Jekyllcon 2017 Cosplay

I have a few ideas percolating for my cosplay this year. I really need to get started soon, though. Below are pictures of my top choices. Since I'm relatively new to such projects, I was hoping someone might give me some tips...especially on the best lightweight materials to use for stuff like Mephista's horns and tail, Korosensei's tentacles and head, and Sara Pezzini's Witchblade.

For the hooves, I thought I could find some hoof boots online, but now I'm considering making my own with ballet shoes and cardboard. We'll see how that turns out and go from there, eh?

I had a grand idea that I wanted to use silicone and coconut oil to make the tentacle arms feel realistic, but I think the silicone might be too heavy to walk around with all day. I'm really not sure what to make the head out of, but I definitely don't want paper mache.

If I knew someone with a 3D printer, this one could probably be pretty easy. But I don't, so I don't know...there's probably tutorials online. I'll Google it when I get ready to start on it.

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