The Ties That Bind C16- First Loves

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Warning: May contain mild language, mentions of blood and violence. Some innuendo.

The Ties That Bind

Chapter 1

Chapter 15

Chapter 17


Narrator POV

Sam continued to be distracted as she drove her motorcycle to work. Her biggest worry was that she had felt that desire for Yoongi to bite her even before he actually did it the first time. But as Namjoon pointed out, there was something different about the connection she had with Yoongi. Nothing between them was normal. She wanted to be friends with him like she was with Namjoon’s other friends, but she was scared.

Before she realized it, she was at the office. She was very grateful they had told her she would be dealing with the paperwork from the attack; she had a lot of trouble looking like she didn’t have trouble walking. She laughed to herself. Namjoon had really gone rough after she pulled out her new moves the previous night and then again in the shower. It felt so damn good, but left lasting… consequences.

As soon as she walked in, the enforcers in the precinct swarmed to her. Their concern for her made her feel better. She’d often felt like an outcast there with only a handful people she could trust. Maybe it was just because people were pitying her because of the attack or maybe people just no longer cared that they were seen being friendly with ‘Miss Charity’. Or maybe it was because, as Sam had heard from all of her friends, rumors had been going around about her being romantically involved with a vampire. It wasn’t something unheard of, though it was more than a bit unusual, especially for an enforcer.

It took a while for Sam to finally get to her desk. She’d only been sitting down for a few of minutes when JB and Jinyoung, two other equalist enforcers, came up to her.

“How ya feeling, daredevil?” JB asked playfully.

“Daredevil? I heard she was more like Van Helsing,” Jinyoung laughed.

“Ugh, don’t call me that. They attacked me first.”

“And you took them out.”

“With a vampire too,” JB said. “What were you doing with a vamp that time of the day?” Sam could tell by his teasing intonation that he’d already heard why she was there.

“Got anything on the case or just came to bother me?” Sam held out her hand. JB laughed before setting a tan file folder in her hand.

“Got IDs and matches on the tattoos. They’re from one of those crazy elitist gangs. The vamp who survived isn’t talking. But from your statement and the tattoos, not much needs to be said. It’s pretty jacked too. Aside from the tattoos, they mark their people with a brand laced with Sunlight. The heat burns the poison so it doesn’t kill them, but the scars from it will never heal. No one can leave.” JB stopped talking but continued staring. Following his gaze, Sam knew he was checking her throat.

“I’m all healed,” she told them.

“So we see,” said Jinyoung, smirking. “Benefits of having a vampire lover, huh?”

Sam rolled her eyes. “Yep, that’s why I decided to keep him.” She opened the folder and started flipping through pages.

“What’s wrong?” Jinyoung asked with worry when he saw Sam visibly pale. She didn’t answer. “What’s wrong, Sam? Samantha!” Sam’s eyes shot up to his.

“Th-these are their gang tatts?”

“Yeah, why? You see something?”

“I’ve seen this before.” She set the folder down, still open on that page. “These are the same people who killed my family. My case… should be linked.”

“There’s a ton of cases,” JB said. “Must be why we didn’t see it. But are you sure?”


17 Years Ago

Sam felt the darkness start to invade her body. Not only was her vision fading, but she was losing sensation in her hands and feet.

“No, no, no,” a man’s voice cooed gently. “Don’t go just yet. A pretty little girl like you deserves to be savored.”

“F-fuck y-you,” 13-year-old Sam stuttered out. She wasn’t allowed to use those words, mom and dad would be mad if they heard her. But mom and dad were already dead. And these vampires were bad people. Sam was sure her parents would forgive her in the afterlife or whatever came next.

“Oh, you sweet little doll. Such nasty words shouldn’t come from that mouth. I wonder who you could’ve learned it from.” The man smiled at the defiance that stayed strong in her eyes. He would’ve liked to make it last a little longer, but Andrew, who was high as a kite, had made a mess of her when he took her away. Now, her life was fading faster than he would’ve liked. Sam continued to struggle as the man brushed a strand of hair away from her face. The upside-down cobra wrapped around his wrist caught her eyes. Its fangs were bared and dripping with blood. She stared at it for a second before realizing it was just a tattoo.

