~B.I.G Benji Day~

So, for this weeks card, we needed to tell you all two facts about our members, what got us to follow B.I.G, and our favorite music video. I will also be working on my intro card, since I missed that last week as well, but that will be soon to come!

Two random facts about Benji-

1. Benji was actually attending Julliard for his amazing Violin skills, which I still find insane! He instead dropped out of Julliard and decided that he wanted to try and pursue a career in singing and trained for three years before he debuted. So no matter what, we probably would have heard of Benji.

2. Benji was actually born and raised in the United States, which I also find crazy because he is from Indiana. I used to go up to Indiana to see my great grandpa when I was younger, so I just find it cool that Benji was raised in a state that I've been to. Gosh I'm such a dork...

What got me to follow B.I.G.-

So, one day, a few weeks ago, After School Club popped up on the v app, and said that B.I.G would be appearing on the show. For whatever reason, I wanted to watch this show, so I clicked onto the link and sat back and watched. Oh, and I fell in love. I really liked the personalities of each member, and I just really enjoyed watching them perform and participate on the show. I had of course heard of B.I.G before this, because my friend ended up playing their debut song one day when I went to visit her, but I never actually got into them until after I watched them on After School Club. So, thank you for that ASC.

Favorite Music Video-


Yes, this is still my favorite song right now... and favorite music video because I really like how they incorpate the drums. This song in general is a fantastic song, but the music video makes it even better! I just really like B.I.G

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