'More Than Friendship...' by farleythewill, Chapter 18


Chapter Summary:

The time has come. Everyone gathers in their rightful place to enter Mint Eye HQ, Magenta. Jaehee, Seven, Yoosung, and the three security guards accompanying them, prepare for the fight of their lives, as Jaehee struggles with one's own ideals, causing a fight to break out between her and one of the guards.

More Than Friendship...

by farleythewill

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Chapter 18: Prep-Work

    As she sits on the black, leather seat of Jumin's limousine, fidgeting her phone lightly with her fingers, Jaehee stares through the window, gazing at the mysterious forest rushing past her. Most of her attention was towards the song that was playing through her silver earbuds, causing her to hum a bit of the song, catching the attention of Yoosung, as well as one of the three security guards accompanying them.

    "Hey, Mr. Kim...that really is Ms. Kang, right," the young security guard asks the blond male, causing Yoosung to turn his head, smiling.

    "It's...Shawn, right? I apologize if that's wrong, since I still don't have you all memorized yet...but yes, that's Jaehee...also, for now, you don't have to call me Mr. Kim. That's only when Mr. Han's around. Call me Yoosung," he replies, his violet eyes closing, keeping his smile plastered on his face.

    The other male nervously laughs, placing the palm of his hand against the back of his short, black hair. "I don't think I can do that...but, I will try, Yoosung...and yes, it's Shawn. Mr. Han never remembers my name, so I'm flattered...but..." he then fixates his gaze towards the woman sitting in front of him, admiring her beauty, "She...really has changed since she left the company, huh?"

    Yoosung nods, focusing his attention towards Jaehee as well, who is oblivious to the looks she is gaining, because of the music playing in her ear. "She definitely has, and she has her...significant other to thank for," he says, shortly before hearing a short gasp, escaping from one of the other guards.

    "You said...'significant other,' correct, Mr. Kim," the oldest of the three guards lets out, a concerned look placed on his face, "That means that she's...with another woman..."

    Shawn's gaze lowers, showing a hint of sadness from his eyes. Yoosung looks at the young man, his smile lowering to a small grin, placing his hand on Shawn's shoulder. "It's alright. I can tell that you found her attractive. I mean, who wouldn't? She isn't the same woman as she was when she was working under Jumin. She's become a free spirit, being able to experience things she never has..." his gaze shifts to the oldest, giving him a slightly intimidating look from his eyes. "And for you, yes. She's with another woman...is there a problem with that?"

    The oldest of the three guards slowly shakes his head, his eyes slanting, to show his calm, yet serious, demeanor. "Love should only be acquired between a male and a female. Nothing else should exi-"

    He is cut off before Yoosung could react, as a crumpled piece of paper smacks the man in the eye, causing him to cringe slightly, in pain. "W-what the hell," he says angrily, as his gaze shifts towards Seven, who's face is filled with both focus and anger.

    "Just because they're both woman doesn't mean they don't deserve happiness. You may have your own ideals, but in reality, love can be shared with anyone, to anyone. I mean, for me, as long as the person makes me happy, I'm happy. It doesn't matter if they're a man, woman, kangaroo, or a plastic doll...so please, refrain from saying such nonsense," Seven finishes, as he looks back towards the small laptop, sitting on his legs.

    The man blinks, as he notices the woman looking at him, her face full of curiosity, an earbud being held firmly between her fingers, showing that she is able to hear. "Uhm...what did I miss," Jaehee asks, as she looks over at Yoosung, who is shaking his head.

    "It's alright, Jaehee. We just had a conversation that had a touchy subject. Nothing to worry about now...anyways," Yoosung continues, as he points to his ear, "What were you listening to? You seemed to really like the song, since you were kind of humming along to it."

    Jaehee's face boils up to a slight blush, along with a soft smile from her pink lips. "Y-yes...it's a really good song. It's performed by an American artist. I'm not a big fan of her music...but, this particular song, I absolutely love. When I listen to it, I automatically think about her," she says, her eyes lowering to her feet.

    Seven raises an eyebrow, looking away from his laptop. "Oh? And what is it called?"

