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Glee Season 5 Episode 6 And yes, you’re eyes do not deceive you: That really is former supermodel Tyra Banks standing there and giving him modeling advice. We’re just surprised she made it through a whole couple of phrases without uttering the words “smizing.” “Your lips” she tells him. “They’re kinda like...” Sam grins at her knowingly. “Trouty?” ========================================== CLICK HERE TO WATCH FULL EPISODE==> CLICK HERE TO WATCH FULL EPISODE==> CLICK HERE TO WATCH FULL EPISODE==> =========================================== If you saw the promo for next week’s Glee Season 5 Episode 6: “Movin’ Out,” you no doubt heard that the hour will be a tribute to the music of Billy Joel. You know, that one guy who had all those hits in the ‘70s and ‘80s? Fun fact: Most of Glee’s core audience wasn’t even born until the 1990s. Glee recently did a tribute to Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, which garnered very low ratings. If these two pop goddesses can’t get traction, what makes Glee think that Billy Joel can? Jake (Jacob Artist) and Marley (Melissa Benoist) almost broke up in Season 5 Episode 5: “The End of Twerk.” We feel terrible for Marley. Her boyfriend cheated on her with a skanky cheerleader. But as much as we try and care about the lives of newbies like Marley and Jake, we just can’t get interested in their problems. Unfortunately, this Jarely drama will continue to be played out through the coming episodes. Ryder (Blake Jenner) will pine after Marley, and will probably try to make a move. But after that, Jake and Marley will still be singing songs together and looking very close. However, Bree will be singing with them, too. So it sounds like Glee is milking this drama train for all they can. Too bad it’s with characters few fans care about. We should note, however, that this is not the first time Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” has been covered on Glee. Way back in Season 1, Episode 19: “Dream On,” Neil Patrick Harris (Bryan Ryan) — the man who, five season later, still remains our favorite Glee guest star of all time — sang it as a duet with Schue (Matthew Morrison). Of course, that version wasn’t meant to be pristine or refined. It was all about former high school buddies kicking back with a drink and belting out a bit of karaoke.

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