Doojoon Saturday


Hello B2UTIES! It's Melissa with Doojoon Saturday! For this week's theme, we are sharing our members favorite quotes and why. I'll be sharing some of Doojoon's quotes. Let's get started...

This is Doojoon's reply to Hyunseung on Twitter. I love this, because it shows how much he cares about people in his life.


This quote is from Doojoon's signature on Pinterest. This is another favorite for the same reason. It shows his love for his group.

Now is quote is a favorite, because it shows Doojoon's silly side. So hilarious!

Another funny quote from Doojoon.

I totally agree with this quote. We are can feel invincible!

Doojoon says he'd never let his children become idols. This quote shows his inner thoughts of the struggle of being idol.

Doojoon thanks Shinhwa for their thoughts and advise on B2ST's current situation. This quote shows why Doojoon is such a great leader.

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