    Jaehee closes her eyes, as her loose fingers wrap around her phone, feeling her heart beat faster, wondering if any of the others in the vehicle would know the song. "It's called 'Unconditionally.'"

    Yoosung's eyes light up, as a pleasant smile appears across his lips. "Oh, yeah! I love that song! It's definitely a powerful song...and, well..." he trails off, trying to make eye contact with the woman, "...it definitely suits you, Jaehee. We know how you feel towards her, and this song...well, it really reflects what you're thinking."

    Seven chuckles, gaining a slight glare from the blond boy. "Yeah, it's a great song! I personally prefer upbeat songs...but that one, is definitely a tear-jerker," he lets out, as he tries to wipe his eyes, imitating an act of crying.

    Jaehee giggles, nodding, then looks up at Shawn, who is staring off into space, catching her attention. "Hey...are you alright?"

    He breaks his trance, looking into Jaehee's lovely amber eyes, causing him to panic. "N-nothing, Ms. Kang! I'm okay...I'm just...not used to thinking, that of all things, you would be attracted...to a woman..." he says, his eyes lowering down to the floor.

    Jaehee's eyes widen slightly, hearing the words that have left the security guard's lips. "Well...I didn't really plan for that to happen, but...well, I don't know how to explain it. I just...fell in love with her. I was looking for a friend, but...I ended up finding someone who meant more to me than the whole world. I know it's something that's not looked upon here, but I'm more than willing to cope with that fact," she responds, as she crosses her arms under her chest, taking in a deep breath. "I love her, and she loves me. That's what matters to me most...as well as her safety. That's why we're doing this."

    The third security guard, a tall, bald man, looking to be in his thirties, opens his eyes from his rest, staring into Jaehee's gaze. "So, what you're saying is...your 'significant other'...is the one we are rescuing?"

    The second security guard grunts, crossing his own arms against his chest. "Ugh...you have to be kidding me..."

    Yoosung looks at the man, a serious glare emitting from his eyes. "Mr. Kohl! Despite your beliefs, you are still working as security for Mr. Han. He has given you an order, and you must agree to it. If you don't , I will be forced to tell Mr. Han of your actions, and at this point in time...he won't accept incompetence!"

    The security guard grunts again, looking away from the boy. "Hmph. I'm well aware of my job. I don't need some fake assistant to tell me what I need to do!"

    Jaehee's eyes lower, fixating her gaze towards the man. "Mr...Kohl, was it? If you don't feel like doing this mission, then you don't have to. I'll just pick up your slack. Hell, I'll do this mission by myself, if it means getting my Cream back."

    Mr. Kohl begins to laugh, gaining the attention of Jaehee, Yoosung, as well as Seven, shaking his head. "Please...a woman, picking up my slack? I happen to be one of the strongest guards under Mr. Han!"

    Jaehee raises an eyebrow, placing a smug look upon her face. "Oh, really? And tell me, what kind of martial arts background do you have?"

    The man laughs louder, irritating the three, as well as the other two security guards. "I don't need any background! Anything that comes my way, I will simply take it down," he continues, but shortly stops his laughing, as he sees a small smile appear across the woman's lips again.

    "Is that so? Well, why not prove yourself. Once we arrive to our point...let's have a sparring match," Jaehee says, as her eyes glimmer with excitement, "you and me. Let's see if you have what it takes. If you win, you can sit back, let us do the work, and you will still get paid to do so."

    Mr. Kohl's face resembles a deer, facing the bright lights of a vehicle's high-beams. "You...you're kidding, right? You? A woman? Fight against me?"

    Yoosung sighs, shaking his head once again. "You obviously don't know what Jaehee is capable of, do you, Mr. Kohl? Well...if Jaehee wants those conditions, I'll see to it if it happens. If you win, you don't have to come with us, and you will still get paid compensation."

    The man grins, causing Jaehee's smile to widen. "Well, Ms. Kang. Looks like you have yourself a deal...though, I won't go easy on you."