“So tell me, my little doll, who would teach you such words?” Sam had trouble focusing her eyes. “A vampire maybe? A young boy?” Sam stayed quiet. She would never tell them about her friends. She’d promised to keep them a secret. Even if one had turned his back on her. “That’s fine. It doesn’t matter anyway. We’re not here for him. Maybe the humans will learn their place. Or maybe not. But your parents won’t be a problem anymore.” Through dim sight, Sam could still make out the smirk on his face. “I bet you’d make a nice pet… Maybe if you were as old as your delicious sisters. But oh well.”

Sam’s eyes focused on a spot on the far wall where the family picture used to hang. Ari promised he would always be there if she was in trouble. He lied. Just like he lied when he said he would always be by her side. He promised he would never leave her alone, never hurt her. He promised…

“Ari,” she whispered inaudibly. Everyone was dead and Sam could feel herself drifting away as well. She’d been abandoned. Her eyes were so heavy, but she managed to move them slowly towards the bodies in the middle of the room. They were dead, her whole family was dead, she was alone. And she was ready to join them.

Sam kept her tears at bay. “I can’t forget that tattoo. Sometimes I even dream about it.”

“Do you think it’s a coincidence?” JB asked.

“It’s been 18 years, so maybe. But they specifically knew my name, so maybe not. I don’t know.”

“Well, we’re all looking into this,” Jinyoung told her. “I know you live alone. Do you have anyone to stay with you? Your boyfriend?”

“Actually, I’ll be staying at his place, so don’t worry.”

“Alright. Well, I’m gonna go back to it. I’ll check in later.” Jinyoung left while JB lagged behind.

“What?” Sam asked, looking up at him.

“When you talk about him, your boyfriend… I haven’t seen you so happy since you were dating Dae-hyung.”

“You think?”

“Definitely.” JB patted her on the head. “I’m glad. You deserve to be happy. Sorry I couldn’t do that for you.”

“I’m the one who should apologize. You’re a great guy. I’m glad we could still be friends after that.”

“I wouldn’t want to lose your friendship for anything. Plus, I’ve got a great girlfriend now. I wouldn’t’ve found her if you hadn’t turned me down.”

“Way to look on the bright side,” Sam laughed.

“Life is all about finding the bright sides and silver linings. The world is too depressing without it.” JB gave her a tight hug. “But anyway, I’ll look into the cases and let you know if I can find anything. In the meantime, I really am glad you found a good guy. You should invite him to one of our drinking nights.”

“I’ll be sure to do that. Thanks, Jae.” JB gave a quick wave of his hand and walked off.

Sam let out a sigh. This case was even more complicated than she thought it would be. It was bad enough to have people subversively trying to start a war with her being the trigger. Now, she found out that it was the same gang that had killed her family and almost killed her. It was possible it was coincidence, but maybe not, considering that her parents were also specifically targeted.

Sam found herself thinking about the past, about her family, about Ari and the others. Ari… She thought of him from time to time. Namjoon reminded her of Ari, especially when he flashed his dimpled smile. But Ari had abandoned her, betrayed her trust, hurt her. Seventeen years later and the weight of his words still made her heart clench painfully. Namjoon was different. But… she had also never thought that Ari would do what he did. She shook her head. Namjoon was different, Namjoon was trustworthy. She loved him and knew that he loved her. If nothing else, their bond was enough to show his feelings for her. Though Namjoon reminded her of Ari, she’d never considered the possibility of Namjoon turning his back on her. They were in love and there was no stronger force in the world than love.

Pulling herself out of her memories, Sam dived into the case. She printed sheet after sheet of case files with the idea of looking for overlap later. She knew why her parents had been killed; they were scientists and their work to create the blood supplement pissed off a lot of vampires. Her parents created the blood supplement by request of both the human and vampire joint task force to reduce tensions between the species.

