you I'm not ready. Yeorum is all in my mind right now." He bites his lower lips bring his left hand to the back of his neck as he looked at you with the softest smile that has ever been plastered on his face,"Alright but I'll always be here Y/N. Not like that Taehyung."

"How did you--"

"You told me in one of your drunken episodes." You slowly nodded,"Oh god. Another reason why I'll never touch alcohol again. And I won't ever go back to him. You know that." He shrugged,"But your not the only one who has to make a decision Y/N..." You looked down at your feet slowly nodding,"You're right. I'll be back."

Thinking about his words you walked back to Taehyung's table. "I'm sorry for the delay what can I help you with." You had finally started to focus when you noticed that there was two additional people on the table. One clinging on to Hoseok the other being dangerously close to Taehyung. "I'll take a steak salad." You nodded at the woman who was now holding Hoseok's hand as he placed his arm around her. "As for me I'll take the cobb salad with the vinaigrette." You nodded mentally noting their orders as you looked around,"Would you two also care for a glass for the wine?" They both nodded returning to their previous activities.

You watched as the girl by Taehyung played with his hair. Something you remembered he loved when the two of you were together. You suddenly remembered how every night he would fall asleep on your lap as you watched tv while running your hands through his hair. "Y/N you okay?" You looked at Hongbin who was halfway inside the kitchen when he noticed your unusually dazed state. "Uh yeah can you tell the chef I need a cobb salad with vinaigrette dressing and a steak salad. Please and thank you." He nodded,"Alright leave it to me."

You walked back to the table. You placed some wine on the glasses before placing them infront of the women. "So your name is Y/N?" You nodded looking at the girl who was sitting next to Taehyung,"Yes that's right." She slowly nodded as if though waiting for something to happen,"I'm Seolhyun, Taehyung's girlfriend and soon to be wife." You nodded, "Congratulations on the engagement." Taehyung cleared his throat as you watched him squirm in his seat. "Seolhyun, I haven't agreed to the deal yet. So stop telling everybody we're getting married."

"Come on why wouldn't you want to? Seolhyun is beautiful and your parents like her." Taehyung scoffed glancing at you,"Because I have other plans than taking over my family's business and getting married to someone they want." Jimin laughed,"Like what plans Taehyung?"

"For one I want to marry the mother of my child." Shocked at his words you dropped the wine in your hands the wine splattering on Seolhyun mostly. "I-I'm sorry I..."

"No its fine. I wasn't going to wear this dress again anyways." She said calmly as she wiped off some of the wine off her face. Not knowing what to do you tried to pick up the broken glass shards off the floor,"Y/N! Stop what are you doing?" You then felt Hongbin tug on your arm getting you back on your feet,"I'll clean up here. And grab a towel on your way back." You nodded as you ran into the kitchen your heart pacing really fast. Unsure if it was Taehyung's words or because you ran but in a hurried state you grabbed a towel walking back to Hongbin. "Here. Thanks." You then faced the boys and deeply bowed,"Once again I apologize."

Ignoring the customers Hongbin grabbed your hand observing it,"You didn't cut yourself right?" You laughed and pat his head,"Calm down. I'm fine." He laughed,"I know I promised Yeorum I would keep you safe at work." You smiled as you helped him clean the mess,"Yoona is going to kill me."

"Who cares just serve the salads and I'll grab more wine for them." You nodded as you grabbed the salads and handed them to their designated customer. "I will grab some more wine for you gentlemen." Before Hongbin can leave Taehyung cleared his throat,"Its fine. It was almost finished anyways. We'll just call you if we need anything else."

"Okay but Taehyung a child? What are you talking about?" Taehyung looked at you and focused his gaze only at you causing everyone to turn their attention to you. "I have a child I left behind 6 years ago. I haven't met this child yet but I think I may have this morning."

"And the mother doesn't happen to be Y/N. Is it?" Seolhyun asked with a hint of worry,"It is." You scoffed as you sharply inhaled,"First of all Taehyung. She's MY daughter.You weren't there when I needed you. You weren't there when she cried in the middle of the night. You weren't there when she said her first words. When she took her first steps. You weren't there when she got sick. For goodness sake Taehyung you were NEVER there for her. Simply helping in making her doesn't make you her father. And if you think I'll forgive you just like that? You're crazy." The overwhelming feelings of anger and sadness causing tears to fall from your eyes. Just thinking about how long you've been wanting to tell him all this. How much you wanted to tell him you hated him for not giving your daughter a chance. Shocked by your sudden outburst Taehyung got up from his chair and walked to you. You stepped back as he tried to reach out Hongbin had gotten inbetween the two of you. Ignoring Hongbin he moved his head to see you better. "I know Y/N that's why I'm here now to make things apologize. You don't have to forgive me because what I did. It was unforgivable but just give me a chance. A chance so I can be with my daughter. A chance to restart the love we had before all this."

Wiping away your tears you ignored Taehyung as you ran into the kitchen ignoring all the curious looks from the customers and your colleagues. Once you stepped in the kitchen you fell on your knees covering your mouth as you muffled the cries as a hand was placed on your shoulder pulling you back on your feet. You cried as Hongbin hugged you tightly his chest now muffling your cries as he placed his chin on the top of your head slowly patting your hair in hopes of consoling you.

"He's an asshole Y/N. Just let it out."



"And what? Mom we're not ready to have Taehyung back into our lives. Look at her." You pointed at your daughter who was fast asleep on your lap. Falling asleep as you played with her hair. "She's happy." You glanced at your mom who shook her head,"She's not happy. She's content."

"Mom I--"

"You're the one that's not ready. Yeorum is a strong girl I think she can face her father. Its been long enough. Your lucky enough to have the father coming back and asking for you to let him in. Didn't you ever wish for your father to come back?" You shook your head,"He's someone we don't need mom. You and I is all we ever needed." Your mother gave you a gentle smile placing a hand on your cheeks,"You and Yeorum are two different people don't forget that." You mother got up from the seat as she kissed your forehead,"I'm going to sleep okay? Just remember what I said. Yeorum knows her dad is out there and if she finds out he tried to come for her and you stopped him. You'll be the enemy. Not Taehyung." You looked at the tv dazed and confused. You love Yeorum and you want the best for her. You want to believe this was the best for her but what if your mother was right and Taehyung is the best for her. But then it's that lingering thought in the back of your head. What if you had to protect her from Taehyung?

You tried to think about your situation but your eyelids was getting heavier. The long day finally hitting you. You continued to think fighting off the sleep that slowly crept up on you until finally you had fallen asleep. Still unsure of what your next move will be.

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