En-CHOI your Monday!!!!

Hi Everyone! I’ve decided to take a little inspiration from a Tumblr. I used to follow and it deals with a weekly update on the Choi twins. This weeks theme is the Escape Room!! It’s basically like those computer escape games, but in real life. Totally a blast if you can get in one;) Happy Monday!!!

It was Saeyoung’s idea when he was searching for things you guys could do together

Saeran is not thrilled

“I don’t want to be locked in a room with you two for an hour!”

But he somehow is persuaded to come along and finally the time comes

The room is museum themed, so you three have to get some hidden diamond props and then escape

There’s a computer monitor where the staff can give you clues and communicate with you in real time

The first thing Saeyoung sees are these costume security guard jackets

You all put them on thinking it was part of the little game

It wasn’t until five minutes of exploring the room did the staff tell you guys there was no need for the jackets

You and Saeran take them off, but Saeyoung keeps it on...for reasons

There were two locks on these drawers

You turn your back for one second, and they’re working together to pick the lock

You quickly intervene before the staff kicks you out for cheating

Saeyoung laughs unnervingly loud, “Oh, right! We’re supposed to look for a code…which we are doing now!”

You two start searching for numbers around the room that would correspond to the location

For two geniuses, Saeyoung and Saeran kept passing the numbers or bickering over what they thought were the right clues

You’re so done with them, so you just stand by the numbers until they notice

At one point, you had to use a computer, but the program was glitching making you guys lose time

The staff said they would be inside soon to come help

But Saeran gets too impatient and hacks into the system himself to fix it

By the time the staff gets back, the problem is solved, but Saeran is about to chew them out for not giving you extra time since the thing glitched

But the game goes on

Saeyoung notices you’re getting a little quieter than normal

So on the next puzzle, he starts playing dumb like he doesn’t know how to figure it out

He was a secret agent for how many years this was pretty easy for him

But you picked up on it right away

“Saeyoung, please stop playing dumb and tell me the answer!”

“But I want you to have a good time!”

“I’m not having a good time when you’re being like this! Tell me the answer!”

While you two are arguing, Saeran presses a button opening a door to a new puzzle

It’s something involving counting these complicated circles and squares and triangles

Saeran and Saeyoung have literally counted a bunch of times and landed on different answers

You calmly suggest you might need a clue, and they burst, “We do not need a clue!”

But after another few minutes, they give up and ask the staff for the clue

The staff is pretty petty about the computer thing, so they tell the twins to hug for three seconds if they want a clue

Saeran would’ve walked out of there right away if you hadn’t physically shoved him into Saeyoung’s arm

You guys almost got out of there

You grabbed the diamonds….and ran out the wrong door

By the time you all realized you hadn’t completed the last puzzle to escape, the time was up

Cue Saeran claiming you unfairly lost time because of the computer glitch, and also you and Saeyoung practically dragging him out of the building while thanking the staff

You all get ice cream afterwards, so Saeran’s anger is appeased, and all in all, you three had a blast

I hope to do this every week. I hope you en-choi-ed your monday!

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