    Just as Mr. Kohl stops his statement, the vehicle slows to a stop, as the door to the limousine opens up automatically. "Everyone...we're here. We have arrived at the coordinates that Mr. Choi has provided," the driver says, through the speaker.

    The man cricks his neck, laughing under his breath, as he gets out of the limo. As the others exit behind him, Seven reaches over, and places his hand on Jaehee's shoulder, causing her attention to be directed towards him. "Hey, Jaehee...whatever you do, don't overwork yourself. I know you're still in pain from Zen's attack...but, make sure that this guy pays. He said some pretty awful things about...you two, while you were listening to your music."

    Jaehee smiles, nodding her head. "Don't worry, I'm actually feeling fine. I don't think I even need this heat-pad on, but I'll keep it for the time being...and I had a feeling he was saying things, based on how you and Yoosung acted towards him," she pauses, as she cracks her knuckles with her palms. "He will be a good warm-up, anyways."

    Seven smiles back, folding his laptop up, tucking it under his arm, and leaves the limo, with Jaehee following behind him. "That sounds about right...good thing that we parked in a fairly closed space. I don't think anyone from Mint Eye will be able to see what happens...well, have fun," he says, leaning against the vehicle, as Mr. Kohl takes his black suit jacket off.

    "Are you ready, little lady," he says, as he takes his stance. Jaehee agrees, taking her own stance, smiling.

    "I should say the same thing to you," she responds, causing the rage building up in Mr. Kohl to erupt, his body charging towards Jaehee, yells of anger belting out from his vocal cords.

    You slowly open your eyes, the strength in your limbs being nonexistent. You slowly look around, as you remember the last thing to happen, before you blacked out again: your phone shattering against the solid portion of the cell, as well as Zen's firm grip around your throat.

    Your gaze meets the short-haired male, as a small, pleasant smile appears across his face. "Welcome back, my love...sorry you had to sleep again."

    You try to muscle up the strength to say what's on your mind, but retract any mention of Jaehee, even though you drastically want to talk about her. "Zen...you..." you begin, catching the male's attention, "you...don't have...to do this..."

    Zen shakes his head, maintaining his position in his chair, sitting backwards, resting his arms on top of the back of it. "I have to. This is the only way that you can come to Magenta. The only way you can come to me."

    You begin to slowly shake your head, agitating Zen. "I mean...that this...isn't you, Zen...you're...better...than this..."

    The man sighs, lowering his gaze to the floor. "I like what I am right now. I feel like I can achieve anything. I can be anyone. I can have anyone...even though, I only want you. This place is giving me the opportunity to have you, and for that, I am grateful..."

    You turn your head more to the side, allowing Zen to see more of your face, causing his smile to return, larger than before. "Zen...that man...said you were...brainwashed...is that true?"

    Zen's pleasant smile turned to mild shock, remembering what he and Saeran were talking about. "I-I prefer to see it as a wake-up call. What they did to me...what I'm doing to you...is what is needed to wake us up...to have you love me..."

    You close your eyes, attempting to curl your fingers into fists. "Z-Zen...for the last time...I...will never...fall in love...with you..."

    Zen's nose tightens, as his lips turn to a snarl. "Don't say such things! It's going to happen!"

    You feel your hands tighten, as memories of the woman you love dearly enter your mind again. "No...it won't...just accept...that I...love Jae-" Before you are able to finish your sentence, you hear Zen's chair slam against the cell bars, causing the sensation of your heart jumping, scaring you.

    "Don't...just, don't...I don't want to hurt you...so, don't...say her name..." Zen lets out, gripping your arm as tight as he can, reaching over to the table, where another syringe lays.

    You open your eyes again, looking Zen directly in the pupils, seeing his eyes dance in anger. You gather your courage to say the next word to leave your mouth, knowing that Zen will do something to you.

    "...Jaehee..." you say firmly, causing Zen to yell out in anger, jabbing the syringe into your skin. You yelp in pain, as the force of the needle hurts more than usual.

    "I told you before! Never say that name again," Zen yells out, gripping your arm tighter, causing tears to fall from your eyes. The current drugs in your system are keeping your body from moving, but the pain caused by his actions cause your limbs to jolt a bit.

