JJP Comeback with the Kids

Hello JJP Bouncers and IGOT7! I am here to bring you the sexy rude segment of the comeback. I say all the pictures they are in are rude and sexy, so here are the one I have choosen. We will start with the kids. I mean what are they parents showing them.

Mark, is just to sexy and being rude!

Now Jackson, being rude and sexy!

Yugyeom being just as his brothers rude and sexy!

BamBam following suite and being rude ans sexy!

Youngjae is being no better with his sexy and rudeness!

And the parent JB and Jinyoung! This explains where the kids get there sexy and rudeness from! Just so rude and sexy! I hope you enjoyed. Please share your sexy and rude pictures of JJP and the Kids.

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