The city never sleeps Ch.5

Who: Chase Malone x Reader

What: Angst (I'm sure Smut eventually)

Story: One happy night turns his life upside down. Business man Chase Malone must do everything he can to deal with loss, keep his business and bring back the woman he loves.

Chase's POV

Two weeks had passed by and just about every day they slept together. Their initial set up of getting together was a physical one, at least by her stand point. While he was seeking to get her to like him she was tolerating going on dates with him to have sex. That's what made him a little nervous about recreating their first date like Jay had mentioned. He knew down the road she loved him but that was an up hill battle and he wondered would he have to face the same fight again. He wasn't sure if this was a redo to do things right, correct the mistakes that he made before or if it was just a test to see how strong their love could carry.


Having sex these past two weeks, it didn't seem like she was in the same mind set she was when they first were together. Perhaps it was because of the knowledge she had. She must've found it easier to relax with him because she knew they were married. Their matching wedding bands always fascinated her as she held his hand in bed at the end of a session of making love.

He made it his best effort to stay in the room until morning but his nightmares of the accident would suddenly wake him up and he'd leave to go beat the hell out of his punching bag. Recently he was extra stressed about the company, a total count of their money had been made again for the month only to find someone had been stealing from them and it wasn't just an error in the system. They were shaving a little off the top here and there and faking documents in order to cover their trail. Now the issue was to find out who it was. The documents they did have didn't say who issued them and HR had suggested keeping the knowledge about who was stealing from his company as under the radar as possible. He needed a reason to relax. He wanted to rely on Y/n just a little. She used to be available to do that, she'd comfort him and hum songs to him and just get him to relax. She'd reassure him that things would come through but without her memories he felt he had no right to ask for her shoulder to lean on. No matter how many times during this passing week she offered it.

She noticed the growing stress in him, sometimes he would become more aggressive in bed and he'd have to remind himself to calm down. There were spies in the company at the moment all he needed to do was pin point who it was that was stealing but he also needed to make up for the money he was losing. Jay had been taking care of the Korean business and Cha Cha wanted to take it back now but taking it back meant moving like their original plans required and it also might be too much on him at the moment so he trusted it in Jay's hands. He'd eventually figure out when he wanted to take it back. He had a full year before he needed to claim it again but, as of now, he only had four months until he had to claim it back. That time seemed to be closing in more and more.

He left a note for Y/n this morning before he left for work. He even made her a breakfast she could wake up to that said,

"Let's meet again."

She wouldn't understand it and he was almost happy she wouldn't. It was just their way of starting over. Gloria was taking her out for lunch today and Jay had a meeting with him so he'd have to skip lunch anyway and take it later on. By the end of the afternoon and into the early evening, Jay and Chase were going back to Jay's hotel room to change and make it their best effort to recreate the events of when they met Y/n. She had no idea just like the first time around.

They showed up at the same club and Y/n was wearing the same skin tight black and purple dress. The top of her dress cut into her top half just like it did back then but not so much that it looked like she was too big for the dress. As Chase remembered, the dress wasn't what left the bite in her skin it was the thong she wore that night. He had to pull himself together but he was clearly attracted to her like he was back when they first met. He smiled and came up to her and she looked at him with a little grin for a moment. He recognized her flirty grin and Chase realized Gloria must've finally clued her in. Jay took to his role and wrapped his arm around Gloria's neck. He kissed her forehead and said,

"Hey baby."

"Hey boo. This is my best friend Y/n. Y/n this is my boy friend Jay." she introduced them.

"Oh you're Jay." she smiled looking over to him and shaking his hand.

She smiled brightly at him. Up until now, Jay had been in Seoul. He had gone back before she woke up so they hadn't met again. This was her first time seeing him.

"Wait so was Sammy here on our first date too?" she suddenly asked.

Everyone's face dropped and went grave. Chase's hand balled into a fist in his pocket wondering if Gloria had mentioned him to her. His jaw went tight and she looked at their faces wondering why everyone was looking like death.

"No la la Sammy wasn't on your first date."

"Oh well when do I get to meet him?" she asked.

This was even worse for Chase as flashes of Sammy came to mind. Jay suddenly stepped up to her and said,

"Why don't we just focus on this evening okay Y/n. This is my friend Chase." Jay said changing the subject.

Chase gave his best smile considering his mood was destroyed by the mention of his dead son. She had no idea that Sammy was their child, how did she know his name?

"Shall we go inside?" Gloria insisted.

"Yeah." Chase said short while practically glaring at her.

He could tell she felt guilty, it was all over her face. She looked sorry for having ever mentioned the name but he wondered why she would even do such a thing.

