The Ties That Bind C12- Dinner, a Movie, and...

Hello again! It's time for chapter 12, the chapter I've been dreading putting out. After some suggestions from people regarding this story when I first started talking about writing it, I decided to try to write some smut. It's my first time and I have no actual experience regarding this. I've tried reading many smut fiction writers to help guide me with what the hell to write. I tried the best I could. I've been very careful to try to make sure that the smut helps add to the story without being the entire story, so hopefully I did well. I also tried to make sure it wasn't a typical smut scene that one might find in smut one-shot stories since I want it to be part of the bigger story rather than a separate entity, so hopefully I didn't do too bad of a job.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Fingers crossed it's okay. I hope you enjoy the chapter nonetheless. And let me know honestly if you think I shouldn't have anymore scenes like this. Honest feedback is appreciated either by commenting or pm.

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Disclaimer: The events are purely fictional. While BTS is real, I don't know them personally so this is just for fun. the original picture does not belong to me, but the editing does.

Warning: Contains mild language. Definitely smut alert for the end of the chapter.


The Ties That Bind

Chapter 1

Chapter 11

Chapter 13


Narrator POV

First day back, Sam was back to regular duty. The doctor had cleared her enough for her to go back to her regular work. And as long as she didn’t get involved in any more fights for a while, she’d be fine. Back on her regular route, Sam started to feel watched. She was a careful enforcer anyway, but she took extra precautions that day. After about an hour, that feeling went away and Sam dismissed it as having been off for too long. But when it happened on Tuesday as well, she was positive that something was up. But she couldn’t see anything. Either she was being unnecessarily paranoid, or someone was doing a great job of hiding themselves.

Wednesday was the same. After she got off of work, she couldn’t sleep well so she decided to go on her usual night routine. That feeling came back a block away from her apartment. No one was around that she could see, but she still felt it. She pushed through for a few more blocks before deciding that she needed to call a buddy. If the person following her didn’t know exactly where she lived, she didn’t want them to be able to follow her now. The streets were deserted and that made everything more nerve-racking.

She called Jackson, a coworker of hers who she knew was on shift. With a quiet voice and her on her gun, she told him, “It’s happening again. And I think someone’s actually stalking me. And I think they’re following me right now.”

Jackson and his partner, Mark, were there as fast as their car would take them. They panicked at first when they couldn’t see Sam, but at their approach, Sam came out from the shadows of a building alcove. When they got out to talk to her, she told them about how, while waiting for them, she’d even seen creeping, hooded people pass by, looking around. She admitted that it could have been coincidence, but she didn’t believe in coincidences very much.

By their speed and the fluidity of their movements, she guessed that they were probably vampires. She knew that some vampires had it out for enforcers, but she also knew that most vampires of that view were aware of which enforcers were equalist and which weren’t. They tended to leave equalists alone. It was possible that the ones following her were from a different group or, if they were from that group, maybe they had just decided to stop caring about where enforcers stood. It was true that she’d ruffled more than a few feathers, but she didn’t know which group would be inclined to stalk her as such.

Sam wasn’t comfortable with going home and she didn’t want to bother anyone else, so she just decided to ride around with the guys for a couple hours until she felt it safe enough to go back home without being followed. While driving around, she made some calls to the people from the gathering, asking if they’d heard any chatter about a group of vampires out for enforcers. It was late so she hated to bother them, but she was worried that it wasn’t just her they were after. No one had heard anything, but they promised to keep an ear to the ground in case anything popped up.

After a couple hours, the guys dropped her off at her complex. Mark walked with her up to her apartment to make sure she got in safe and then he and Jackson left. Sam double and triple-checked her locks and windows, making sure the bars were still secure. She fell into a fitful sleep only a couple hours before her next shift.

Not wanting to worry him, Sam didn’t tell Namjoon what had happened. She didn’t want to say anything until she was 100% sure. And that’s why, when a coworker came into Namjoon’s office and told him he was still digging for information, Namjoon was confused. People had seen Sam and Namjoon out for dinner a few times, so the rumor mill about the two of them had made it through the whole building; but Namjoon was aware of that.

“What information?”

“About rogue vampires after enforcers. Your girl—Miss Wester really got people worried with her call in the middle of the night. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure nothing happens to her.”

“Happens? What the hell are you talking about?”

“She didn’t tell you?” When Namjoon continued to look confused, the guy threw his hands up. “Ask your girlfriend then. And don’t tell her I said anything. She probably didn’t want to worry you and I’m not wanting to be on the receiving end of her anger for being the one to tell you. Talk to her.” Then the guy booked it out of there.

As soon as the initial confusion passed, Namjoon’s fingers were flying over his lock screen to call Sam.

