Zico and Yong Guk

So recently Bang Yong Guk of B.A.P came out with the song 'YAMAZAKI'. And the song is seriously good and has the dark theme I obviously like but it is also seriously underrated. Zico also recently came out with two new songs and both of those songs are amazing as well. But it was recently brought to my attention that some fans believe that Yong Guk deserves just as much fame and recognition as Zico and I don't quite agree.

The comment was posted under Bang Yon Guk's song for 'YAMAZAKI'. And the comment said this:

yongguk should be recognized on the same level as zico as a versatile rapper in both idol/underground rapping, tbh yongguk is amazing and so so talented, he just deserves better in so many ways

I agree with the fact that Yong Guk is an amazingly talented artist in producing and writing lyrics. Both he and Zico are also leaders of their respective groups and are the same age (92 liners fighting).

But then someone else stated this in reply:

Block B and B.A.P. only debuted a year apart, so really only some months apart. They've been at it almost just as long as each other, especially seeing as they were both inactive for a while due to lawsuits. It's not BYG first solo and just like Zico he writes a lot of his groups material. I agree that I hope he gets some recognition, but BYK doesn't do quite well in KPOP. He's covered in tattoos, has panic disoreder, hardly talks in interview, seems intimidating, in comparison Zicos like a ray of sunshine and kpop and hip hop fans alike flock to him. He's his generations GD. BYK has just as much talent, but he's not as well received by the Korean public because he's kinda flawed and kpop idols gotta be perfect.

And this comment as well:

I completely agree with you. I'm a big fan of zico too and yongguk is just as good as him but due to him being an introvert and having his panic disorders a lot of people pass by his work. But I think him being an introvert should work in his favour because his music represents him, his thoughts and what he sees which is nothing like the kpop world where everything is sunshine and rainbows. I would love to see a collab with yongguk and rap monster because their solo music is similar in defending the younger generations and pointing out flaws in society. It's a breath of fresh air to add another rapper who is actually sticking to what rap was initially about, speaking the truth and giving people a voice.

In all honesty I agree with the both comments. It's true that Yong Guk is an introvert and probably wouldn't recieve all the attention that Zico is getting very well. It's true that Zico acts more like a ray of sunshine but whether that is his natural personality or not Zico has adapted to what he needs to do to stay popular and to keep growing as an artist. Not to say that Yong Guk doesn't do anything to be popular or to grow as an artist but Yong Guk can't do the same things that Zico is doing.

Realistically speaking Yong Guk and Zico can't be on the same level. At east not right now. They are working in the same field but at their own pace. Zico doesn't seem to suffer from any panic disorders or any other forms of mental health issues and he keeps bulldozing through everything he touches with so much passion. Yong Guk on the other hand is suffering from mental health issues and needs to pace himself so he is not overwhelmed. I think Yong Guk is getting all the attention and recognition he needs right now. Not too much, just enough.

In reference to the GD comparison, I think both Zico and Yong Guk are like GD. I say this because, although GD is a super talented producer, composer, rapper, and singer, he still has problems with being in the spotlight. GD doesn't handle the hate very well at all and sometimes falls into a depression much like Yong Guk having a panic disorder. But GD is also a 'ray of sunshine', being all smiley and cheerful for us and still making music.

To be honest fans expect way too much from their artists. They are not gods and they are not perfect. They are gonna slip up and make a mistake in some way, shape, or form. And some of them don't handle the hate very well.

~So I want to take this time to remind everyone that our idols are human and feel just like we do.~

So what do you guys think? Whether you are a fan of Bang Yong Guk or Zico, do you think Yong Guk should get more attention? Should he be on the same level with Zico? Do you think they are anything like GD?

Please leave a comment below. I am open to everyones opinion.

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