Awake - Chapter 3

Namjoon(Back story)It's only been five years since I was first introduce to Y/N's father. I was running away from a rival gang.We planned to take over their turf but somehow the word got out. On the day we were going to execute out plan they, who shall not be named ambushed our head quarters.It became a life or death rumble, there was no in between. They wanted to make sure we were out, for good. I couldn't let that happen so we fought until blood was drawn. Jin and I forced Jimin and V to safety. A place no one would find in this big city. J-hope and Jungkook were already there waiting for our signal that will never come. At least we were able to hold off the enemy, long enough for them to escape safely.Truth be told, it's a blur to me now only recollecting bits and pieces of that event. What I am sure of is that MORON of a chauffeur running me over. I woke up a week later in the hospital with a broken arm and bruised legs. A man walked Into the room and introduced himself."Hello young man you can call me Mr. Jong" I interrupted before he could continue. " Where's the moron who hit me? His response was short but he went right to his point."Fired, and don't worry about the expenses I've taken care of them, but I'm here to make a sweet deal you won't refuse"I appreciate that but I have to go to my family. But what kind of deal do you want to make, with someone like me? "Well son, you might not remember but I witness the way you defended yourself, let's just say almost like a pro. Would you by any chance had any training of some sort?"Well Mr. Jong I was trained by the streets. So it's either you learn or you will LEARN...."Ahh I see, well hear me out on this." As he kept talking I was starting to feel a little more comfortable with the idea of guarding this man's child. Mr. Jong was the man who offered me a "home", well more of a safe Haven. 5 months have passed, with the recovery making me feel brand new, but now I had to met up with Mr. Jong. I gathered the very few things I had and I left to the address he had written down.I had no clue if I were to trust him, would he follow through with the countless of promises he's made me? Who's to say hes only doing this to gain my trust for something worse. Not on my watch, I'll have to keep my guard up 24/7. Untill I can get back to my boys. "Beforehand I'll need you to sign some paperwork" he said as he searched one of the cabinets in his office.That's odd, what kind of shit did I getting myself into. The stack of papers seemed to be 50 pages at most. "Take a seat son, this might take a while" He said, as I sat back to the chair in front of his black marble custom made desk. Yes I can tell it's worth huge bucks just by the looks of it. I was assigned to be Y/N's "body guard". Although I wasn't looking forward to it in the beginning. The money made it worth wild, $900 every week. Easy all I had to do was babysit a snob-nose child, what was her name again ...? A yes Y/N. Namjoon POV

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