At that time, as it had been since the end of the war, drinking human (or vampire) blood was allowed as long as it was consensual. Another alternative was the blood banks that developed a way of mass creating human blood. But the problem most vampires faced was the necessity to drink blood daily and the availability of said blood. Blood supplements were requested because it would allow an even easier production that was also size and distribution efficient. A complicated process allowed for the separation of specific necessary parts of blood that was processed similar to MREs and other such human foods.

Even though her parents and the others on the team secured a promise from both governments that the supplements would not be forced on vampires by any laws, only to be used when vampires wanted to drink for ease and to control their drinking of real blood, many elitist vampires saw it as a way for humans to further suppress vampires. Most vampires were happy for the supplement, but some were furious. What no one expected, though, were attacks on people related to the creation. It had already been created, so why would they go after the people? After Granny had taken her in a couple years after the attack, Sam had found out it was a simple, bloody warning to anyone else who may try to involve themselves in ‘vampire only’ affairs.

What had once been an organization with a clear purpose, had apparently devolved into mostly gang behavior. They kept the name ‘Dracul’, named after their most deadly king (whom Bram Stoker turned into a weak foe easily defeated by humans according to his book), and moved into mostly drugs, murder, human trafficking (for food and otherwise), and other gang-related businesses. But it was apparent to Sam that either there was a separate group within them in charge of hits or the ‘gang activities’ were a front to hide their true objectives.

Between research and talking to others about it, Sam lost track of time until Namjoon messaged her. She smiled when she saw his name on the notification.

Off work?

Kinda. I lost track of time while researching. I’m gonna clean up right now and then head out.

Let me know when you get home and if you’ll need me to come over. I know you don’t tend to bring a lot of stuff, but I’m not sure if, y’know

Given that I’m kinda moving in, I probably need to bring more than the usual

Good. I’ve got half a dresser and half a closet all for you

There were still parts of her life that Namjoon didn’t know about yet. She didn’t think he would leave her because of them, but she was only ready to share a little at a time. And there were parts of his life he hadn’t told her yet. Once everything had been said, maybe she could move everything to his place. She grabbed the stack of papers and put them in a large folder along with the post-its she had written on with notes. She rode home and texted Namjoon as soon as she got in the door.

Sam looked around her apartment for what she would bring. There wasn’t a lot that belonged to her anymore. She went to her closet and pulled out the shirts she wore most often and piled them onto the bed. She grabbed a couple of the dresses that she thought she might now have a reason to wear. She did the same with the contents of her dresser. She grabbed her jewelry and a few other belongings and toiletries. Sam stared at the picture of her family on the bedside table. That would stay. And when she finally brought it, it would mean that she was fully ready.

She moved the clothes out to the living room and into a couple large suitcases just as there was a knock on her door. When she opened the door, her smile was matched by Namjoon’s.

“Hey there, feisty.”

“Hey there, dimples.” Namjoon kissed her.

“Need any help with anything?”

“I don’t have much, but there’s a couple suitcases.” Namjoon followed Sam’s finger to the living room. He stopped and turned slowly in a circle, taking in the apartment. “What?”

He stopped when he faced her. “I would never have thought that such a chance encounter would lead us to this, me helping you move into my place.”

Sam smiled and walked to his side. “I never could’ve imagined it either. Finding you almost dead on the ground, carrying you on my back to my apartment…”

Namjoon chuckled and hugged her. “I can definitely now say that I believe in fate. Nothing else could’ve brought us together and bonded us the way we were. I wouldn’t change it at all.”

“Same. And quick question, is there a grocery store by your place or should we stop by somewhere?”

“I stocked the fridge while waiting for you to get off of work.” Sam made the whooshing and cracking sound of a whip. “Yep. I love your food, so I have to make sure I have supplies. Not that you always have to cook, we can order out too.”

