Birthday Scouting Event 7.22.17

Next weekend, i'll be doing a Birthday scouting event in honor of my best Gril Nico Yazawa in a mobile app called Love Live!

I actually have 3 accounts but i mainly just use my main account lol but my accounts are

Main - EN

(the original Love Live )

(oshiman is where you scout for both groups but the SR or higher card you get is your main girl and you have to scout only for her)

For Main account:

I'll be scouting 3 times for the step up scouting

30 gems - first pull

40 gems- second pull

50 gems - third pull

total : 120 gems

5 blue coupons

Oshiman Account :

I won't be doing the step up scouting but instead i'll be doing normal scouting for her birthday and that'll be one 10+1 pull so that'll be

50 gems

I won't be doing anything on my JP

Because i use that for my main Aqour account to get to know them more and find out more things I Like about them than think they copy u's when they techinally are lol

I hope you guys enjoy this and I'll see you all again very soon!

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