Comeback Celebration Challenge..


wait for this awaited comeback by celebrating how wonderful they all are.. because even if is Mom and Dad..we can't leave the kids



Here we will experience FASHIONISTA7 .. Well, all KPop groups have their own very fashionable style all are great..but I have to say in my humble opinion that GOT7 Must be in the TOP ones.. May be TOP 3? lol

Let's Start from the TOP



And of course we can NOT leave out the Bucket

The Cutest Hyung..Mark ❤

The Wild and Sexy ❤


I think this is an edit with his eyes , just because he is afraid of using contacts..But I love it.. lol

Eomma..Jinyoung❤Have to say this is one of my favorite styles..JinYoungie's


And of course when be dresses like a Prince ❤

Sunshine.. well Sunshine most of the time dresses with this black well that's his styles and mostly black too like Jackson ❤

I like this one.. so stylish my sunshine❤

This HOOD he probably borrow it from Mark..

Now The Twins, lol..Bam is the FASHIONISTA of the group since he looks up to GD well YOU know the rest lol ❤

I think he has dyed his hair every color lol..but that's his

The Other Twin..I like YugYeom sence of fashion too, is more like JinYoung's, may be since Jinyoung is his favorite Hyung, he looks up to him and wants to Look like him..hehe ❤

Nice.. he looks like he is walking out of a Magazine..hehe. we conclude with #FASHIONISTA7

hope to see everyone's post.. don't forget to tag me.. I would LOVE to see all their fashion


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