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Jung Ki-seok (Korean: 정기석; born 9 March 1984), better known by his stage name Simon Dominic, is a South Korean hip hop recording artist and co-CEO of the independent record label AOMG. He is also a former member of hip-hop duo Supreme Team. His stage name is a combination of Simon, Wesley Snipes' character from the movie Demolition Man, and Dominic, his baptismal name. Background information Birth name

Jung Ki-Seok Also known as Simon D, K-OUTA Born 9 March 1984 (age 33) Busan, South Korea Genres Hip hop Occupation(s) Rapper Years active 2007–present Labels Amoeba Culture (2007–2014) AOMG (2014–present) Associated acts Supreme Team Illest Konfusion Jiggy Fellaz Jay Park Gray Korean name Hangul 정기석 Hanja 鄭基石 Revised Romanization Jeong Gi-seok

Simon Dominic first appeared in the Korean underground hip hop scene under the name K-Outa. He and rapper E-Sens formed the hip hop duo Supreme Team in 2009. They went on to win several awards during their career, including Best New Male Group at the 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards and the Hip Hop Award at the 2010 Golden Disk Awards. The group broke up in 2013 when E-Sens left to pursue a solo career.[ Simon Dominic left Supreme Team's label Amoeba Culture in 2014 and became co-CEO of Jay Park's independent record label AOMG, under which he now releases music. In 2015, Simon Dominic made a comeback with the release of his first solo mini-album, "Won & Only" after a long hiatus. His pre-release single however garnered more success than the album's title track of the same name. His pre-release single, "Simon Dominic", achieved a Certified All-Kill on the charts three days after its release and reached #2 on the weekly Gaon Digital Chart. He appeared as a judge and producer on the fifth season of TV rap competition Show Me The Money.


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