    Just as Zen extracts the syringe from your weak, limp body, he feels a tight grip on his shoulder, pulling his body back. The source pulls him down onto his back, as Zen faces Saeran, annoyance plastered across his face.

    "What the hell are you doing, you idiot," the young male yells out, pinning Zen's thrashing body to the ground. "You can't just dose her out of the blue! The transition is a delicate position! If you keep this up, you're going to kill her!"

    After hearing those words, Zen stops his movements, allowing Saeran to loosen his grip on the white-haired man's shoulders. "I...I'm sorry...but, she said my most hated word," Zen lets out, allowing long, deep breathes to fill his lungs, calming him down.

    "God...why do you have to be so emotional..." Saeran says, quietly, catching Zen's attention. "Your hatred shouldn't be triggered by a single word...really, man, you're a complicated mess..." He then focuses his attention to you, as your tired eyes glisten from your tears.

    "I don't care about how much you hurt the maiden...but, I don't want her dead. If she dies...I will kill you, Hyun," Saeran continues, as he stands up, releasing Zen from his pin, and walks over to you, inspecting the bruise left at the injection point.

    "Hmm...it looks like you gave her another full dose...this isn't good. We need to take her to our specialist. We need to regulate her system..." Saeran trails off, glaring down at Zen, who is finally pulling himself up to his feet. "We're expecting company soon, so it is a good idea to go now."

    Zen places his hand on his shoulder, rubbing it tentatively, wincing at the pain from Saeran's grasp. "W-what kind of company are you talking about?"

    Saeran grins, finally having a reason to become his old self again. "Well, I did tell you to send the RFA to us...and that's exactly what's going to happen. In the next two hours, we will be expecting a rescue mission."

    Zen sits the chair he threw earlier back up, sitting down, relaxing his arm. "Oh? They are planning to attack us, after all? No doubt that...she will be with them."

    Saeran nods, as he looks into your eyes, picking your body up slightly attempting to gain a proper grip on your body. You gaze back, your vision unstable from the drugs. You squint, looking harder at the male, as a memory comes back to your head, as if you recognize him.

"No way...that...can't be Seven. He...wouldn't do anything like this...but, why does he remind me of Seven...just...who is this guy? Well...it doesn't matter...Jaehee is on her way...I'm...glad...my love...is coming to save me..."

    "W-what...what did you say..." Saeran responds, stepping away from your body, catching Zen's attention again, his head tilting in curiosity.

    "Saeran...what's wrong? What did she say," he asks, causing Saeran's gaze to fixate on Zen's two-tone eyes. The young male's eyes widen, as repressed memories begin to envelope his mind, causing him to fall to his knees.

    "N-no...not now...I can't be like this...no, please...stop..." Saeran says softly, cradling the back of his head with his hands. Before Zen is able to respond to Saeran's actions, the two of them feel the floor vibrate, as a loud sound emits throughout the area.

    Seven looks up from his small laptop, attached to his forearm, after hearing the loud thud that sounds as Mr. Kohl's body slams down onto the ground. His back faces towards the sky, his left arm pointing upwards, as Jaehee holds it in place, pushing it slightly so that his arm can no longer be pushed.

    Screams of agony emit from the man's vocal cords, causing the woman to sigh. "Now's the time that I ask you to do something, Mr. Kohl. I'll forgive everything you did, if you do this one thing..." she says, as Seven whistles in astonishment.

    "Well, I'll admit...I've never seen Jaehee fight before. She's..." he trails off, as Yoosung watches in amazement of the scene in front of him.

    "...she's scary when she fights. Well, I guess this is what happens when you fight against someone who is a black belt," the blond male lets out, lightly chuckling afterwards. Mr. Kohl's eyes widen from the news he just heard, stopping his cries mid-stream.

    "W-wait...a black belt...you're a black belt, Ms. Kang," the security guard yells out, as Jaehee shifts her foot closer to his shoulder, pinning him further into the ground.

