K-Pop 101?? Want to Learn and Fall in Love with More K-Pop Groups??

Hello everyone!!

Guess what!?!? ...I've come up with a new series to work on!! Yes, I am crazy... But all is well!! C:

So this idea came to me like... sometime last week(?) and since I've spent most of my summer attempting to learn and get into a whole bunch of different k-pop groups... Yaaaa... it was hard >.< Then I was just randomly exploring vingle when the idea came to me....

Why don't I start a series where I can learn about k-pop groups, while also having others learn along with me~??

Like, I'm thinking, why don't I make cards about new things I learned about that new group so that I can start making cards for this group and its community as well as having something physical in front of me so that I can look back on, while also having other people, like yourselves, learn about these new groups along with me??

I mean.... I can also teach you guys about groups that I'm already really familiar with... :l That could work too cX (Future idea for this series~)

I know I'm not making the most sense, but..... Uhhhhhh.... I think it would be a fun way to learn new groups myself, but also for you guys who are trying to learn new groups but aren't sure how to start.

At least this could be at least a sort of... start?


Ummm ya? Sooooo if any of you would like to be tagged in this series than let me know...?

I have a group in mind that I'll start this series off with first, but please, if there are any groups that you recommend that I get into or that you want to try getting into and would like help learning about them than please tell me which groups cause that's kind of the whole point of this series cX

Also, I have no idea what to call the taglist for this series... I wanted to do something with students in the name..... Soooooo if any of you have any ideas for a taglist name for this series.... I would love to hear your ideas >.<

Soooo ya... I guess I'll see you guys soon with the first card in this series;; >.<

~From your certified, professional pervert~

(I swear, I have a degree C;)

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Your certified, professional pervert. (I swear, I have a degree C;)
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