Chase offered his arm to Y/n and she took it so they could walk into the club. The music wasn't the same but that wasn't important. He took a moment to recollect himself and realize what he was doing. Y/n was oblivious to how he was feeling deep down so he tried not to keep his agitated mood. At this point he just wanted her to remember the parts of him and her together. They were dancing in the club to a slow song and her arms were wrapped around his neck and they were swaying back and forth. She was smiling at him like she got a hint of his charm during the dance and he leaned down to kiss her softly. He didn't do that back then but he couldn't help it. She smiled in the kiss and cupped his face.

"You're light on your feet." she said.

"I was a dancer throughout my teenage years." he admitted.

"Is that how you met Jay?" she asked.

"Yeah we bonded quickly."

She smiled and looked over at Gloria and Jay dancing together. She laughed a little and looked at Chase.

"She swears they broke up but they look like they're so in love." she laughed.

"Don't let them hear you say that they'll deny it tooth and nail."

She only laughed more. The song sped up and she loosened up enough to dance with him. She would grind on him and he would touch all over her body enjoying her little saucy dance. She was still young and vibrant enough to attract a lot of attention. Boy was she attracting attention. She was so beautiful and breath taking. They had fun dancing like they did back then and Chase relaxed.

After the club, they headed to the same restaurant they ate at five years ago. They sat down at the same table. Gloria and Jay seemed to be in their roles completely; they were making googly eyes at each other for minutes. Chase believed they were reconnecting like before too. He looked at Y/n and she was teasing them in silence and looked back at him.

"So what do you do for a living?" she asked.

"I'm a CEO of my own company me and Jay kind of work off each other. We built our company up together and then broke off into separate sections."

"What does your section deal with?"

"A lot of it has to deal with concept making, advertising and film."

"No models?" she giggled.

"We deal with models but I have people that work for me that take care of that. I'm the head of the business so I have to act like it." he smiled.

"Oh so what you did at the club that's what a business man acts like?"

"I'm off the clock." he smiled.

She laughed but her eyebrows pinched for a moment and she put her hand to her head. There was a baby crying on the other side of the room. She started staring at a specific part of the floor but she didn't say anything. She was just kind of soaking things up.

"Y/n." Gloria patted her back to get her attention.

"Huh?" she looked up.

"You okay baby cakes?" she asked.

She laughed it off and said,

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine. This just- feels familiar." she said.

"That's a good thing right?" Jay asked.

She smiled and nodded,

"Yeah it's really good." she smiled.

Their talks went along the same line as it did five years ago, at least the subjects did from what he remembered. Everything was like when they first met. The same feeling of being in awe of the woman in front of him came over him. Her smile, her laugh, she was in such a blissful state. Chase wanted to be in that same care free state that she was in. He didn't want to forget Sammy; he just didn't want this crushing weight on his heart and shoulders.

He took her home separating them from Gloria and Jay's sickeningly sweet flirting. She walked up to the front door and turned around and smiled her sly little fox grin. She looked up at him with flirtation in her eyes.

"I think I can assume what happened at this point in the date." she said suggestively.

"Why little Y/n are you suggesting you got me into bed." he chuckled.

He walked up closer to her until her body was leaned up against the door. She ran her hands up his chest and came closer to his lips while he leaned down to hers.

"That's exactly what I'm saying." she whispered playfully.

"You're correct."

He cupped her cheek and kissed her in haste. He could already feel her fiddling with the buttons on his white and light blue plaid shirt. He wrapped the hand that was on her cheek around her waist and brought her closer while she fought to uncloth him. He used his other hand to force the key into the front door lock and unlocked the door holding onto Y/n so she didn't fall back when he pushed it open. He walked her into the house while their mouths attacked each other and he kicked the door close. She grabbed his hand and hurried to the bedroom and sat him down on the bed. She stood before him and she slowly lifted her dress high enough to show what her powder blue panties were covering up.

Chase held back a little growl and grabbed fist fulls of the bed sheets beside him. She bent over, her ass high in the air while her head and hands lowered to his pants. She unzipped his pants and pulled his length out of his boxers. She pushed them down a little more so that she could see more of him. She licked up his shaft slowly with her tongue fanned out and she looked up at him to make sure he was watching her.

Chase let out a hiss, watching her kitten lick his tip before her mouth covered it completely. Her head bobbed up and down on his length. Her tongue getting him nice and slick while he groaned heavy into the room. He placed his hand in her hair and moved her head faster hitting the back of her throat as he pulled her down on to him. He hissed again and forced her mouth down on him and held here there. His heavy panting only increseased as he felt her tongue wiggle beneath his heat. He notcied she was fingering herself while she was sucking him off. He pulled her off of him and kissed her hard and heavy. She rested on her knees as his hand took her neck, his fingers spreading out to find different areas of her neck to let his fingers sink in. He tried to pull her up and she pushed him away.