“Hello?” Her voice sounded distant so she was probably using the built-in bluetooth in her helmet.

“What’s this about rogue vampires? Someone’s after you? Are you okay? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Just—hold on.” Sam pulled to the side of the road. This wasn’t going to be an easy conversation, which was why she had tried to avoid it. “Namjoon, I’m okay. Nothing happened.”

“Nothing didn’t happen.” Namjoon’s voice raised both in anger and worry. “If nothing happened, I wouldn’t have people letting me know how their progress is looking for vampires coming after enforcers. If nothing happened, I wouldn’t have to hear from someone else that you had called people in the middle of the night. What happened? And why didn’t you call me?”

Sam knew Namjoon was just looking out for her, but she didn’t like the way he was raising his voice. Maybe she should’ve told him. But at the same time, she still didn’t want to worry him. “Namjoon, I’m really fine. I just—I keep feeling like someone’s following me. But I haven’t caught anyone for sure yet. So I don’t know if I’m just being paranoid or—“

“I know you. You’re not the paranoid type. If you think someone’s after you, they probably are. But…” his voice grew softer “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me. Do you know how upset that makes me? That I had to hear about my girlfriend being in danger from someone else? That I couldn’t be there with you when you needed me?”

“I didn’t want to make you upset, that’s why I didn’t tell you. I didn’t want you to worry because I knew you’d come over or you’d take me to your place. You took days off last week for me. I’m not going to be the girlfriend who interferes with her boyfriend’s work life. I couldn’t let myself do that.”


“I’m okay. I can take care of myself. I promise. I’ll be extra careful. Just for you, okay?”

Namjoon let out an exasperated sigh. “Fine. But only because I know how stubborn you are. But you’re off this weekend again, right?”


“Good. You’re staying with me this weekend, okay?” Sam smiled and chuckled.

“I think I can live with that. But only because I know how stubborn you are.” Namjoon broke out into a relieved laugh. The sound of Sam’s laughter helped to settle his nerves. If she could laugh, she was fine.

“Okay. Friday’s thankfully a day shift for you. You get off after me so message me when you’re leaving work and I’ll be at your place right after, okay?”

“I’ll message you when I get home because I’ll need to take a shower. But buy some groceries before I come over okay? I’m not gonna feel like cooking Friday, but I’ll make something Saturday and Sunday. And change your passcode so the guys can’t sneak in again, okay?”

Namjoon snickered. “I was planning on that. I really don’t want us to be interrupted. And anyway, why don’t you just shower at my place?”

Sam laughed. “I guess that’s fine. I’ll have to bring my stuff anyway.”

“Okay. It’s a deal then.”

“Deal. I’ll call you when I leave work Friday.”

Namjoon also made Sam promise to call when she got home after her shift to make sure she got home okay. If he didn’t have a sensitive matter to deal with that day, he would’ve gone to her place in person to check that she was okay. It killed him to have her so far away after being so close to her for those so many days in a row. He’d had trouble falling asleep without her in his arms.

Halfway through her shift, Sam felt herself being watched again, but once again nothing presented itself. She got home safely and called Namjoon. They talked on the phone for a short time before Namjoon had to join the other guys for dinner. Saying goodbye hurt Sam, every time they had to say it. After she got off the phone with Namjoon, she left her place to run to a nearby shopping mall. With some video help (and a no small amount of teasing) from Rebecca, Sam picked out a few sets of lingerie, one for each day she’d be at Namjoon’s. If she was healed enough to go back to regular work, she was sure as hell healed enough for whatever might happen between her and Namjoon. She wasn’t sure if he’d even try anything, but she wanted to be prepared. Luckily for her, Sam didn’t feel watched this time.

All Friday, Sam found herself looking forward to the end of her shift. Usually, she was the type to stay back, volunteer to work extra, dilly-dally till it was past time. Not for the money, though, enforcers didn’t get overtime, but rather so that she wouldn’t have too long to stay in her empty apartment by herself. But this time, she was already parking her police motorcycle a few minutes before her shift ended. She was practically flying to get out of the door when she could finally clock out. Her friend Jackie smirked knowingly. Sam called Namjoon as soon as she was out of there. She raced home, grabbed her pre-packed bag, and waited excitedly on the couch.

That’ll be me at your door.

Just as she finished reading the text, there was a knock on her door. Just to be safe, she checked through the monitor. Namjoon’s smiling face greeted her, him knowing she’d check that first. She laughed while she opened the door. That was short-lived as Namjoon’s lips desperately sought hers out. Sam felt her legs almost give out from the surprise and intensity of the kiss.