“Ah, what about the guys? You usually ate with them, didn’t you?”

Namjoon sighed. “I still have the days you work overtime or odd shifts and we usually eat lunch together at work.”

Sam laughed. “You’re afraid they’re gonna wanna come over, aren’t you?”

Namjoon huffed. “Never.”

“We can share sometimes.”

“No,” he said firmly, hugging Sam closer and gently turning side to side.

“Be nice. I know you love your friends too and they’ll be upset if I’m keeping you all to myself all the time.”

Namjoon let out a huff of annoyance. “Fine. I’ll tell them to bring their girlfriends over sometime so you don’t feel so outnumbered. Hoseok’s still on and off with his, but Jin has a girl he’s been going steady with and Jimin just got into a relationship a couple months ago.”

“Sounds like fun.” Sam pecked him on the lips and started grabbing the suitcases. Namjoon helped and the two left, piling the cases in the trunk. Sam followed Namjoon to his apartment on her motorcycle. They brought everything up to his place and unpacked. They were both excited to put their things together. Sam cooked them a fast and simple dinner and they lounged together on the couch until it was time to get ready for bed. Sam ironed her uniform after having rolled it up in the suitcase while Namjoon delayed getting ready for bed. Sam finished and the two got ready for bed together, just like Namjoon wanted.

They giggled and ‘fought’ for the sink while brushing their teeth and washing their faces. It was a normal couple routine that the two were happy to continue. They lay in bed together, though neither was ready for sleep yet. The excitement of the new adventure in their relationship kept them up, Sam curled up on Namjoon. Thinking back to this afternoon and her memories of Ari, Sam finally decided to ask about Namjoon’s first love. They’d mentioned their first loves only in passing. Sam wanted to know more about the girl who’d managed to capture Namjoon’s heart just as Namjoon had mentioned him being curious about Sam as well.



“Can you tell me about her, about your first love? I just mean like, what kind of person she was?”

Sam heard Namjoon’s heart beat a little faster. “That’s a bit random.”

“I was looking into the gang that attacked us. It looks like they may be linked to the death of my family. I don’t really want to talk about that too much, but it did make me think a lot about the past and about my first love… And it made me curious about yours.”

“Time to pull the skeletons out, huh?”

“If that’s okay. I’ll tell you about mine as well, of course. I was just curious. You don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want to.”

“No, it’s fine. Just feels a little strange to talk about, you know?” Sam nodded. “Ah, um, where to start… How much do you want to know?”

“As much as you want to tell me. It could just be about what kind of person she was, or how you two met, or whatever. I just want to understand you more, and what better way than learning about your past?”

Namjoon smiled at her. “Okay then.” And Namjoon told her. He told her about how he was only 13 when he first met her. He saw her from a distance and thought she looked ethereal, like an angel, the way the sun reflected on her. She was pretty in the way a 13-year-old boy could think a girl about his age was pretty. She was funny, sweet, and tough. Although her parents had taught her to be wary of strangers, once she got to know him and the guys she was friendly. The fact that they were vampires had no effect on the way she interacted with them. “As far as she was concerned, were just strange boys playing in the woods, and then her friends.” As he talked, Namjoon absent-mindedly petted Sam’s head, his fingers combing through her hair. “We were only visiting there for summer so we left too soon.”

“A summer romance, huh?”

Namjoon chuckled and kissed her on the forehead. “Too stereotypical?”

“Not at all. Nothing wrong with a summer fling, even if it’s only a friendship between kids.”

“But it wasn’t just the one year,” he continued. The next year, they ran into her again. He still thought she was the prettiest girl he’d ever met. And she was just as kind and sweet. He fell for her the way a 14-year-old can fall for a girl. He hadn’t reached the age where he could bond with someone yet. But Yoongi had. He was year older than Namjoon, so… Namjoon knew Yoongi felt something for her just as Yoongi knew Namjoon felt something for her. But Namjoon didn’t know how strong Yoongi’s feelings were until he saw him become bonded to her.

