Park Shin Hye Gives Lee Min Ho a Tippy-Toe Hug

Park Shin Hye Gives Lee Min Ho a Tippy-Toe Hug After deciding to run away from home, Lee Min Ho received consolation from the one person he needs it from in SBS’ The Heirs. On November 20, The Heirs released still cuts of the teary scene that was shown at the end of episode 12. Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) visited Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye)’s workplace after revealing the truth about his birth to his future in-law and fiancée. After leaving his home and family behind, Kim Tan shed tears as Cha Eun Sang responds by giving him a comforting hug on her tippy-toes. The scene was filmed on November 11 in Daechi-dong. It took over three hours to film in the freezing cold, but Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho heated up the set with the exchange of their characters’ affections. Episode 13 will air on November 20. Photo Credit: SBS

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