Gangsta Love: Debutante Society - Chp 7: Comfortable


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You come a very wealthy family, and even became a Debutante. One day you find out your parents have arrange a marriage for you. It wasn't any ordinary agreement though, they had basically sold you off to gain power and more money from a perverted old man. You ran away the night you found out and haven't looked back since. With your new identity you work at a bar as a bartender to get by, to only fall in love with one of the clubs V.I.Ps at first site.


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Its been a few days since I have been living on my own without Lili. Though she would come visit me to check on me. Like the big sister she was, and even help me make it more fitting to me. I even manage to spend time with Seonghwa more. Which wasn't hard because he slept over a lot.

Having him over though was making it easier to sleep at night too. Even though they were always consider nightcaps, since we haven't play with each other yet. I had a day off finally again, and was able to cook a surprise dinner for Seonghwa. I had given him a key, since my place was closer to his workplace. He gave me a key to his place too, though I was perfectly fine being in my own place.

I heard the door, as I wrapped up the dish I was making for him. I lower the flame on the food, before going to greet him at the door. "Oppa...Welcome home..." I try being cute with him, but he just kept his back towards me, and sighed heavily. "You have today off?"

I blinked, a bit confused to his behavior. "Yeah, and I was planning to surprise you with dinner." He hung his head, as I noticed he didn't fully take off his shoes. I went over to him, and touched his back. "What's the matter?"

He looked over his shoulder from the corner of his eye. "Remember how Lili told you I was involved in some dangerous business with her boyfriend? I've always done my best so you wouldn't notice some stuff." I made him turn to fully face me, and saw that he had some cuts on his face, with fresh blood. "Oh my...."

Seonghwa try to look away from me quickly, but I ended up grabbing his arm. "No don't turn from me... there is no way I am letting you leave here without being treated." I actually had a first-aid kit for moments like this thanks to Lili. She said there might be days like this, but I didn't think it would happen so soon.

I took him towards the living room, and made him sit down on the couch. I then made sure the food was okay, before getting the first-aid kit. He kept looking down, as I treated the wounds. His expression show that he seem ashamed to be showing the dangerous business side to me like this. I peck his lips between wounds.

He smiled a little every time I did so, and finally looked up at me once I was done. "Now I'll go check on the food, and make you a plate, so you can eat." I clean up and put away the kit, before making way to the kitchen. I caught Seonghwa picking at the food on the stove. He froze and looked at me in mid-pick, resulting in my giggling.

"Oppa, make a plate. I did make it for you."

He just smiled, as I got the plate for him, and handed it over to him. "Is using you as a plate count?" I softly laughed, and smiled at him, before he kissed me. "Aniyo, but... after you eat... I'll give you a back massage." I noticed his eyes darken, as a smirk appear along his lips.

"I love the way you bribe me into eating."

I winked at him, whilst handing over the chopsticks. We ended up going to the living room section of the studio apartment. We ate while watching tv, before I slowly started to rub his shoulder. Seonghwa winced, before looking over at me. I was super gentle to start with, so I just stop and blinked.

"Lee Seonghwa.... Strip right now."

I spoke calmly as it clicked in my head, and I realized why he winced. He arched an eyebrow at me, as I just glared at him. He looked back at the tv, ignoring my order for him to take his shirt off. I took the food from him, and place it on the coffee table. He just groan, and lean back on the couch.

He really wasn't going to listen to me, or show me. I straddled myself over his lap, earning his full attention. "I said to strip. I'm not blind, I know your trying to hide the worse wounds from me." I glared at him again, before crossing my arms across my chest. "Strip."

Seonghwa rolled his eyes, before looking away. "If you do I will too..." I smirked, knowing that would grab his attention. Which it did, because he looked at me from the corner of his eyes. "I don't believe you, my sweet sapphire."

I pulled my hair out of his messy bun, before pulling my shirt off. He just looked at me a but awe struck. This was the first time he saw me in my bra, let along straddling his lap like this. "What not gonna join me? So does this mean I have to annoy you into stripping?"

His eyebrow raised up again, as a smile appear along his lips. "Annoy me? How are you going to do that?" I looked up and around a bit, as I try to think of a way. I looked down the second I felt fingers gliding along my waist.

"Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock... Jingle bells swing and jingle bell ring, snowing and blowing up bushels of fun... Now the jingle hop has begun."

I started grooving and wiggling my hips a bit as I sang. Seonghwa just smiled the whole time, though. Though he would buck his hips into mine a bit, everything time I said 'jingle bell'. I stop mid-way and giggled at the last moment he bucked up his hips.

"Seonghwa oppa, you know I wouldn't do anything that makes you or myself uncomfortable. But I really am worried about how hurt you might be... please don't hid it from me."

His smile faded away, before I ran my fingers through his hair. "I'm not telling you to tell me everything, but I just want to be your escape. Someone you came home to and be comfortable with. Someone you know cares about you so much so that she won't ask question about where you got your wounds from. But will treat them and kiss the bandages to help you heal faster."

Seonghwa push me off his lap, and onto the couch. He kept himself between my legs, as he tower over me. His eyes darken again, but this time it wasn't lust. He was being serious with me this time. "You sure you want to go that far for someone like me?"

