Favorite Block B/Members Lyrics

I don't know if anyone knows this, but I'm a writer. So what's the number one thing I can appreciate in a song? Lyrics. If lyrics are written well, that's really something! So this week, here are some lyrics that this group has blown me away with!

I know I'm the Taeil and Jaehyo mod, but I've been floored by Zico's solo - Anti. To really understand how amazing it is, it's important to understand not only what it's saying but HOW it's saying it. Please watch this video if you haven't already! It's made by a Korean fan, so they know the real translation. Most of the ones on YouTube just didn't make sense to me, but when I came across this one ... well, let's just say this song will be my favorite for a while.


Favorite Part of the Song:

No matter what effort you put,

No matter what you've gone through,

Fame gave you the right to be bashed again,

I will pull out the root of your arrogance

And make your life stumble.

The Genius:

I've seen a lot of "Fuck the Haters" songs in hip hop lately,

only a few have really made me think - this track was needed and well done.

The problem with diss tracks and things like this, is that it's so hard to show your attitude without coming off childish or idiotic. Too angry and you sound like a jerk, too uncaring and no one believes it. Zico has done something very very clever. The song is from the 'hater's' point of view, and it makes you see how pathetic it is without saying it outright. It's something you think about all by yourself. I say the best part of the song is what I've put above, as well as the chorus by G Soul. These parts summarize not only the song but the concept, and they're written so so well. Bravo, encore, take my money!

Now, this next song is actually my favorite Block B song of all time. It's kind of old now, but I still love it just as much, Part of the reason is definitely it's amazing lyrics! Please, see for yourselves.


Favorite Part of the Song:

This is enough, you and I

Have become strangers once again.

Movie's over, the movie is over

The doors have opened and the curtains fall down.

The Genius:

TheEnlightment, what are you talking about? It's just another breakup song, isn't it?

Well... it's not absolutely outstanding, but it is deeper than others. The title "Movie's Over" sounds cold on its own, but when you take the chorus... the dagger is twisted inside your heart. (Wah! So cheesy...) I think the chorus brings not only the feeling of "It's really over." but an extra pain of "Was it ever real? Weren't we just acting for everyone else." Meaning the chorus is saying "It's okay. Stop pretending, no one is looking and there's no actual love here." Bam! Pain.

Ah, and now for some of Taeil's outstanding ballads. This is truly heartwrenching...


Favorite Part of the Song:

Why did I try to make you fit my ways?

Just the way you were,

why couldn't I look at you that way?

You were hurting over my selfishness .

Why didn't I know?

The Genius:

Well... I think the genius of songs like this is how much people can relate. Anyone that's ever realized maybe months down the road after a breakup that they'd do anything to change it, that it was all their fault, could relate to this and maybe shed a few tears. I sure can.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed. I hope you found some favorite new songs! Until next time, muah ~



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