“I was angry and when she tried to talk to me later, I lashed out at her. I barely listened to what she was saying, I was just so angry, even though I didn’t really have a right to be. I felt like… she was just playing with me, with us… The way she always was with me… But I wasn’t able to tell the difference between friendly love and romantic love. I said some things I shouldn’t’ve said, things that were lies and things I regretted as soon as the words came out of my mouth. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but the look on her face…” He sighed.

“I never saw her again after that. Yoongi and I fought pretty badly for a short time.” He sighed again. “For the longest time, I hated myself and her. But if I had run into her again after I reached the age, I bet I would’ve bonded with her regardless. The pain faded over time, but… I think I used my memory of her to judge any possible relationship after that; not consciously of course. I met a couple people who I tried a relationship with, but it just didn’t fit.


Sam snuggled her head into his chest. “It’s a sad but sweet story.”

Namjoon sighed. “I guess it is.” He was quiet for a minute, still lost in thought. “Your turn?” he asked.

“Mm…” Sam told him about the boy she’d met over summer break. She couldn’t judge a sweetheart summer romance because she’d had it too. She’d had fun with him and his friends and they treated her like just another friend even though she was a human. With her sisters being years older than her, she wasn’t often included and usually disappeared into the surrounding forests to play by herself. She became fast friends with the ones she met. Her first love was funny and smart and clumsy. He was sweet but also had a temper sometimes. When summer ended, her heart ached the way a 12-year-old girl, who knew nothing about love, could have her heart ache. She met him again the next year and stuck to him closely.

“A year only changed him for the better. He almost never lost his temper, not that he ever lost it at me, and he was sweeter. When it started getting close to the end of summer, I remember how heavy my heart felt. I was scared to tell him about my silly crush but I was more afraid of him leaving at the end of the break and never seeing him again. At least if he turned me down, I would have time to get over it. I even managed to fool myself into thinking he liked me. But it turned out he was a lot more cruel than I had even thought was possible for another person. I know now that there are plenty of people like him.”

Sam took a deep breath. “I finally worked up the nerve to tell him I liked him just over a week before break ended.” She bit her lip but decided to tell anyway. He had shared and so could she. “When I told him… the way he looked at me. He sneered at me and told me words that never disappeared from my brain. He told me I was pathetic and disgusting and that he wished he had never met me. He said the day he met me was the worst day of his life and that it was too tiring to pretend anymore. I discovered just how deceptive people can be. It made it hard to trust anyone after that. If he could hide himself so well, how many other people were exactly like that?

“And yet… when my family was attacked, when I was dying… I was still waiting for him to save me, to keep his promise to never let anything hurt me.” She ruffled her hair in exasperation. “But I was just a stupid kid. In many ways. I met Dae and he got me to trust my heart to someone again. I started to believe that there were more good people than bad. And you… you’ve only justified my belief. I fell for you hard and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Namjoon pulled her tightly against him and kissed her. “I’ll never give you reason to question that belief. I’ll always be right here with you. You gave me faith and I’ll give it right back. You belong right here next to me and I belong right here next to you. This is fate if I’ve ever seen it.”

“Fate…” Sam smiled sleepily. “I like that.”


So I thought this would be a good place to finally talk about their first loves. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like a person's first love says a lot about someone. Either way, I guess this chapter isn't necessarily about the first loves so much as it is about fate, as they said. But anyway, I hope you enjoyed it. I hope to see you all for the next one!!!

I am going to try to take a couple days' break from my videogame before starting the DLC that I realized I still needed to play. But I plan to try to write more during that time. And hopefully I'll have time to finish it before I take my vacation in Korea in a couple weeks. Don't want to deal with bringing my bulky-ass laptop all the way there.

Please feel free to leave any feedback or constructive criticism either on here or messaging me. I'm always looking to improve.

Also, I'm uploading all my old stories, with editing, onto Wattpad in case anyone is interested or uses it. My username is the same. Thanks in advance for your support!

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