Breathless, Namjoon pulled back. “I’m sorry, but I just missed you too much.”

“Don’t apologize for that.” Sam kissed him again briefly before going back to grab her miniature duffel.

Namjoon laughed. “No one would believe that a girl could bring such a small amount of things for a weekend away from home.”

“Well, I’m not an ordinary girl.”

“That you aren’t.” Sam squealed delightedly when Namjoon picked her up bridal style. Her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. He helped her close and lock her door, while not putting her down. At the elevators, they ran into Ms. Cho, Sam’s next door neighbor. Both of their cheeks grew red and they looked away embarrassed. Ms. Cho laughed and said something about the beauty of young love. Namjoon only put Sam down once he was able to put her down directly in the car.

Knowing there’d be more people, Namjoon didn’t carry her the same way at his complex; but they did walk hand-in-hand, not noticing the rest of his friends getting ready to leave. They watched as Namjoon and Sam walked in together. Yoongi felt himself starting to lose control again. Jin kept a tight grip on his arm to keep the younger man grounded to reality. When they disappeared into the elevator, Yoongi was able to calm down again. The guys looked at him to check if he was okay. Yoongi assured them that he was, also adding that it wasn’t Namjoon’s fault at all; it was between himself and his unexplained bond. The others didn’t say anything, just watched him sadly. They liked Sam, they just felt bad that things were going like this.

How will he react to me—and especially to the scars on my body? What if he gets uncomfortable?

Maybe she’s not completely healed yet and maybe she’s afraid to tell me. Or maybe she just isn’t ready yet


When the movie was over, after more awkwardness, I rushed to the kitchen with the empty popcorn bowl. I dumped the kernels out and placed the bowl in the sink, letting the faucet fill the bowl for washing later. With all the awkwardness, I was beginning to wonder if there was something wrong with me or if he was just nervous. The whole movie, he seemed to want to touch me as little as possible. It was completely opposite from our kiss at my apartment. Had something changed between then and now?

I turned around to find Namjoon standing at the edge of the kitchen. I hadn’t even heard him so it made me jump just slightly.

God, how amazing this feels

Please let nothing interrupt us this time. I don’t know if I’d be able to stop, even if something did

Our mouths moved together at a feverish pace. Namjoon’s tongue demanded entrance and I surprised him by turning the tables and taking the initial dominance. Namjoon only let me have it for a few seconds. I moaned into his mouth. As Namjoon held me steady, my hands trailed down to the bottom of his shirt. I started pulling it up and Namjoon, quick to take the hint, finished my efforts.

My eyes wandered over Namjoon’s bare torso from his muscular shoulders to his perfect torso, down to his enticing V-line that disappeared under his low cut jeans. I bit my lip and Namjoon smirked knowingly.

“Like what you see?”

“God, yes,” I responded without thinking. I blushed lightly a second later, realizing that I was showing just how long I’d been alone.

“Good. There’s a lot more where that came from.” And then he was back at my lips. With his shirt now gone, I could only try for my hands to find purchase anywhere. My fingers dug into his skin, his muscles. Obviously lost in the moment, Namjoon pulled me harshly against his chest. My short cry of pain had Namjoon pulling away, his eyes back to normal color and looking at me fearfully. “Damnit! I’m so sorry. I lost myself for a moment. I—“

“Don’t stop,” I demanded breathily. It had hurt, but only slightly. It was more surprise than anything. Namjoon looked at me in confusion. I scooted to the very edge of the counter and grabbed the belt loops of his jeans, yanking him against me. He let out a groan when his already awakened member pressed against my womanhood. It felt so damn good. Two full layers of clothes still separated us, but the touch was enough to bring him back. “As long as you don’t slam me against the wall the way you’ve threatened so temptingly, and you don’t yank me around, I’ll be fine. I’m not letting us get interrupted again. I want you and I know you want me,” I reminded him.

“Do I ever…” He attacked my neck and I moaned loudly. “Your turn.” And he started pulling up my shirt. “You were expecting this, weren’t you?” he asked when he saw the lacy lingerie I was wearing.

And I can see it was worth every penny

And it’s so damn perfect

Namjoon switched sides and did the same to the other. This put me off balance and I laughed with heavy breaths as I had to change my position. He trailed down towards my stomach. He paused and I knew he had to have found my scars: one just under my left breast and two more on my abdomen, the places I’d been stabbed in the attack. I felt relief when his lips and tongue lingered over each of the scars as he slowly laid me back on the counter. I gasped when the cool counter met my back. Now, with my other hand free, I had both hands in Namjoon’s hair. I couldn’t think of another place to put them; in fact, I couldn’t really think at all. I was completely gone.

