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Naruto Shippuden Episode 339 Sakura jumps in the way and says she will give her life to protect her friends. Naruto tells her she can't die and Arashi tries to finish Naruto off. Sasame causes a distraction enough for Naruto to break free. Kabuto then makes his decision to join Orochimaru and serve as his personal spy. After Orochimaru's death, ============================================================ CLICK HERE TO WATCH FULL EPISODE==> http://animeserieshub.blogspot.com/2013/11/watch-naruto-shippuden-episode-339.html CLICK HERE TO WATCH FULL EPISODE==> http://animeserieshub.blogspot.com/2013/11/watch-naruto-shippuden-episode-339.html CLICK HERE TO WATCH FULL EPISODE==> http://animeserieshub.blogspot.com/2013/11/watch-naruto-shippuden-episode-339.html ============================================================ Naruto Shippuden Episode 339 Kabuto injected himself with blood from the latter's remains — as part of his quest to find his "true self". Itachi and Sasuke stand as a united front, confronting Kabuto. The two activate their Susanoo respectively and attack Kabuto. Kabuto reveals that he had developed a similar ability to the Hozuki clan's Hydrification Technique as well as replicated Karin's healing abilities and Jugo's ability to absorb natural energy. To Itachi's shock, Kabuto noted that he had discovered the Ryuchi Cave and trained under the White Snake Sage, where his master had failed. Sasuke says that Kabuto is nothing different from Orochimaru, a "disgusting" snake. An amused Kabuto stopped him and stated that he had evolved into a dragon as the latter entered Sage Mode. Naruto takes on Arashi, but gets trapped easily. Sakura thinks he's dead and Naruto ends up blowing his sneak attack cover to protect her. Naruto tries his attack again, but his injury causes a problem. Naruto gets trapped in an attack that will crush him if he doesn't get out. Sasame attacks Arashi and manages to set him free for a second. However, it doesn't last long and he soon tries to kill Sasame. Kabuto has a flashback of when the Konoha Orphanage aided several wounded shinobi — through which Kabuto was tasked with healing Orochimaru. Seeing talent in the young man, Orochimaru asked whether or not he wants to become a shinobi, to which Kabuto declined, saying he is not interested in the job. During nighttime at the orphanage, Nono is approached by Danzo along with Orochimaru and an unknown shinobi. Danzo and his men seemingly blackmailed her into going on an intelligence gathering mission in Iwagakure, much to the other orphanage caretakers' dismay. Also recruiting Kabuto in the process, he is tasked with infiltrating the villages of the Five Great Shinobi Countries. While on a mission in Iwagakure, Kabuto encounters Nono — whom he had critically wounded. Attempting to heal her, Kabuto is shocked upon hearing her stating that she didn't remember him As he wonders why Nono forgot about him, he is once again approached by Orochimaru. Following Orochimaru to his secret lab, Kabuto learned the truth about Root's plan to dispose of both him and Nono. Attacking his teacher for calling him fat, Choji stops midway before landing the blow, stating that he was unable to harm his sensei. Not given the same options, Asuma deflects his old chakra blade thrown at him by Shikamaru before being forced to attack Choji. Deflecting the attack, everyone is shocked to see Choji reacting before realising that Ino had transferred her consciousness into Choji. Calling for the young man to recognise the situation they were in, Ino tells him to remember what those earrings symbolised before Asuma unleashes another searing cloud of ash which Choza uses his body to protect them from. Casting aside Itachi's lectures to him, Kabuto reveals to the siblings that he had injected himself with the DNA of various shinobi, namely the Sound Five, also including Orochimaru. He then begins to attack them with their signature techniques. Although easily countering Kabuto's attacks at first, Itachi and Sasuke find themselves trapped in Tayuya's genjutsu. Bringing forth Orochimaru afterwards, Kabuto has him transformed into the white snake form to assault the two brothers. However, through their combined effort, Itachi and Sasuke are able to escape the genjutsu. Kabuto surprises Itachi and bisects him all the while shedding tears and told Itachi that a genius like him would not understand him, declaring that no one shall stand in his way

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