Holy shit

"Fuuuuuck." a gurtled groan came from his throat as he felt himself coming closer to an edge but he had a little longer before he was pushed over completely.

She came off his tip with a popping sound and he looked down to see her smiling and chuckling at it. Her hand started to move up and down spreading her saliva all over his shaft to make sure he was slick enough for her. She smiled looking up at him and she laughed,

"You look like you want to kill me."

"I just really want to fuck you right now." he groaned trying not to demand it or rush her.

She was purposely taking her time, she wanted to enjoy it too but she wanted to enjoy watching him crumble beneath her even more. He grabbed her hand and he helped pull her up so she could stand. She hiked her dress up a little higher and climbed up on his lap. She made sure her legs were spread wide and planted firmly into the bed so that she could have some stability. The fingers she had inside her, she pushed passed his lips and he couldn't help but think about how fucking hot that was. His eyes rolled back as he hummed pleasure on her fingers. He opened his eyes to see her pulling her fingers back to her. Her hand slithered down between their bodies and she pushed her panties all to one side. She used her other hand to situate him at her core and she started lowering onto him. Her warm wet walls welcomed him with a tight hug and he pulled her closer to him. His hands gripping at her ass as she started to grind against him.

She moved slow but her eye contact and the amusement in her eyes turned him on so much more. She pushed him down and Chase slowly leaned back, his abs contracting as he went down. Her hands slid down his shoulders to his chest. He watched her bite her lip. Despite the mostly dark room, the moonlight had given them a perfect atmosphere for a sensual fuck; it seemed she wanted compete control. He was going to give her time to drive him nuts but he was going to take back his dominence. He was going to own her body in a way no man ever had a chance to.

She began to bounce on his lap, she sat up more to run her hands under her arms and flip the long lucious brown curls of her hair. Her fingernails scratched at his chest and his hands gripped her hips pushing her down onto him every time she came up. Her hand then leaned back and she leaned her body away from him; his heat sinking deeper inside her and she found the right angle for him to hit her favorite spot. She moaned loud into the room incredbily intoxicated by the events taking place.

She started to pull off her dress and she tossed it to the side. She unhooked her bra and threw it across the room. She was in a hurry to discard all her clothes. She was panting heavy and her body waved and rolled against his. He felt her body move up and down a little with each roll of her hips. Her pace was slow and then sped up, she rode him hard and she came down to kiss him roughly, hungry. She rode him hard and fast.

"Fuck baby girl." he groaned.

"You like it daddy?" she chuckled.

He sprung up and wrapped his hand around her body and pushed her head down so he could kiss her. Her movements stilled at the quick actions granting him the opening to flip her over on the bed. He kissed her while his hands traced the frame of her body. He kissed her harder like he was stealing her soul. He started to grind into her. She held onto him, her hands cupping his neck at the same time; he dipped his head down while fucking her tight little hole and licked her nipple. He was teasing her just a little too. Her chest rose higher to get closer to his mouth. His teeth caught the nub and bit down lightly before sucking on the flesh. He left little hickies every where he could without her getting caught at work.

He started to play with her breast and he slowed his movements in her. She whined, wrapping her leg around his waist and he chuckled.

"After all your teasing?" he said.

"I was good." she mewled.

"No you were bad. A very bad girl." he grinned.

He stuck out his tongue to flick her other nipple. Her breast her squeezed in his large hands and she was enjoying the tease. Her body wiggled under him as best as it could. She needed more friction between her legs and he was inclined to give it to her but he wanted to tease her a little more. He sat up and grabbed her by the ankles. She looked up at him curiously. He flipped her over onto her stomach and grabbed her by the waist. She turned her head to look at him but he pushed her chest back down to the bed. His hand smoothed around her round firm ass. He slapped one side and saw her body jerk at the sudden slap. She yelped in surprise into the sheet and then looked at him.

"You've just been such a naughty little girl. You have to be punished." he smiled.

"Punish me." She said standing up to his challenge.

He slapped her ass again in the same spot but a little harder. Her eyebrows pinched and a moan escaped her lips. He pushed her panties down completely, deaming them to be worthless at this point. He lifted her head up and pushed her panties in her mouth.

"Now you can be as loud as you want." he teased in her ear.

He went back to her ass and smoothed his hand over the spot he smacked. He counted in his head three slow seconds before his hand came back and landed heavy on her ass. He saw her hands clench the sheets and her loud moans were muffled by the panties he stuffed into her mouth. He liked the sight and found himself coming to his knees. He licked her folds up and down until his tongue came up to her entrance. He let his tongue dart in and out of her heat and her walls tried to hold onto him as best as they could. He hummed while he licked up her jucies. He smacked the other side of her ass while he continued to eat her out.