    "Yes, I am. Now...this is what I want you to do..." she begins, as her fond memories of you enter her head again. "I want you...to apologize. For everything you said. About me. About Cream. About the love that we share. I respect your opinion about love, I do...but...please, for my sake...please, apologize," she finishes, as tears begin to fall from her eyes, from all of the emotional pain she has felt since Zen attacked her.

    Mr. Kohl feels his heart sink slightly, hearing the sharpness in her voice turn to sorrow and sadness, making him feel less of a man than he already is. "I...I give...I apologize..."

    Jaehee's cries lessen, with tears still falling from time to time, as she loosens her grip on Mr. Kohl's arm, allowing him to stand up. "Thank you...even though it didn't sound realistic, I'll still accept it."

    The security guard shakes his head, moving his shoulder around, attempting to relieve the pain. "I did mean it, ma'am. Though I still believe that love should only exist between a man and a woman...I'll respect your wishes. Besides, a woman of your strength...shouldn't even have to worry about what I would have to say. You've beaten me with your power, and that says a lot to me," he trails off, looking down at the ground.

    "Strength has always been in my life. I live by becoming the strongest, which is why I take pride in my strength. By fighting you...I can feel that you take great pride with your feelings for this woman. What you feel drives your strength, and that...is what matters to me. It was an honor to spar with you...I also apologize for how...angry I acted towards you. You have my respect from now on," Mr. Kohl finishes, bowing to the woman.

    Jaehee smiles, as she bows back. "Like I said, I accept your apology. You got angry because I thought I could beat you in a sparring match...and I got angry because you insulted my feelings to Cream, as well as your thoughts of me being weak because I was a woman...but, I still accept it. Besides..." she stops, happily tilting her head, catching the man off-guard. "You are, in fact, a pretty good fighter. I'm sure that with some proper teachings, you can become a black belt in something as well. Maybe not judo, but something with a bit more strikes involved."

    Before Mr. Kohl was able to respond, Seven yells from the car, "Hey, big guy! She wasn't even one-hundred-percent! A few hours ago, she got her ass handed to her by the guy who kidnapped her girlfriend! How does that make you feel?!"

    The security guard's eyes widen again, looking over at the woman who just beat him in a fight, amazed. "You...you are injured right now? And you were still able to fight like that?! That...that's even more amazing, Ms. Kang!"

    Jaehee's eye twitches, remembering Zen's actions towards her, as she places her hand against her pocket, feeling the black gloves she is saving for the white-haired male that took you from her. "Luciel! Do NOT bring that up, you hear," she yells back, making Seven shiver in fright.

    "Y-yes, ma'am..." he responds, causing Yoosung to chuckle again.

    "W-well, Mr. Kohl...looks like you lost. Do you still want to stay put, or do you still want to help us get Cream back," the blond male says, walking towards the guard.


    "I'll go," Mr. Kohl responds, causing Yoosung to stop walking. "If Ms. Kang is still injured, she will need all the help she can get."

    Shawn, as well as the other security guard, sigh in unison, in relief that there will still be three guards. "Well, at least that's settled..." Shawn lets out, gaining a nod from the bald guard.

    The sound of kittens meowing showers everyone's ears, as Seven pulls his phone out from his pocket. "Oh, sorry guys...I have to take this," he says, placing the device against his ear.

    "R-really, Seven...that's your ringtone," Yoosung says, shaking his head, sighing. Jaehee sighs in response, folding her arms across her chest.

    "...Yeah, we're ready when you are. You got everything armed? ...good, good. All according to plan. Alright...also, do you like how the button is shaped like Elly? Oh...you don't? You don't like to push her button...well, that's no fun, man! I thought you would like...oh, alright. I'll get everyone ready. Yeah...okay...well, have fun," Seven says in his conversation, hanging up, turning his gaze to everyone.

    "Okay, guys! Here's what we're going to do," Seven begins, holding his arm out, so that everyone can watch the screen of his laptop. "Here is a GPS map of where we are now. If we follow the line, we will be able to get to our entry point without being seen!"

    Yoosung raises his hand, causing Seven's glasses to shimmer in delight. "Yes, sir! We have a question!"