I felt my heart racing, whilst he play with a stand of my hair. "You at the edge of a dark rabbit hole. Once you jump in, there is no going back." I lean up enough to brush my lips against his, as his hand glided along the back of my neck. I could feel him pressing his lips harder against mine.

We have kissed many times, hot and heavy even, but he was always tender and sweet about it. This kiss was rough, and hungrier. It was as if he was starving, and it was finally showing. I doubt my being topless was helping him stay in control. I pushed him off of me a bit, and tugged at his shirt.


Seonghwa arched an eyebrow, and smirked, before leaning down towards me again. "So we can play finally, or so you can treat my wounds, and heal them with your kisses?" He spoke teasingly, resulting in my chortle, making him look amused. "Your wounds silly. This way if we do play, I don't hurt you more."

He sighed with a small grin along his lips, whilst standing up with one knee still on the couch. "Fine.." He took off his shirt, revealing how chiseled his body turn out to be. I felt sadden as I saw the marks on his body. My fingers gently trace them, as he grabbed my hands. "This is going to be common you know."

I looked up at him, and saw his expression telling me he was being serious now. "I know, and I won't pry into the dangerous side of your work. I just don't want you to hide it from me. If you need your wound to be treated, I'll do it. If you need a stress reliever, I'll be here for you."

He tower over me and softly kissed my lips. "I love you y/n way to much to let you be involved in this, which is why I understand Lili. She involved and you see the toll it has one her and Jay. Sometimes they break up because of it. I don't want that to be us." I play with his hair a bit, as he rested his forehead against mine.

"You do know what you just said to me right..."

He pulled away confused as to what I meant. I just couldn't help but beam happily at him. "That the first time you told me that you loved me." Seonghwa blinked before a big grin appear along his lips. "Seonghwa oppa, I love you too. Its why I'm telling you to lean on me."

His smile was gone the second I told him I loved him. He just stood over me and stared. "What.... You can say I love you, but I c-." Seonghwa cut me off mid-sentence, and crush his lips against mine. The starving hunger was back and this time begging for more.

The moment I glide my tongue along his lips, his darted out to play. his arms rubbed along my side, until one stop at my pants hem. His fingers sliding under the hem line, tickling me. His other fingers slid under my bra, softly caressing them. A moan escape pass my lips and into his mouth.

Making him groan hungrily, before his latched his lips onto my neck. His hands gripped onto my waist a bit, as his physical way of asking permission. I grabbed onto his pants hem, and unfasten his pants. I couldn't even take a breath, in the moment that he grabbed my pants and pulled them down. He even had my bra off in seconds, since he slyly unfasten the back clasp in the back.

Seonghwa moved away a big only to be able to whisper into my ear. "You have no idea how hungry you have made me since we met. I won't even let you go now. Your mine." His words had me smiling, as my heart race faster. I pulled down on his pants, earning a chuckle from him.

"I see... you're hungry too.. best feed that thirst of yours."

I giggled this time, as he kissed my cheek lightly. "I love my sapphire..." I looked him in the eyes, as I felt him helping me take his pants off. "I love my gray." His lips were softer now as he kissed me.

All our clothes were on the floor, and I had him already between my legs. Yet all we were doing was kissing and rubbing our hands along teach other. I grew hungrier and impatient finally. I pushed him away a bit, gaining his attention. "Just fuck my brains out already Seonghwa... I've haven't had sex for three years."

Seonghwa laughed as he grinned happily. "Oh I plan to... really three years?" An eyebrow raised as he looked me in the eyes. "What... I have respect for myself." His lips help suppress my groan, as Seonghwa took my thighs into his hands, and push them close up to my chest.

I wanted to look down to see how big he was, but he lip lock was stopping me. He trusted he member inside of me, as a small orgasm washed over me. He starting nipping at the nape of my neck. I lightly gripped onto his shoulders, as he moved it hips to his own pace. my moans started competing with the television.

"Wow... it really has been a long time for you... bet it doesn't help how big I am for ya."

I closed my eyes, and enjoy the rush of pleasure coursing throughout my body. He was right though, he was bigger than my past partners. Which was driving me insane. He stood up, and slapped my ass, resulting in my crying out pain and pleasure. He my legs to the side, and started thrusting heavily inside of me.

I gripped onto the couch, as I held one of his hands. Seonghwa grinned as he watched my expressions. He was enjoying driving me wild at the moment. My moans sounded more like whimpers. "Seong...wha..." He slap my ass one more time, as he gripped my hand.

"Cum for me y/n..."

He finally found my sweet spot, as my toes curled, and I closed my eyes. I actually started to see stars, as I reached my climax. When I came down from my eyes, I could feel it that he was still riding out his own. It clicked in my head, as I grabbed both of his hands, and pulled him down closer to me. "Did you... You're not wearing a condom are you?"

Gray looked startled but seem guilt free. "Nope... I told you that you were mine. I am not looking at anyone else anyway. I'm too obsessed with your sexy ass." He peck my lips before rubbing my behind lightly.

"I'm not on birth control you dork. Your lucky I'm not ovulated." He chuckled, while petting my head. He position himself behind me, to snuggle me, and kiss my shoulder. "Well then... how about your next day off we go find promise rings. To celebrate our hundred day mark."

I couldn't help but smile, while nodding my head. This was one of the best moments in my life currently. He was my prince charming...

I pray nothing ruins this...

but nothing could be promise...

One of our pasts would come back to haunt us sooner or later...


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