Chase couldn't take anymore he wanted to be inside her. He positioned her on the bed and spread her legs wider; he pushed her head back down and let her ass rise in the air giving him the perfect angle. He put his knee on the bed while jerking off his length to get him even more ready for what he was about to do. He came up to her heat and pushed all the way inside her slowly. He saw her hands scratch at the bed. He lifted her up, his arm wrapping around her body and grabbing her neck. He stayed still inside her. She threw her panties across the room and her back arched off his body. She wanted him to move and she was trying to move on her own. He grabbed her hip and kept her still and down on him. His cock throbbing inside her body.

She was sweating as much as he was but he wasn't going to give her what she wanted so quickly. He blew lightly against the back of her ear and he felt her body shiver against his while she tightened around him and she heated up more from the inside. He kissed behind her ear, every little touch driving her crazy. If he was thinking he would've used the toys on her. He would've tied her down and watched her beg and she would've loved every minute of it the same as him. He liked this just as much her.

He placed small kisses behind her ear and down her neck. His tongue drew back up her neck and then nibbled on her ear lobe. She mewled and whined wanting for him to move.

"Chase- Fuck me. Please." she begged.

He started to move slow and she cried as he did. He moved too slow for what her body wanted but each movement he made, every time he pushed back inside her, he made sure it was rough and heavy. She would think he was speeding up but he was just going steady. He moved a little faster for her. She grabbed the hand holding her hip firmly and started trying to move faster on her own. He pulled her back into his body to keep her still.

"See you're such a naughty little girl." he growled in her ear.

"Cha Cha please." she begged.


"You're going to drive me crazy." she mewled.

He had a slight dark chuckle and said in a husky low voice,


He pulled almost completely out of her before ramming back inside of her. She moaned out loud,

"Say you've been a bad girl." he demanded.

"I've been bad. So bad."

"Good girl." he said.

He granted them both a pace that would drive them to an edge. He started snapping his hips into her body roughly fucking her like he owned every piece of her. He kissed her neck and shoulders claiming every part of her for himself. He licked the nape of her neck and his hand on her neck slithered down her body to get to her clit. He drew fast circles on it causing her to moan louder. She tried to turn her head to look at him and he gifted her with a bit of a sloppy kiss. Their lips locked and their tongues did a tango while a feral growl rose from Chase's throat.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum baby." he said quickly feeling the rush of blood pooling towards his heat even more.

"Chase. Chase. Oh---- God yes!" She moaned.

He moved faster but his hips were sloppy. He felt her get tighter she was nearing her edge. Her hand went to her clit while his went to her other hips. He was pulling her back onto him while he fucked her from behind. He continued snapping his hips into her until finally the coil snapped and his white liquid filled her to the top. She moaned and shuddered squeezing him and milking for all he had in her orgasam. She laid down on the bed panting and trying to catch her breath.

"Your moves- are mind fucking." she giggled through pants.

He crawled up on the bed to lay closer to her. His hand drew up her naked stomach slowly and through the valley to her breast. She shivered slightly but smiled at him.

"You're amazing everytime I have you." he smiled.

She smiled bigger and snuggled up closer to him. She looked up at him so her chin was propped on his chest.

"Hey can I ask you a question?" she said.


"When I asked about Sammy why did everyone get that grim look on their face."

Chase looked at her with the same grim face that she had seen earlier that day. This was such a perfect moment it didn't need to be ruined. Chase sighed and she said,

"See that's the face right there. Who was this guy?" she asked.

"Y/n, can we not talk about him right now?" he said.

"Come on Chase give me something."

"Y/n he's dead." Chase snapped.

She looked hurt but he wasn't sure if it was because he snapped at her or if it was because she knew that Sammy was dead.

"He was a friend of ours. When we went on vacation, we were picking him up from his vacation when it happened and he died in the accident." He lied.

He wasn't really about to tell her that he was their son.

"Is that why you go into that room in the middle of the night? Or why you talk in your sleep?" she asked.

"I talk in my sleep?"

"It's mostly incoherent mumbles but I hear you say his name sometimes. I hear you apologize more often." She said softly.

Chase sat up forcing her to sit up along with him. Chase sighed and got up out of bed.

"Wait where are you going?" she asked.

"I just need to get some stuff out."

"Chase I don't understand, why you can't just talk to me? Just because I don't remember doesn't mean I don't care. Just speak to me please."


He walked over to her side of the bed and leaned over to give her a soft kiss.

"No. It's something I have to deal with." he said.

"You don't have to do it alone."

"I don't want you involved."

"I'm your wife Mr. Malone. I'm already involved." she said.

She tried to hold onto him but he slipped out of her hands and walked out of the bedroom and headed for Sammy's room. Now he felt his stress returning to him like a wave...

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