Namjoon reached my belt and pants and, with some quick fumbling, unceremoniously pulled at them. I lifted myself up so he could finish removing them. Before they were even off all the way, his face was pressed against the top of my matching lingerie bottoms. A shiver ran through me as his warm breath breezed across through the thin material to my soaked core.

“You smell so damn good,” he growled and then licked my soaking panties. My back arched up automatically. Namjoon took advantage of it by pulling my panties down, almost ripping them off of me. He dived in for a taste. I hadn’t thought it was even possible for my body to feel so much at once. It’d been so long.

“Oh, God, Namjoon!” I screamed out in pleasure. The feel of Namjoon’s tongue against my most sensitive area almost made me cum right then. My grip tightened in his hair. Namjoon dived in deeper, his tongue flicking in and out of my entrance. “Namjoon!” Namjoon held me firmly against the counter, keeping me from squirming too much. I couldn’t help my movements, it just felt so damn good. It was an overload of stimulation. He stiffened his tongue and stuck it as deep as he could reach into my entrance. I remembered him mentioning something about enjoying rapping. Judging by his tongue, he must’ve been pretty damn good. The pleasure kept me from being able to catch a full breath so I could only make labored sounds of pleasure. I felt myself climbing higher and higher.

Why is he teasing me like this


“It’s still your turn, babe.” And he dived back down to my folds. I found myself right where he had left me off before. I couldn’t control my body as it tried to buck up against his tongue. He moved away for just a second and, before I could ask what he was doing, slid a finger into me. My gasp assured him he was doing it perfectly. “Shit,” he groaned. “You’re so damn tight on one damn finger.” He started pumping it in and out, flexing it a little, while his lips latched around my clit, flicking it with his tongue. Every time I thought I was reaching my limit, he showed me how much more he could do.

“It’s been—a while since” another cry of pleasure “since anything. And never—oh God—this. Oh my—“ The next time he thrust his finger in, there were two. I cried out again. “Namjoon! I’m so—God—so close. You have to—ugh—stop.” I wanted him in me. I wanted him to feel the pleasure he was giving me.

Namjoon didn’t stop; in fact, he picked up the speed, inserting a third finger. His free hand went from holding me down to palming my breast, letting me move myself freely on his fingers and tongue.

“Oppa, I’m gonna—“ Namjoon curled his fingers in just the right place and I hit my climax, a wave of pure pleasure crashing over my entire body. My back arched painfully and I shook from the intensity of the orgasm. White hot fire blanked out all thoughts from my mind. Namjoon didn’t falter for even a second, helping me ride it out for even longer while I clenched desperately around his fingers. When my back finally started lowering back to the counter and my body twitched sporadically, he finally slowed down. I was a panting mess, barely able to catch my breath. Namjoon kissed me there once more before tracing kisses back up my body.

Looking at my face, I could only imagine what he was thinking. My eyes couldn’t focus well, lips parted to catch my breath and turned up in a blissful smile, my chest and face were probably completely flushed and I could feel the thin sheen of sweat.

“Did you like that?” Namjoon asked teasingly.

My eyes moved down to meet his and my smile grew wider. “Like you even need to ask.”

“That’s true.” He slowly pulled his fingers out of me, drawing out an almost whining sigh. “Considering how tightly you squeezed me, I’d say you liked it a lot.”

“Shush you,” I said, pulling him back into a lazy kiss. My hand trailed down his torso and into his pants. He let out a long, lustful groan when I started squeezing and working my way up and down his member. He felt so good in my hand. I was confused when he grabbed my hand and pulled it out. “What’s wrong?” I asked worriedly. I must’ve done something wrong. “Did I do it wrong? I know it’s been a long time since—“

“That’s not it at all. It’s just, we need to save that for another day. Because, my beautiful, sweet, naïve, feisty…” He lowered his lips to where my carotid disappeared under my collarbone and I felt his fangs gently ghost along my skin from there to my earlobe. I was already ready for another round. With a low growl, he finished his sentence, “I’m not even close to being done with you yet.”


So there it is, my first smut scene. I really hope it wasn't too bad. Any advice regarding writing this kind of thing would be greatly appreciated. Especially if you tell me before the next chapter comes out (hint hint).

As for the story itself, I hope you're satisfied after me dragging you around and teasing you with the potential for a while. I'm going to hide in my hole for a while. At least, until Sunday probably. I hope I haven't scared you away and that I'll see you all next time.

Please feel free to leave any feedback or constructive criticism either on here or messaging me. I'm always looking to improve.

Also, I'm starting to upload all my old stories onto Wattpad in case anyone is interested or uses it. My username is the same. Thanks in advance!

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