Bridal Mask Episode 5 - Live Recap pt1

Kimura Kenji tries to shoot Kangto dead. Kangto shoots back. Gaksital saves Kangto's life again by distracting Kenji. Kangto takes Mokdan to the hospital. The doctor refuses anyone not of Chosun. Kangto tells the imperial doctor that they shouldnt kill Mokdan because if she lives they can catch Gaksital. The imperial doctor talks to Kimura Kenji about Mokdan's current status. Kenji comes and tortures a villager and a circus friend of Mokdan. He's trying to get all and any information about the whereabouts of Gaksital and additional information about Mokdan. The circus people think they should stop and close the circus. Kangto is at the hospital bed with Mokdan. He reminisces about the past and starts to weep. Go to part 2 Please~ ^^ Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:

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