    Yoosung places his right elbow in his left hand, as his right index finger places itself against his chin. "So, you already have that planned out? Just how did you do it in such a small amount of time?"

    Seven grins, adjusting his glasses. "A hacker never reveals his secrets...so, we have around five minutes to get there, and we have to run. Yes...Yoosung, you have to run," the red-haired man laughs, causing Yoosung to place an annoyed glare onto him.

    "You know I can run...I'm not out of shape..." the blond male says, causing Jaehee to giggle, knowing how much he has to move around, while working under Jumin.

    "Well, we will have to see about that...anyways, once we get into the building, we will be in the dark. We will have to move from room to room, without being seen, until...well, we see Cream. Trust me guys, when we see Cream...we will know," he says, giving a sheepishly look towards Jaehee, causing her to blush.

    "Y-you're just saying that because of how badly I want to see her...that's not fair, Luciel..." she says, hiding a small tear that is forming.

    "I mean it, guys. Once Jaehee sees Cream, all we have to do is get her, and haul ass out. Simple as that. So simple, a caveman can do i-" Seven attempts to say, as Yoosung hits his arm with his fist, softly.

    "Now's not the time for jokes, Seven," the blond male says, causing Seven to laugh.

    "It's always time to joke around, my little toy! So, all we have to do, is wait for the signal. Once the signal is given, I'll start running in the direction we need to go. Be prepared, because it can happen at any given moment," Seven says, as a determined, serious gaze appears across everyone's eyes, especially Jaehee's.

"Cream...please, wait a little bit longer...I'm coming for you, my love. Zen...he doesn't know what's coming to him. I swear, if he has done...anything to hurt you, my precious angel...he's got a lot of hurt coming his way...please, I just pray...that you're alright. And, if you're not...I'll do everything I can to take care of you...but, please...be safe...be yourself..."

    All of a sudden, a loud explosion rings in everyone's ears, in turn, causing Seven's cheery face to change to that of a serious nature. "That's the signal! Everyone, let's go! Hustle! Hustle," he yells out, as everyone begins to run towards him, knowing that it's do-or-die.

    Jumin walks up to the building, admiring the decorated gate of Magenta, the palace where you are being held captive. "Hmph...this place could use a bit of a touch-up. What do you say, men? Do you think we should help with that," the businessman asks, as his fellow security guards yell in agreement.

    Jumin turns his back to the gate, as a heavily-armored car comes rushing past him, driving itself through the gate, causing the metal bars to clang against the ground, allowing Jumin to smile at the action.

    "This is quite fun...I never thought that doing this would be so...enjoyable..." he says softly, as he focuses his attention to his guards. "Alright! Men, this is the moment we were waiting for! Go, and place the explosives that Luciel gave us on the doors, and get away as quickly as possible! Please, let us enter their home! We don't want them to be waiting for long!"

    The guards yell again, rushing towards the large, front door, placing piece after piece of C-4 against the surface, as a field expert wires the explosives together, arming the device. The expert gives a thumbs up, and follows the guards away from the entrance, as Jumin holds the detonator in his hand, in the shape of a cat.

    "Ugh...I can't believe that Luciel would make this in the shape of Elizabeth 3rd...she shouldn't be involved with all of this...but, it's too late to complain. I have to do it..." he says to himself, turning his back again to the front door.

    "Okay, men! This is the moment of truth! Once I press this button, all hell will break loose! Our main goal is to distract everyone in the building, so be on your guard! That means that everyone will be after us! We cannot accept defeat! We will pull through, and we will conquer this place! For C&R! For the RFA," he yells out, as he presses the button, causing a chain reaction of the explosives to activate.

    Pieces of mahogany wood, metal barb, and polished metal scatter around the entrance, as the security guards rush towards the opening. Jumin turns around, to witness the damage that he has just done, placing a wider smile across his face.

"This is the most fun I've had in a good while...but, I know we're not here for me. We're here for Zen. We're here for Jaehee. We're here...for you, Cream. I'll do everything I can to have you back in Jaehee's care. You two...deserve each other."

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