BtoB Intro......Hyunsik

Hello Melodies! I am excited that I will be joining this unoffical mod support group to bring you BtoB. Thank you@Helixx for letting me join! So a little about me. Ummm....where should I being.

Let's see I really don't have an UB, I bias Jonghyun (SHINee), Shin (Cross Gene), Yonghwa, Singjae, T.O.P, Mark (GOT7), Yoseob, Hongbin, OneJunn and many more and it is to hard for me to choose. T_T I also have so many bias wreckers that will not stay in their lane, such as Onew, Yongjae, G-Dragon, Minhyuk(CNBlue), Suwoong (Boys Republic), Ravi, and so many more. I love watching K-dramas and love listening to K-pop music. That is all I play in the house so my children always warn their friends about it. I love to eat Korean food also. I love anything Korean!!!!! Outside of kpop, I love football, so my kids know when football season starts, there will be lots of yelling. Hahaha. The drama that I am into right now is the Lookout

and Suspicious Partner or Love In Trouble on DramFever.

These dramas are amazing, I just love watching them. I have so many dramas that I love that I will just post here you go.....

AND SO MANY MORE!!!! I just love dramas. LOL!

So the member that I will be bring you this quarter is this amazing, smilely person.


I mean look at that smile. How could you not find him lovable and cute. He has such a bright smile and that is what I love about him. Oh, his name you ask, I guess I forgot to mention that. It is Hyunsik! When he smiles, you cando nothing but to smile also. I am excited about representing him for this reason also.......


He is so kind. I mean look he is just getting to know you and he is already giving you a gift. He is so sweet. He is also so adorable.


My favorite BtoB song will have to be Movie. I love this song and the video! It is just amazing! Yes I know it is a newer song, but I just love the song and it is so catchy.


I hope you will join me on Sundays to bing you this amazing man! See you then!





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