Sixteen Samuel Debut MV

Samuel's MV has already reached 1million view in just the 11 hours it has been out! Please help getting him to 3 million in 24 hours by streaming it on YouTube and on Melon if you get the chance! He really does deserve it!


HONEYST TAGLIST:@IsoldaPazo@SimplyAwkward@CLAKPOP The Sensation Feeling Squad@YulaGyeom -MOD@IsoldaPazo@yehetmyohorAt97@jjrockstar@KenyaMendoza@JarviaKlipka@alltimerejectx Sensational Feeling Fam @MelissaGarza@TerraToyaSi@JaxomB@Lexxcisco@Banitu@StarlightV@EvilGenius@miruchii@luvella18@twistedPuppy@SierraBecerra@LiyahBoon@adritae@LemonLassie@SweetDuella@destiny1419@Sailynn@XergaB20@MBLAQSA@alltimerejectx@sukkyongwanser@otakukpoper

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