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“Hey, Yoongs,” you said, tossing your phone in front of you and watching it land on the cushion.

Yoongi grunted in response, not looking up from the laptop resting on his knees. The two of you were sitting together on the downstairs sofa of his house. You were both in your pyjamas at mid-afternoon, sitting in a position facing each other at each end of the couch. Blankets and cushions were splayed in all directions around the room, mainly draping from the sofa.  


Catching him off guard, Yoongi looked up from his laptop, eyebrows raised.

“How did I lose it?”

“Yeah, I was reading some dumb snapchat article about losing your virginity, and it reminded me that you still haven’t told me. You know how I did,” you stated, eyes fixed on his.

Yoongi sighed, reaching a hand to the lid of his laptop and pulling the screen downwards, giving you a better view of him.

“Well, it was on prom night,” he began.

“Classic,” you scoffed.

“And it was in my dad’s car,” he said bluntly. You gasped.

dad’s car?

Yoongi smirked to himself, recalling the messy memory fondly.

“But seriously, I’ve always wanted to try it in the car. Can we do it one day?”

Yoongi rolled his eyes, sighing again as he pulled the lid of his laptop back up, gluing his eyes back to the screen.

“Sure. But don’t forget this; it’s nowhere near as glamorous as it is in the movies.”


All five of you had piled into a large taxi, sitting face to face while Seokjin, Hoseok and Jungkook chattered with excitement. The three of them had already had a few drinks beforehand, making them slightly happier and louder than usual. Although, their personalities weren’t indifferent to that anyway.

You sat close to Yoongi, your hand gripping his while you muttered small conversation with each other.

“I wanna go home,” Yoongi said quietly, lips pressed to your ear.

“I know,” you replied glumly, “and we haven’t even arrived yet.”

Hoseok, noticing your glum faces, beamed a huge smile your way.

“Come on guys, lighten up! We’ll make sure it’s a good night for both of you.”

Yoongi winced at Hoseok’s volume, scrunching his face together for a moment before returning to his expressionless look.


“We’re so boring aren’t we,” you said.

“To everyone else, yes. But it’s not our thing,” Yoongi said, glancing to the left in distaste as a young man stumbled head over heels desperately into a young woman, who laughed and pulled him close to her chest.

Did he really need two?

“Hey!” he screeched, the alcohol getting the better of him. “You guys need to learn how to enjoy yourselves, come on! Dance with me!” Hoseok nudged your arm with his elbow, alcohol tipping out of his glass while you flinched away from the escaping liquid, gasping at him. Hoseok only laughed, downing what was left in the cup.


Yoongi’s cold grip suddenly found its way onto your arm, now standing very closely next to you, almost protectively as he half-jokingly glared at Hoseok.

“I think we’re gonna go,” he said, to your relief. Hoseok’s face fell.

“What? It’s not even midnight!” he spluttered, shock adorning his face while Yoongi nudged your side, indicating for you to move. You sheepishly smiled at Hoseok as Yoongi waved goodbye, gently guiding you through the crowd from behind, one hand on your arm while the other rested on your hip.

You were now in front of your house, having exited the taxi and finally being able to breathe again.

“Ahhh, social interaction. Thank God that’s over,” you lazily smiled to yourself, earning judgemental looks from your boyfriend. You scanned your surroundings, eyes falling onto Yoongi’s car and an idea suddenly bursting into your head. “Hey Yoongi, should we go out for a drive?”

Yoongi spun around, having almost made it to the front door. You couldn’t help but briefly appreciate how good he looked in that blazer and those tight black jeans which seemed to enhance his long, slim legs.

“A drive? Now?”

“Yeah,” you smiled. Yoongi narrowed his eyes.

“Okay…” he agreed suspiciously, making his way to the car and watching in confusion when your smile spread even wider.

You both clambered into the car, turning up the insulation and driving pointlessly through the quiet city.

“So, why are we doing this again?” Yoongi asked, although you’d never even given him an answer to begin with.

“I want to try something,” you said, looking forward out the window into the night. “We should go down that track towards the lake,” you proposed, turning to watch Yoongi as his features crumpled further in confusion.

“You want me to take you to the lake at half past 12? Are you planning a murder or something?”

“Just drive,” you sighed.

You were surprised that Yoongi hadn’t caught onto what you’d come up with. You’d instructed that you both climb in the back together, confusing him even more when he’d theorised that you wanted to admire the pretty moonlight above the hauntingly black water, or something.

“Will you tell me what’s up now?” he asked, breath visible as the moonlight shone directly through the windscreen. The temperature had visibly dropped, and you thanked yourself for choosing not wearing a tiny dress to the club. You were two ghosts’ silhouettes against the pearly light that smiled at its surroundings below.

“Don’t you remember the other day? When you told me about your prom night?” you asked.

Yoongi clicked his tongue, irises rolling upwards as he finally understood what you wanted. You wanted to experience car sex with Min Yoongi.

“Couldn’t you have just asked?” he chuckled, a soft mist floating from his lips while you began to lightly tremble at the cold.

Before you could reply, his arms snaked around your waist, pulling you into his lap as you melted into his arms. You sighed, your eyelids dropping so they became half-lidded, watching Yoongi through your lashes as he moved towards your neck. His lips connected to your skin, kissing and sucking while you tipped your head to the side, allowing him better access.

Your head was inches from the ceiling of the vehicle. While Yoongi’s car certainly wasn’t small, you began to realise that it may be problematic for two people your size to twist your way around the seats.

His fingers found their way beneath the fabric of your shirt, running up and down your skin while he marked your neck, moving closer up to your jawline and meeting your lips. You were both rather lazy, messy kissers with teeth clicking and tongues swiping along each other’s lips; it wasn’t particularly romantic. He pulled your shirt over the top of your head, your elbows awkwardly banging into the leather surrounding you and leaving you in your bra. You blushed, knowing the faint flush on your cheeks would be invisible to Yoongi, only sighing as he affectionately caressed your skin.

Your hands found their way into his stark black hair, winding your fingers round a few strands and tugging lightly as his lips began tracing their way down to your collarbones.

His hands returned to your waist, tugging upwards as a silent command to move your body up and allow him access to unbutton your high waisted jeans. Doing so, you pushed yourself upwards, intending to have Yoongi reach for the waistband of your jeans as you rose. However, the harsh movement caused you to sharply bump your head on the top of the car.


“Ugh,” you groaned, still clutching your head and making a complete mess of your hair. Yoongi smiled at you fondly, staying quiet while he watched your annoyed expression. “You’re right,” you began, “car sex looks so much easier in the movies.”

Yoongi chuckled, shuffling forward and closing the gap between you. He drew your hands you’re your head, clutching them in his own.

“Didn’t I warn you?”


“Should we just go home?” he suggested. You paused.

“Fine. But, believe me, Min Yoongi, we’ll do this successfully one day.”

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